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Radio Derb Transcript For September 15 Up–Dame Kiri’s Retirement, Etc.

The Radio Derb Transcript for September 15 is up–go here [...]Read more

Who Are The Foremost Beneficiaries of Affirmative Action? Not AMERICAN Blacks!

From Taki’s Magazine: Not Affirmative Enough by Steve Sailer September [...]Read more

GUARDIAN: “TESTOSTERONE REX Triumphs as Royal Society Science Book of the Year”

From today’s Science Denialism news in The Guardian: Testosterone Rex [...]Read more

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Talks The Talk In Portland–Let Him Walk The Walk

Amid the usual rioting and obnoxious illegal aliens, Attorney General [...]Read more

A Reader Says Pelosi’s Experience With The DREAMers Could Have Been Worse–Remember Kate Steinle?

Re: A.W. Morgan’s blog post Will Dreamer Wilding Of Pelosi [...]Read more

Trump WAS Winning On Illegal Immigration. He Still Could

The Daily Caller recently (9/14) published my commentary on the [...]Read more

For What It’s Worth, Trump Great On Immigration, Refugees At U.N. Today

A lot of old friends didn’t like President Trump’s UN [...]Read more

Black People and Dogs—Another Reason We Can’t All Get Along

White people seem willing to give up just about everything [...]Read more

Yarden Katz In THE GUARDIAN: “It’s Time to Take the ‘Great’ White Men of Science Off Their Pedestals”

From The Guardian: It’s time to take the ‘great’ [...]Read more

The SJWs Take California: Alexander Lynching Begins At USD Law School

In my September 1st podcast I passed comment on the [...]Read more

Hillary Pushed Decades-Old “Philadelphia, MS” Blood Libel Against Reagan

Here’s something from Hillary’s book What Happened? Then there’s racRead more

A Connecticut Reader Asks Why The US Justice Department Is Still Calling Terrorist Immigrants “New York Man”

From: Joseph Morabito [Email him] It has been said that [...]Read more

Congressional “Hate” Resolution Opened Door To Cultural Marxist Police State. Only Trump Resisted

Open debate in the West now hangs by a thread—even [...]Read more

DREAMers Leave Nancy Pelosi Speechless in San Francisco

You might think that Nancy Pelosi would be getting some [...]Read more

Israel’s Wall Against Economic Migrants “100% Effective”

From Israel Hayom: Southern barrier proves 100% effective in preventing [...]Read more

Pat Buchanan: Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

“The Barbarian cannot make … he can befog and destroy [...]Read more

Black Murderer Of White Actress Pleads Guilty—No Mention Of Race

Adrian Duane Johnson, the black thug who beat and strangled [...]Read more

Will Dreamer Wilding Of Pelosi Diminish Democrat Support?

If you want to know what happens when you give [...]Read more

BULLETIN: Trump’s DACA Dalliance: Incoherent, Infuriating, Unnecessary, Probably Doomed; ETC. (85 ITEMS)

Skip To: Radio Derb     Alien Nation by Peter [...]Read more

BULLETIN: Trump’s DACA Dalliance: Incoherent, Infuriating, Unnecessary, Probably Doomed; ETC. (85 ITEMS)

Skip To: Radio Derb     Alien Nation by Peter [...]Read more

BULLETIN: Trump’s DACA Dalliance: Incoherent, Infuriating, Unnecessary, Probably Doomed; ETC. (85 ITEMS)

Skip To: Radio Derb     Alien Nation by Peter [...]Read more

Silicon Valley CEO Gurbaksh Chahal Turns Out To Be “Racist” As Well As “Sexist”–Surprising…Who?

Here’s a Daily Beast story about Silicon Valley CEO Gurbaksh [...]Read more

Jann Wenner to Sell ROLLING STONE–And Media Still Doesn’t Get UVA Rape Hoax

From the New York Times: Rolling Stone, Once a [...]Read more

NFL Team Calls Off “DNA Day” for Fans–To Avoid Possibly Solving Baltimore Murders

From ESPN: Ravens call off DNA Day as biotech firm [...]Read more

A Baltimore Reader Catches Hoover’s Richard Epstein Claiming That DREAMers “Study, Teach, And Work” At Major Research Universities

From: No Name In Baltimore [Email him] Interesting item to [...]Read more

Three Black Men, Two Of Them Active Duty Soldiers, Kill Two Other Blacks In Robbery Attempt At Fort Bragg

This story says nothing about race, but has names and [...]Read more

SAID IN SPANISH: Mexico Will “Receive With Open Arms The DREAMers That Return To Our Country”! So What’s The Problem?

The Mexican government and Spanish-language press are carefully following the [.Read more

Somali Family Values In Minneapolis: “Did A Celebrated Somali-American Legislator Marry Her Brother?”

From City Journal: Ilhan Omar’s Many Firsts Did a celebrated [...]Read more

Damnatio Memoriae: Dallas Thinking About Expunging Franklin, Jefferson, and Houston

From the Dallas Morning News: Houston, Franklin and Jefferson are [...]Read more

Time For Jeff Sessions To Move Against San Francisco–And The Sanctuary State Of California

More information is out about one of Obama’s illegal alien [...]Read more

THE INTERCEPT Smears Jon Feere For (A) Hatefacts About MS-13; (B) Retweeting HateFacts From

In The Intercept, Lee Fang [Email him] writes In President [...]Read more

LOS ANGELES TIMES Tells Trump Supporters To Love Dreamer Amnesty!

In case citizens have any question about what the proper [...]Read more

Sailer: A Commenter Reads Hillary’s Book So I Don’t Have to

Commenter Felix Fischer writes: OT: So I did a text [...]Read more

The Notion of Racial Diversity in German Academia and National-Socialist Legislation, Part 2

Men and women in traditional folk costumes from the island of Susak, Croatia. SuRead more

Fight DACA!—But Don’t Forget To Fight H-1B Visa Program Too!

Immigration patriots are fighting back against Donald Trump’s dalliance with [..Read more

The Fight Over The Wall Is About Whether Americans Have A RIGHT To Build A Wall

From commenter Boethius: And while I’m at it, one more [...]Read more

Freddie Gray Case, A Key Event in Late Obama Age Collapse, Fizzles Out Ignominously

From the New York Times: Baltimore Officers Will Face No [...]Read more

Brooke Baldwin, Boobs, And The First Amendment–Have Boobs Ever Let HER Down?

Here's @cnn video of me saying I love the first [...]Read more

Central American Illegal Alien “Asylum Claimant” Commits Murder With Stolen Cop Gun–While Wearing Ankle Bracelet

An illegal alien in San Francisco has killed another person [...]Read more

Radio Derb Is On The Air [11+ ITEMS]: Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum Title May Go To An American Girl–Lets Get Behind Her

Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen, here [...]Read more

If Elected Party Leader, Zionist Anne Marie Waters Will Sound UKIP’s Death Knell, Part 2

Over the past few years Ann-Marie Waters, an Irish LGBT activist, backed by EzraRead more