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For The “What On Earth Is Wrong With White People?” File: Jurors Pay Illegal’s Fine

In Fairfax County, Virginia — the nation’s third wealthiest county by [...Read more

Disgruntled Minority Massacre Not About Islam–Black Employee Who Beheaded White Coworker Sentenced To Death Three Years After Crime

In September, 2014, Alton Nolen, a black American beheaded Colleen [...]Read more

Radio Derb Is On The Air: Alabama, Pervnado Persecution, Diversity Lottery, Etc

Radio Derb is on the air, go here to listen, [...]Read more

Suicide, UnPersoning: The Pervnado As America’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

I loathe and fear the Cultural Revolution we’re undergoing. Friends [...]Read more

Radio Derb: Demographic Conservatism, The Pervnado Cultural Revolution, And Black Privilege, Etc.

00m58s — Demographic conservatism. (Try it, you’ll like it.) 09m08s [...]Read more

John Derbyshire: Emerging “Demographic Conservatism” Is The Real Lesson Of Roy Moore

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on [...]Read more

The ACLU And Disproportionality In Crime In New Orleans

As Paul Kersey notes below, the ACLU of  Louisiana has [...]Read more

ACLU Doesn’t Want Surveillance Cameras In New Orleans Because Of “Disparate Impact”

Previously on SBPDL: Pattern Recognition a Greater Sin than Black Criminality: [Read more

What’s the Difference Between “Race” and “Ethnicity?”

The word “ethnicity” has two somewhat overlapping uses in the [...]Read more

“Immigration Has Consequences”—John Derbyshire On Byron Roth’s PERILS OF DIVERSITY

The American people are so fed up from being told—when [...]Read more

A Canadian Reader Regrets The Fact That His Country Is Abolishing Itself

Re: F. Roger Devlin’s article Ricardo Duchesne: Canada Abolishes Itself [...]Read more

Immigrant Mass Murder: Recent Mexican Immigrant Shoots Wife, Mother, Daughter, And Self–MSM Reports “Charlotte Man”

The latest Immigrant Mass Murder–Mexican immigrant who arrived just last [Read more

HUMAN EVENTS Made Roy Moore Man Of The Year In 2003–Now They Truckle To The $PLC

I happened to be rereading Kevin Lamb’s piece about [...]Read more

Pervnado Disparate Impact: Rap Mogul Russell Simmons Accused Of Multiple Actual Rapes, Including At Least Two White Women

Black rap mogul Russell Simmons is the subject of more [...]Read more

Pervnado Disparate Impact: Tavis Smiley Latest Black Celeb Fired For Sexual Misconduct, Possibly Involving White Women

Black talk show host Tavis Smiley is the latest “victim” [...]Read more’s Hate Hoax Map: Muslims Overrepresented As Terrorists, AND Overrepresented As Hate Hoaxers has been doing some serious research into the “hate [...]Read more

Robert Mueller’s Willful Ignorance, Then and Now

The former head of the FBI Robert Mueller has a [...]Read more

Self-Driving Vehicles Threaten the Jobs of Millions

It’s good to see the press covering the coming revolution [...]Read more

Memorandum For The NEW YORK TIMES: We KNOW Why Blacks Vote For Jones

Why did blacks vote for Doug Jones, nor Roy Moore? [...]Read more

Sailer in Taki’s: The Threat to Jewish Prosperity

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine: The Threat to [...]Read more

Ann Coulter: Why I Secretly Wanted Moore To Lose–Immigration Patriot Mo Brooks 2020!

Rep. Mo Brooks was the true Trumpian candidate in Alabama, [...]Read more

Radio Derb Transcript Up For December 8: Acuckalypse, Jerusalem, Overclass, Camp Of The Saints, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript for December 8th is up–go here [...]Read more

MSM Triumphs As GOP Establishment Sabotages Winnable Alabama Senate Race

If only Mo Brooks had been nominated. If the victory [...]Read more

Ex-NFL Black Sportscasters Fired For Sexual Harassing White Woman

From Mediaite: ESPN has suspended NFL analysts Donovan McNabb and [...]Read more

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Cracks The Whip On Immigration Courts

Will it be enough?  Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III [...]Read more

What KIND Of “Man Biting Passengers” Forced A Plane To Turn Around? Black, With Dreadlocks!

A passenger on a JetBlue flight between New York and [...]Read more

Ryan Lizza On The Malignant Narcissist In The White House (Obama, That Is)

James Kirkpatrick’s post on Ryan Lizza—formerly of the New Yorker, [...]Read more

John Derbyshire: “Importing An Overclass”–The Email Bag

A lot of email still coming in on my “Importing [...]Read more

Immigrant Mass Murder: Vietnamese “Plumber” Is Convicted of Quintuple Hammer Murders After Feds Fail To Deport

On March 23, 2012, five members of the Lei family [...]Read more

“The Demographics of Innovation”–Mexico Isn’t Sending Their Best

On Twitter, Battle Beagle calls my attention to this table [...]Read more

BULLETIN: Roy Moore’s Real Problem: Christophobia And The Homosexual Lobby; ETC. (70 ITEMS)

Skip To: Radio Derb     Alien Nation by Peter [...]Read more

PC Policeman Ryan Lizza Latest Casualty In Sexual Harassment Witch Hunt

Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker is one of the [...]Read more

Vicente Fox’s DACA Amnesty Would Have The Same Result As SEVEN Previous Amnesties

In a blog entry here Saturday, veteran (and our [...]Read more

Memo From Middle America: Voters Being Disenfranchised By Secure Voter ID? Adopt The Mexican System!

Molly McGrath (right) of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting [...]Read more

Defy The Foul Megaphone! Roy Moore REMINDS ME OF PIERRE TRUDEAU!

On December 7, in “Blessed Are Ye, When Men Shall [...]Read more

A Suspicious Reader Refuses To Believe Character References From Bangladesh

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post The Times Square Bomber: Bangladesh [...]Read more

The Times Square Bomber: Bangladesh Is Not Sending Their Best

From the Daily Mail: Records show that Ullah moved to [...]Read more

The 4th Generation War On Christmas: “New York Bomber Was Inspired By ISIS Christmas Attacks, Officials Say”

From the New York Times: New York Bomber Was Inspired [...]Read more

Why Do Muslims Commit Terrorism in Times Square? Because They Live Here.

From NBC News last month: The Rise of Soft-Target Terror [...]Read more

Patrick J. Buchanan: What Should We Fight For? NOT The “New World Order”!

“We will never accept Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation oRead more

VDARE Radio: Shout The Lie, Whisper The Retraction

Welcome to VDARE Radio and I’m your host Virginia Dare. [...]Read more