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Black Power Couple Comes a Cropper

On April 19, 2024

‘Our 16-year-old is not pregnant by a drRead more

The French Discover ‘Hyperviolence’

On April 18, 2024

Some even know what causes it. The postRead more

Douglas County Sues Colorado, Claims Recent Immigration Laws Are Unconstitutional

On April 18, 2024

The laws make Colorado a sanctuary stateRead more

Panel: Douglas Judge Guilty of ‘Systemic Incompetence’

On April 18, 2024

Her critics are, you guessed it, "racistRead more

Haitian Migrant, Now a Double Homicide Suspect, Was Allowed Into US by Biden Admin via Controversial App

On April 18, 2024

At least his entry into the US was "ordeRead more

Germany: Arson Attack Against AfD Politician’s Business Results in Massive Inferno

On April 18, 2024

The flames could be seen 10 kilometers aRead more

Failed Asylum Seeker, 40, Who Wore a Sign Saying ‘Migrants Are Not Criminals’ Raped a 15-Year-Old Girl

On April 18, 2024

An Air France crew stopped his deportatiRead more

NPR Senior Editor Resigns After Blowing Whistle on Network’s Liberal Bias

On April 18, 2024

New NPR CEO says his views are "divisiveRead more