Why You Should Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Right

By Wesley Oaks, Gun Goals Inc.:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering carrying a gun on a daily basis. This article aims to educate you on the benefits of concealed carry and your 2nd amendments rights. By the end of this piece you should feel confident in your decision to carry a firearm.

Let’s talk more about that…

Your 2nd Amendment Right is Important!

Because you live in the United States you have many freedoms others do not. Some of those freedoms are becoming a greater topic of debate. There’s a growing number of people in our nation that believe guns should be taken away and our 2nd amendment right reformed.

If you don’t exercise your 2nd amendment right it may be changed before you can miss it. If we don’t actively use this right and let people sweep it away it’ll become more restrictive or even worse be taken away completely.

There are people out there that think banning guns will stop criminals from owning them. Obviously, criminals would be the ones to obey the law and turn their guns in, right? Unfortunately, this is some of the thinking some politicians have.

If you’re on the fence about carrying a gun listen to our 5 reasons why you should conceal carry below.

5 Reasons You Should Exercise Your Right

If the 2nd amendment alone isn’t enough of a reason to conceal carry here’s 5 more reasons.

1 – Personal Protection

The most obvious reason you should exercise your 2nd amendment right is for your own protection. We live in a world where anything could happen and it’s important to have a way to protect yourself. Not only should you carry for yourself but to protect those around you.

Carrying a firearm equals the field when it comes to attackers. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are because with a gun you either have the upper hand or at least are on the same level to be able to defend yourself effectively.

2 – It Becomes a Hobby

When you start carrying a gun daily it quickly becomes a hobby. You’ll find yourself wanting to learn more about firearms and gun safety. It’s both fun and important to learn.

I recommend going to shooting ranges and taking classes if you’re a complete beginner to guns. Then you can visit the shooting range more often and practice your marksmanship. It’s a safe place to practice shooting and teach teenagers how to safely operate a firearm.

3 – Self Confidence

Visiting a place you’ve never been before can place you out of your element. Walking through parking lots at night in unfamiliar areas can be dangerous depending on the location. There are many situations like this that can make someone less than comfortable.

If you’re carrying a firearm, you’ll have more confidence. You know you can protect yourself if something were to happen and having that extra confidence and peace of mind is a great thing. All of this comes from simply concealed carry.

4 – A Safer Society

If more people carried a gun regularly we would be a much safer society. The more guns in the hands of good people the safer we all will be.

Criminals would think a lot harder before tying to rob a store if they knew anyone inside had a firearm. Even in terrible situations where there’s an active shooter there would be less casualties if more people had a gun on them.

5 – It’s Your Right

Probably the simples reason to conceal carry is because you have the right to do so. To tie everything back to my comments on exercising your 2nd amendment right, just do it because you can. There’s really no reason not to carry a gun.

Even if you’re not carrying on your hip at all times there are vehicle holsters, quick access gun safes, and night stand safes that allow you to have a gun near you and accessible at all times.


I hope you enjoyed this article on exercising your 2nd amendment right and concealed carry. If you were on the fence about carrying a gun daily hopefully you’re giving it deeper thought now.

Let us know what your opinion and thoughts on the 2nd amendment are by starting a discussion with us and thank you for reading!

Author Bio: Wesley blogs over at Gun Goals, a site dedicated to gun enthusiasts. Check out some of his posts like this one on red dot magnifier combo’s or budget FFP rifle scopes.

One thought on “Why You Should Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Right

  • June 25, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    (This article needs a by-line. Who is Wesley?)

    Also, I have to differ with one point made by the author: I do not believe for one second that those who would repeal the 2nd Amendment think “banning guns will stop criminals from owning them.” The TRUE REASON they want to ban guns is to leave the American Public vulnerable and unable to resist their Marxist “New World Order” plans for us.

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