TV Networks to Air Commercial Depicting Menstruating Men and Boys

by LifeSiteNews

Several TV networks have agreed to air an underwear commercial portraying a surreal world where men and boys menstruate.

Titled “MENstruation,” the ad for “Period-Proof Underwear” opens with an anguished young teenage boy sheepishly telling his dad, “I think I got my period.”

Dad later hugs him and tells him, “It’s just part of growing up.”

Many of the nine rapid-fire vignettes in the one-minute, 20-second ad are jarring: a man rolls over in bed, revealing blood-stained sheets; in a public bathroom, a man passes a tampon to another beneath a toilet stall partition; and a man walks through a locker room with a tampon string dangling from his briefs. In one, as a young man and woman suggestively kiss, he stops to say, “I’m on my period.”

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2 thoughts on “TV Networks to Air Commercial Depicting Menstruating Men and Boys

  • October 15, 2019 at 9:50 am

    The queers, circus freaks and other perverts — with the assistance of their Jewish enablers in the media — are attempting to “de-sensitize” the American public to their bizarre and delusional life-styles. They want us to share their mental illnesses with them…

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