The NORDFRONT Phenomenon

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM or NORDFRONT) is on every White patriot’s radar screen these days. The Enemy Left is keenly aware of them too! NORDFRONT has been around for decades, but it has really exploded onto the political scene in the past few years by its stunning success as a politically incorrect, unapologetic National Socialist organization with an unhidden agenda to politically conquer Scandinavia. NORDFRONT’s activities through 2019 are remarkable and unexpected to many veteran patriots of the Aryan / White Nationalist / radical patriot circles.

NORDFRONT routinely conducts tactical Aryan Nationalist activities on a broad scale, with military precision and impeccable discipline, right under the noses of their hard-line, Zionist anti-Aryan government. Rapidly growing NORDFRONT performs effective power demonstrations on nearly a daily basis throughout Sweden. Its satellite organizations work multiple Nordic countries including Denmark, Norway, Iceland and even Greenland. NRM sends “NTV” reporters to all corners of Europe to cover political and populist situations that impact the burgeoning pan-European White Nationalist awakening. NTV was on the scene for live interviews with French Filets Jaunes (“Yellow Vest”) protesters during several of their large demonstrations over the past few years.

Rättvik, Ludvika, Sundhultsbrunn, Ryd, Skäggetorp, Lund, Småland, Örebro and Lindesberg are among the hundreds of towns and municipalities where NORDFRONT resisters work their magic. They operate in nests (“Nåstes”) and perform extraordinarily disciplined and well-conceived demonstration activities. We see leafleting, bullhorn announcing, highway overpass sign hoisting with green smoke and Tyr Rune flags, and frequent, large-scale military marches in Stockholm and larger towns. If you watch footage of any major NORDFRONT event, it is shocking how large-scale and SUCCESSFUL these demonstrations have become. NORDFRONT has successful satellite groups in Denmark and Norway. Rank-and-file members (“Resistance Men”) are clean-cut, clean-shaven, well-spoken, well-dressed and professional. It’s amazing to watch a NORDFRONT Nåste in action!

Hooray for NORDFRONT! Coverage of NORDFRONT activities is showing up in the major organs of North American White Nationalist and Patriot activities. News stories of NORDFRONT demonstrations, marches, and other operational activities are showing up in the internet domains for The Council of Conservative Citizens, National Alliance, Red Ice, and surely many other North American nationalist realms. This in itself is news. NORDFRONT is news. NRM rides a long, uninterrupted series of positive and successful events. For those of us older Nationalists who are accustomed only to failure and disaster in our efforts both long- and short-term, NORDFRONT is the proverbial Breath of Fresh Air. News stories on NORDFRONT’s two outstanding internet fronts are unfailingly positive and instructive. We’ll take it.

Frightened leftist politicians throughout Europe and North America have become aware of NORDFRONT, with many anti-Aryan senior officials expressing dismay at NORDFRONT’s successes. Scandinavian national governments openly call for NORDFRONT to be banned and marginalized. Even some American Congressmen of the Zionist persuasion are reacting to NORDFRONT with the usual calls for censure or ban.

A young British Nationalist of the hard-line bent describes his impressions of NORDFRONT:

The NRM has rigid staying power. A system that is organised and efficient, and an incredibly unique way of winning over the normal, common man that I haven’t seen any other movement capable of doing. Generally speaking, National Socialism has always been the ideology of the disenfranchised, working-class, angry white young men. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, especially since I myself am a disenfranchised, working-class, angry young white man, the fact that the NRM is attracting everyday people is incredible, and gives me real hope for the future. The Overton window isn’t so much being pushed as it is being smashed, set on fire, and dragged firmly to the right way. And this is just the beginning.

The NRM also encourages healthy diets and good exercise, as well as discouraging harmful behaviours such as smoking or drinking in excess, and forbids the use of drugs. It gives the members structure and purpose. It gives us a code that we can live by. A reason higher than ourselves to take care of our bodies and minds. The NRM does not stop at being a political movement. It does not stop even at being a spiritual one. The NRM is also a way of life in and of itself. And it has members willing to undergo these struggles, and forsake the conveniences of modernity, for the sake of a higher ideal. A lone nationalist may not think much of eating a box of genetically modified, chemically “enhanced” Chicken McNuggets, but a National Socialist and a member of the NRM would be revolted at the idea.

The NRM is built upon strong leadership. Not just in its physical and current leaders, but our great leaders who have long since passed. We still follow their orders, their precepts, their creed. We are blessed by not only being led by men, but also by our ideals themselves. Our struggle is our purpose and our guide.

So with strong leadership, strong ideals, a strict code of conduct and health, fantastic organisation, and a unique ability to draw in the common man without compromise, entrenched in the present and prepared for the future, the NRM is built to last.

