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In 2017 St. Louis–A 49% Black/43% White City–99% Of Homicide Suspects Black

Out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 [...]Read more

Trump DOJ Cites “Commitment To Respecting Local Law Enforcement”, Won’t Release Obama DOJ Hatchet Job On Michael Slager’s PD

What I think is going on here is that the [...]Read more

Radio Derb On The Air: Faber, Email, Cyberwar, Austria, Etc.

Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen,  here [...]Read more

Radio Derb: Marc Faber Tells Truth, Austria Votes For Borders, Cyberwar Looms, Etc

01m05s — Gloom, Boom, Doom, and Elderly Tourette’s. (Swiss, lives [...]Read more

David Brooks Tells You to Read Bret Stephens on the True Meaning of America

From the New York Times’ column by David Brooks: … [...]Read more

Hans Hoppe: Libertarianism, The Alt-Right And AntiFa—A Libertarian Strategy For Social Change

Speech delivered at the 12th annual meeting of the Property [...]Read more

California: Oroville Dam Disaster Illustrates Democrat Spending Choices

Friday’s front page from the San Jose Mercury News revealed [...]Read more Arizona Conference Cancellation: A Statement

Lydia and I are traveling with the children, but in [...]Read more

2nd Shooting At VA School In A Week. Why? It’s A “Historically Black” School–And These Things Happen

This is the second shooting at Virginia State University in [...]Read more

Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and Domination as Jewish Motives

Edmund Connelly’s article on Harvey Weinstein and the shiksa phenomenon diRead more

White Replacement as Divine Command: Drew Fraser Reports From Theological College

Andrew (“Drew”) Fraser, longtime professor of law at Macquarie University [...]Read more

Marc Faber on Zimbabwe: Quite Right Of Course. Here’s Why

Q.E.D. Market Guru Marc Faber, who like every other financial [...]Read more

Why Is Social Psychology the Main Front in the Replication Crisis?

In the comments at Columbia U. professor of statistics Andrew [...]Read more

“Black Identity Extremists”–NYT Is Spitting Mad That Trump’s FBI Understands Sapir-Whorf

The weak form of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is that having [...]Read more

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Liberalism a Dying Faith?

Asked to name the defining attributes of the America we [...]Read more

George W. Bush Attacks Trump, Patriotic Americans, In Speech Against Nativism At “George W. Bush Institute”

President George W. Bush speechified at the George W. Bush [...]Read more

NPR Genetics Guest Adam Rutherford: Galton a ‘Genius’, but ‘Massive Racist.’ How Could He Be Both?

It’s funny how often some of the most towering historical [...]Read more

U Florida President Complains Of Security Cost Of Hosting Richard Spencer–But It Wouldn’t Cost That If Antifa Got “Exemplary Punishment”

University of Florida President Kent Fuchs [Email him] is complaining [...]Read more

Talk Radio Listener Wonders If ANYTHING A Judge Can Do Will Make GOP Propose Impeachment?

Re: James Fulford’s blog item Treasonous Hawaiian Judge Does It [...]Read more

How Andrew Gelman Hurt the Feelings of the Power Posing Lady

I’ve written a lot over the years about the Replication [...]Read more

NEW YORK TIMES Frets over Suffering Illegal Aliens in Fire-Ravaged Wine Country

The Times is concerned that the recent infernos in northern [...]Read more

In Pictures: A Quiet (!) Trump Triumph—Immigrant Workforce Population FALLING

Although I really do believe a picture is worth a [...]Read more

Ann Coulter: Weinstein’s Pimps–The NY POST’s “Revenge Of The Ugly Girls”

Liberalism is a sexual assault protection racket. Judging by the [...]Read more

Czech It Out: The Next Prime Minister Of The Czech Republic May Be The “Czech Trump”

The Czech Republic (also known as Czechia) has an election [...]Read more

Pittsburgh Is 64.8% White, 26% Black… Between 2010-2016, 87% Of Known Homicide Suspects Were Nonwhite

