#Hoaxgate: Israeli Teen Accused of 2,000 Bomb Hoax Calls and Blackmail

Michael Kadar, US-Israeli dual-citizen arrested over alleged bomb threats, faces charges over international calls and an attempt to blackmail Delaware state senator Ernesto Lopez. Earlier news downplayed the number of threats to 100 but the number of threats has grown to over 2,000.

An Israeli teenager arrested for allegedly making bomb threats against Jewish centres in the US is facing charges relating to thousands of hoax calls worldwide, including against airlines and police stations, according to an indictment filed to a Tel Aviv court.

The 18-year-old, identified by US prosecutors as Michael Kadar, is facing accusations of making threats for financial gain alongside charges of money laundering and the attempted blackmail of Delaware state senator Ernesto Lopez.

The Guardian

The reporter Eric Striker writes:

Every piece of information that comes out about #Hoaxgate is crazier than the last.

I recently dubbed the 18-year-old Israeli teenager behind the fake anti-Semitic prank call conspiracy in America a “Renaissance Jew,” a true master of every Jewish craft you can think of. So far, we know that this barely of age, heavily autistic, mentally disabled individual with a brain tumor evaded capture for “anti-Semitic” bomb threats for years, ran a multi-million dollar international drug, child pornography and forgery business, and now we are learning that he was blackmailing multiple high level US government officials.

Oh, and by the way, he “acted alone” from his bedroom in his parents’ apartment, and even though he holds American citizenship, Israel refuses to extradite him.

(Why is it that every Jewish criminal has a physical reason for their criminal activity?)

If you say the word “Mossad” you’re an anti-Semite.

Nobody outside of the Israeli press and The Daily Stormer is even talking about this.

Jerusalem Post:

A dual-national teenager was indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday for a series of more than 2,000 bomb threats and related actions against Jewish institutions, airports and police stations in the United States and other countries.

According to the prosecution’s special cyber division, which filed the indictment, the 18-year-old Ashkelon resident is also charged with trying to blackmail US politicians including Delaware State Senator Ernesto Lopez who spoke out against the bomb threats, even going so far as sending illegal drugs to his house in order get him in trouble with the law.

The teen, whose name is under gag order because he was a minor when many of the crimes were committed, also tried to blackmail and threaten former top US Department of Defense official George Little, saying he would kidnap and kill his children, and issued a threat against the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.

The actual charges include extortion through threats; publicizing fake news that caused fear and confusion; cyber crimes; and money laundering – all of which were carried out over a two-year period.

He also was charged with illegal possession of a weapon, attacking a police officer, selling drugs, possessing pedophile-type materials and other crimes.

The Justice Ministry said the defendant also used the so-called “Dark Net” to sell his cyber intimidation and extortion services to clients who paid him electronic currency according to a price list he posted with set fees for calls to police stations, schools or airports.

He was also accused of using the undetectable Web network to deal in illegal drugs and sell computer kits to counterfeit official documents, manufacture poisons and explosives and to hack into social media accounts.

Meanwhile, The Jerusalem Post has confirmed that the Justice Ministry rejected an informal request from the US to extradite the JCC bomb threat defendant, The rejection originally was reported by Channel 2 late Sunday night. Although the US and Israel have strong extradition relations in most cases, the ministry, at least for now, has decided that this case is exceptional, even though a large number of the bomb threats occurred in the US.

One of the most compelling reasons is that the defendant allegedly committed crimes in a large number of countries including Australia, New Zealand and multiple countries in Europe. From that perspective, the defendant should not face trial in numerous locations.

As such, the ministry views Israel as the most logical location because he committed all of the crimes while he was residing in Israel, even though the effects were felt all over the world.

A case that was defined by crimes committed against the United States, by a US citizen, against even high ranking American officials – yet Israel won’t extradite.

Some people have commented that this has something to do with Jews not extraditing Jews to be tried in America. That doesn’t apply in this case. Bernie Madoff was one of the few people to get pinched for the kind of fraud he was running because his victims were other Jews, the same is true in this case.

The reason they won’t extradite this kid is because they don’t want him investigated. They don’t want him interrogated in America because he’s the fall guy and smoke screen for exactly the type of Mossad operations Victor Ostrovsky has written extensively about overseeing.

Despite being of age in Israel, they are still putting a gag on his full identity and who exactly he is, citing that he committed some of his crimes as a “minor” as their reason. Don’t listen to your lying eyes, goyim.

Few Jewish organizations are even commenting on this case. The Anti-Defamation League did put out a weak statement talking about extradition, but they’re not really pursuing it, which may be part of yet another Jewish ruse.

This week, the ADL released yet another “Anti-Semitic hate crimes” report, which is mostly based on alleged “attacks” against them by this Israeli Jew.

By the way – what ever happened to the Neo-Nazi ninjas kicking Jewish tombstones over across the country? They were never caught, yet seem to have gone into retirement as soon as Trump started appeasing Jews.

We’ll keep you updated on this looming scandal.

“Funny. This was all coordinated with the ADL claiming a “staggering increase in anti-semitic incidents”, and the World Jewish Congress calls for a “clampdown on cyberhate”, and Trump’s Speech against anti-semitism….

After laying low for a while, unbelievably the ADL emerges once again to claim that “hate incidents” against them are on the rise.

This comes after they were caught red-handed masterminding a gigantic fake hate crime hoax, where an Israeli Jew (and his father) were prank-calling THOUSANDS of bomb threats to Jewish Centers across the world, the US, Australia, Canada… the story disappeared from the media and the ADL, the WJC, and others laid low for a while..

But now they’re back, pushing the same idiotic hoax nonsense without mentioning the fact that that most of these “incidents” were done by an Israeli Jew who was probably working for them.” …quoted from A. Anglin

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  • April 27, 2017 at 9:58 am

    We’ve just GOTTA end that “dual citizenship” stuff…

  • September 9, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    In a normal world, this criminal would be extradited to the U.S. to face charges. Israel is not a country, it’s the crime hub for world jewry.

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