– “Niall”, 16 September 2019, The British nationalist movement of today and the Nordic Resistance Movement


The internet websites that NORDFRONT operates are impressive and useable. Their flagship Swedish-language station,, is well-organized and a pleasure to read. Twelve to fifteen feature news articles are served up in a two-column format. It also contains excellent descriptions of their Senior Leaders and Editors, plus their ideology and promotional items. Using standard available internet browser language translators, the NORDFRONT.SE site converts seamlessly into English and is easily comprehended.

A newer “Nordic Resistance Movement” internet site,, is presented entirely in English and is openly promoted by their Leadership as an outreach mechanism for Aryan Comrades from elsewhere in the White World. I enjoin American patriots who may be unfamiliar with NORDFRONT to examine their “Welcome Aboard” page with greetings and information provided by the NORDFRONT Leader, Simon Lindberg. Please visit and find the drop-down menu entitled “Home – Welcome Comrades”. Here is part of Comrade Lindberg’s exhortation:

The launch of this site is the first of several things that we are hoping to announce to our international audience during this coming year. Keep yourself updated through this website and by listening to our English-language podcast, Nordic Frontier, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. We need you in our struggle and I hope we can help you take the next step!

— Simon Lindberg, leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement

Direct communications with NORDFRONT, its Leaders and its website Editors – now that’s a different story. The names and email addresses of eleven of NORDFRONT.SE’s senior editors are provided at Each has a brief biography and an email address. In practice, many of us Stateside Nationalist patriots have tried to stoke up communications with one or another NORDFRONT leader. Not surprisingly, and out of obvious necessity, NORDFRONT leadership members keep their operational affairs close-to-the-vest. NORDFRONT websites have elaborate, and very functional, “Contact Us” and “Comment” sections where the internet visitor is encouraged to provide commentary, encouragement, and definitely, contributions! It’s all good.

For those wishing to dig a little deeper, attempts at formal contact with NORDFRONT or its Leadership are quietly discouraged. Maybe this is understandable. The stakes are high, the topics are sensitive, the enemy is powerful and snooping vigorously. Accordingly, NORDFRONT takes prudent measures to protect itself from both hostile attackers and “The Helpful”, those thousands of admirers worldwide of which there are just too many to entertain one at a time.

There seems to be no official NORDFRONT “outreach coordinator” or “International Operations” officer. Essentially there is no discernible way to communicate with NORDFRONT senior staff. NORDFRONT has only a single Postal mailing address listed in their internet sites, and there is a definite “Gatekeeper” mechanism in operation. All of this is completely reasonable. Nevertheless, it is a frustrating activity to try to communicate or coordinate with NRM.

Would NORDFRONT be amenable to a formal approach from a North American-based Nationalist organization? Communications and coordinations between Aryan Nationalist organizations have always been and continue to be a difficult endeavor. Every White Nationalist entity in the world is built on pride and sacrifice and an aggressive spirit. Internecine rivalries and competitions are as fierce as they are in the Corporate business world. So we reach out with one hand and hold off with the other hand, and every one of us does it. It is the nature of Aryan Nationalists worldwide. The uncanny Jewish ability for powerful, bitter rivals to coexist, cooperate and even celebrate together is the stuff of legend, and a primary reason why those lovely people have dominated us for four hundred years.

NORDFRONT shock troops operate at a distinct advantage over similar operations in USA, Canada, France, Germany and especially, Great Britain. I saw one estimate from a Nationalist source that Sweden is plagued with two million non-White invaders. That’s a lot of enemies. But most of them are concentrated in the greater Stockholm metropolitan area, with a substantial presence in a few other major towns. When a NORDFRONT Nåste makes a tactical foray into a rural or suburban or exurban Swedish settlement, It’s usually lily-white with just a sprinkling of non-White mischief in it.

Using a thirty-second internet search, one can find that America is cursed with no less than 40 million Negroes, 59 million Hispanics, and 21 million Asians. Every Citizens Informer reader has the bitterest life experience that a goodly proportion of these 120 million non-Whites are fanatical anti-White enemies, and that it is a miracle that traditional America, where Whites do most of the heavy-lifting, continues to operate at all. White America is under siege like never before! NORDFRONT could be invited to open up Nåstes in North America for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is to expose NORDFRONT patriots, their “Best and brightest,” to the extremely challenging ZOG-dominated North American political landscape where 120 million hostile non-Aryans are in entrenched positions and the Press and all institutions are comprehensively aligned against Aryan patriotism.

With no disparagement intended, NORDFRONT has succeeded where North Americans or Englishmen can only dream. Any major demonstration of Aryan defiance, conducted on American or Canadian soil, would be met with a swift and large-scale crackdown by “law enforcement” activities from every level of ZOG government, from local Sheriff to Federal Bureau of Investigation. If any American National Socialist or American Nationalist activity essayed to send twenty individuals to an overpass on the New Jersey Turnpike (or any Interstate Highway between San Diego and Boston), and on a Tuesday evening, climb the overpass, light off red flares, blast patriotic announcements on two bullhorns, and display two huge National Socialist banners for display to the traffic below, what would happen? Unlike a similar NORDFRONT operation where the event would attract a handful of “Polis” people who watch from a distance – and where many motorists provide a “thumbs-up” positive acknowledgement of the NORDFRONT activity – a much different outcome would ensue!