Not much more to say. Pittsburgh Is 64.8 percent white [...]Read more

Automation: Self-driving Cars Will Be Tested in Diverse New York City

General Motors announced that it would begin testing its self-driving [...]Read more

Sailer in Taki’s: “The Overlord of Oscar Bait”

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine: The Overlord of [...]Read more

BULLETIN: Mexican Gun Control Doesn’t Work, But Immigrants Could Bring It Here Anyway; etc. (71 ITEMS)

Skip To: Radio Derb     Alien Nation by Peter [...]Read more

Florida Republican Introduces Bill To Abolish NFL Tax Privileges

The struggle with the National Football League continues (see Trump [...]Read more

Radio Derb Transcript For October 13 Up–Genius Music, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript for October 13 is up–go here [...]Read more

Michelle Malkin: Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon

“#MeToo” is the social media meme of the moment. In [...]Read more

Profile In Treason: The Inconceivable Evil Of John McCain—“Man Of Blood”

There is no hatred more complete and no malevolence more [...]Read more

Treasonous Hawaiian Judge Does It AGAIN–Insists Constitution Prevents Trump From Blocking Immigration From Terrorstan

The latest outrage from Hawaiian Judge Derrick Kahala Watson–a third [...]Read more

White Juror Averts Another Emmett Till Jury in Mississippi; Foreman Ignored Vote, Tried to Acquit In Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

Sixty-two years after the fact, we constantly hear about Emmett [...]Read more

When Harvey Weinstein Wasn’t Harassing Women, He Was Bashing The Catholic Church

The National Catholic Register has posted an interesting little piece [...]Read more

Academic Censorship and Self–Censorship: Once upon a Time in the Land of the Free 

This is a short address given at the dinner, sponsored by the Propertarian InstiRead more

CITY JOURNAL’S Heather Mac Donald Debunks “Implicit Bias”–Sort Of

Heather Mac Donald recently exposed the junk science behind the [...]Read more

Patrick J. Buchanan: Does Trump’s Decertifying The Deal Mean War With Iran Is Inevitable?

With his declaration Friday that the Iran nuclear deal is [...]Read more

Ann Coulter On The Chelsea Bomber, 2016: “Journalists Were Indignant That Trump Had Called A Bomb A “Bomb” Before THEY Said So”

This is from Trump Busts Muslim Protection Racket, Ann Coulter’s [...]Read more

“New Jersey Man” Convicted In Chelsea Bombing During Trump Campaign Is Afghan Immigrant–Media Hasn’t Apologized

Brenda Walker, reporting on the Chelsea Bomber case below, is [...]Read more

Afghan Immigrant Is Convicted of 2016 Chelsea Bombings

A jury decided on Monday that Ahmad Khan Rahimi (also [...]Read more

The National Question Sighted In Britain–And The Tories Have The Wrong Answer

Yesterday, editor James Fulford quoted something that the late LawrencRead more

Report On Mississippi Burning Trial: Black Man Charged With Burning Jessica Chambers Alive

[See earlier “Was Jessica Chambers a Hate Crime Victim?” (VDARE [...]Read more

Sebastian Kurz Wins In Austria For Immigration Patriot People’s Party–“The Concept Of No Borders Is Not Going To Work”

A young man named Sebastian Kurz has won the election [...]Read more

Homage To The Post-First World: My Wanderings in Europe, Part 2

Budapest — Pest side, Hungary I was walking with the nice Bulgarian girl I had mRead more

Google Announces $1 Billion Initiative to Prepare Workers for Automation

Tucker Carlson has opined, “Google is the most powerful company [...]Read more

VOX: “I’m an Environmental Journalist, But I Never Write About Overpopulation. Here’s Why.”

From Vox: I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write [...]Read more

Joe Sobran On The Question Conservatives Don’t Ask Liberals–“At What Point Would They Be Satisfied?”

Apropos of James Fulford’s post about Lawrence Auster, our late [...]Read more

He Doth Opine: A Review of Making Sense of The Alt-Right by George Hawley

Making Sense of The Alt-Right George Hawley New York: Columbia University Press,Read more