In Defense of Judge Roy Moore

By Earl P. Holt III

First of all, whatever Roy Moore actually did, MAY have done, or didn’t do 40 years ago, he is obviously not the same man he was at the time of his alleged indiscretions.

Moreover, it is very clear that the Clinton Slime Machine was heavily involved in the allegations against Judge Moore, rendering them extremely dubious. That’s because it is difficult to imagine anyone with a worse track record in this regard than the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton paid for a fake “dossier” on Donald Trump — fabricated by mysterious and elusive foreign political consultants — that was used by the Obama “Deep State” to obtain FISA Warrants to tap the phones of the Trump Campaign Team. That “dossier’s” phony claims now serve as the SOLE JUSTIFICATION for Robert Mueller’s witch hunt.

In light of the left’s rush to judgment over Tawana Brawley’s false rape allegations, and their even worse miscarriage of justice in the case of the Duke Lacrosse Team, it is wise to take accusations of rape and sex crimes with a certain caution.

None of Judge Moore’s accusers have provided sworn statements concerning his alleged misbehavior. This is probably wise, since there are real discrepancies and legitimate questions about several of the allegations.

There is strong evidence that the alleged signature of Judge Moore — found in one accuser’s high school Yearbook — is not genuine, although it was presented by one of Roy Moore’s accusers as somehow being “evidence” of his guilt.

Moreover, the waitress that alleged Moore locked her passenger-side car door automatically -– prior to molesting her in 1977 –- could not be relating an accurate description of these events, since experts indicate that electronic door locks did not exist in 1977.

Whatever Roy Moore’s failings may have been, the opposition to him consists of the “usual suspects” who have systematically betrayed the trust of the American People for 50 years, and have been particularly disloyal and contemptuous of any residents of the South in general, and Alabama in particular.

These include the Republican Establishment, the Corrupt Leftist Media, the entire “Democrat” Party, and all the phony “feminists” who willfully turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s forcible rapes, while his henchmen (including Hillary) slandered and libeled Clinton’s accusers as “bimbo eruptions.”

Alabama Christians should not let the shrill cries of those who daily betray them to influence their vote for a new U.S. Senator: They would be wise to heed the words of Saint Paul, and recognize that none are without sin, and in particular, the accusers of Judge Roy Moore.

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