What President Trump Should Do

By Earl P. Holt III

The House Intelligence Committee has released its long-awaited Memorandum summarizing the sworn testimony of FBI and Justice Department officials who participated in several momentous events over the past two years.

Because of the many disturbing facts this Memorandum exposes, President Trump must go on a nationwide television broadcast to explain what he intends to do to restore integrity to the FBI and Justice Department after its subversion by our first nigro President and his two equally corrupt nigro Attorneys General.

First, he must fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appoint someone with the stature of Joe diGenova to replace Sessions. Sessions is in well over his head, and lacks the two most critical features to be an effective Attorney General: Sadly, he lacks the smarts and he lacks the guts.

Trump must also fire Independent Counsel Robert Mueller and disband his absurd investigation. Mueller’s entire “Russian Collusion” investigation was predicated on a phony “dossier” that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and written by people devoted to injuring Trump.

This phony dossier was later submitted as “evidence” by rogue elements at the FBI and DOJ to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Warrants to spy on Trump before and after the 2016 Election.

Mr. Trump needs to appoint a new Independent Counsel to investigate FBI and DOJ criminality involving the phony “dossier,” and its willful misuse to obtain FISA Warrants to spy on Mr. Trump and other Americans, possibly including other political opponents.

President Trump must have his new Attorney General fire and investigate all rogue DOJ and FBI employees, including Rob Rosenstein, Peter Styrzok, Lisa Paige, and anyone else complicit in obtaining the unconstitutional FISA Warrants used to spy on Trump.

We now know that the DOJ and FBI willfully mislead the FISA Court because they had been aware for months that the phony “dossier” was commissioned by Hillary Clinton and had never been verified. In fact, it was fabricated by an opposition research group named Fusion GPS, whose employees were out to get Trump. It is highly unlikely that the FISA Court was informed of any of these facts when the Warrant was sought.

This new Independent Counsel should also be given the authority to investigate any other crimes in which these renegade DOJ and FBI officials may have been engaged. These might include the massive cover-up of the Benghazi catastrophe in 2012 and the “spiked” investigation into the “Fast and Furious“ criminal conspiracy involving Eric Holder, Obama and Janet Napolitano that resulted in the tragic death of an American DEA Agent.

He also needs to appoint a second Independent Counsel whose sole charter is to re-investigate Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails and the use of her office to peddle influence to wealthy foreign nationals in return for large sums of money to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.

The earlier sham investigation by the FBI exonerated Clinton before she was even interviewed by investigators, and it allowed her to sort through and destroy the evidence of her guilt for a year before the “investigation” was conducted. Those doing the “investigating” were many of the same people who conspired to destroy Donald Trump before and after the November Election.

Trump should also Fire FBI Director Chris Wray, and bring in Jim Kalstrom as FBI Director with a wide-open charter to clear-out “Deep State” swamp creatures appointed by Obama. Kalstrom should also make recommendations about which people should be in the FBI’s most critical positions.

As former head of its New York Field Office, Kalstrom not only knows and understands the Bureau, but he also has the respect and admiration of everyone who has ever worked with him.

Current FBI Director Chris Wray’s opposition to releasing the Memorandum is proof that he has a tin ear when it comes to understanding the role of the FBI relative to the Executive and Legislative Branches. He also seems oblivious to the public’s right to know about egregious and unprecedented misdeeds by the many “Deep State” personnel under his authority.

Jim Kalstrom is “Old Bureau,” and would do a stellar job of returning the FBI to its former status as the world’s preeminent law enforcement agency, which it has not been since it fell into the hands of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch, three traitorous and probably communist nigros.

2 thoughts on “What President Trump Should Do

  • February 5, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    It should be very clear that the opposition of the entire “Democrat” Party to the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s Memorandum is because it exposes a great deal of the “Deep State” created by the Clintons and that nigro communist and pathological liar and Muslim who occupied the White House for eight years of treasonous activities.

  • February 7, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    Mark Levin said it best: “Hillary Clinton paid for a FISA Warrant” to spy on her political opposition.

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