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Twin Study That Was to Prove Arthur Jensen Wrong Proves Him Right

On October 22, 2019

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My Black Therapist Helped Me Accept My Distrust of White People

On October 21, 2019

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Mom Who Lied About Son’s Ethnicity on College Apps Gets 3 Weeks in Jail

On October 21, 2019

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Gina Rodriguez’s Use of the N-Word Highlights That Antiblack Racism Isn’t Just a White Thing

On October 21, 2019

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Confederate Monument in Pittsboro Draws Hundreds to Demonstrate Support, Opposition

On October 21, 2019

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Store’s Thief-Tolerant Policy Backfires, Punks Walk Out with Suitcases Full of Loot

On October 21, 2019

Insanity north of the border. The post SRead more

Mississippi Erects Bulletproof Emmett Till Memorial

On October 21, 2019

It'll be behind a gate and under video sRead more

Dream of Owning a Home Became a Nightmare

On October 21, 2019

How programs to encourage black homeowneRead more