Our erstwhile twenty-strong Aryan Nationalist demonstration crew would be met swiftly by a heavy-duty law enforcement response group that might include a fully-armed SWAT team. It would also bring out two-dozen ZOG-borne TV, radio and newspaper crews to taunt the demonstrators and record the “Nazi” event for the local and National 6PM news. I concede that about ten years ago a heavy-duty National Socialist group indeed did mount an overpass on a prominent Los Angeles freeway and erect a large banner complete with swastikas and a message in huge letters, “Mexicans Have Ruined Los Angeles” or words to that effect. It was an admirable fire-mission! But the sign erectors didn’t hang around to be arrested by a SWAT team or assaulted by a large Antifa reaction.

It’s not necessary to launch into an extensive analysis why worldwide ZOG expends such a huge effort to control the people and institutions of the United Kingdom, USA and Canada. With this control, ZOG has utilized the CANUKUS military colossus as its shock troops of choice, launching war after war on behalf of Zionist Rothschild New World Order interests, wherever one is required. Tiny European countries are less patrolled by the Big Soros in the Sky. This is how a “leaker” like NORDFRONT can “fall between the cracks” of ZOG international tyranny and become dangerously large and effective.

It’s been tough sledding for many decades for North Americans in the Aryan Nationalist / anti-ZOG political struggle business! The struggle has many martyrs. Just ask George Wallace, George Lincoln Rockwell, Edgar Steele, Francis Parker Yockey, Richard Barrett, William White or Matt Hale how things have gone for them after taking up the banner for Our Race and Nation. And I have left out many dozens more splendid American Aryan Patriots who have also made supreme sacrifices to oppose ZOG. We all saw what happened in Charlottesville a few years ago. And if one could conduct a posthumous interview with Dr. William Pierce, Willis Carto, Wilmot Robertson, Revilo Oliver, Olaf Childress or even Harold Covington, each would surely provide a story mostly of regret, sorrow and frustration over what might have been if the various North American Nationalist patriot groups had been able to operate without the infiltrations and treacheries that thwarted their best efforts.

Conditions are even worse for Aryan Nationalism in the United Kingdom! Just ask any living veteran of the Oswald Mosely days, the John Tyndall National Front era, the British National Party debacle, and the current, post-Nationalist BREXIT scene where UK is ruled by Socialists and Brown invaders. The proud British Empire and Nationalism of centuries past is an extremely distant memory! BNP was on the precipice of gaining political power in Great Britain – only to have it all smashed to pieces by coordinated, internecine treachery. And North America is anything but bereft of sincere and effective Aryan Patriot activities! Stalled North American Nationalist movements and organizations might benefit greatly if they could establish official ties with NORDFRONT Leadership. NORDFRONT seems to resist such efforts. How can these barriers be removed or re-engineered?

NORDFRONT has advanced further than any other Aryan Nationalist group has since the heady days of NSDAP in the World War Two era. NORDFRONT has a realistic chance at gaining major power Sweden and other Scandinavian lands – far more of a chance than any Aryan Nationalist presence anywhere else in the world. And such an event is conceivable to happen in the lifetime of the current NORDFRONT Leadership.

An Aryan Nationalist takeover in Scandinavia would of course be a political event of tectonic proportions and a catastrophe to the worldwide Rothschild-based ZOG megalith that dominates our tired old world. It’s a golden opportunity to jump-start a greater, worldwide Aryan Nationalist surge in power and influence. Forty years ago, a long-term NORDFRONT conquest of all of Scandinavia would have been the ranting of the most far-out political dreamer. Today the idea is spoken aloud and provides inspiration to all Aryan patriots.

Perhaps NORDFRONT could appoint, or reveal to the rest of the Aryan Patriot world, an “Outreach Coordinator” to whom White Nationalist leaders or individual patriots from North America can communicate. The new English-language Nordic Resistance Movement website is a nice gesture to the Aryan world, but it is not a Person, and it is demonstrably difficult for a North American Patriot to communicate with NORDFRONT. Many of us wish to contribute to the NORDFRONT cause, but sending money to a far-off organization that resists communications makes the overseas Patriot who wants to help feel “put off”, straining good will.

A “Generation gap” problem is likely in play. The leadership figures in the NORDFRONT Front Office are all very young compared to leadership in most Aryan Nationalist groups in Canada, USA, UK and Continental Europe. Their ages aren’t listed but they all look between 25 and 50 — precisely the range of the leadership cadres of most “ALT-RIGHT” and “Identitarian” groups.

This age difference is significant. In the aftermath of Charlottesville there was a fair amount of “finger pointing” between groups of participants, and the main fissure line was that between old-school nationalists and younger ALT-RIGHT patriots. I could certainly imagine suspicion on the part of a very young NORDFRONT exec wishing to avoid meddlesome interference from some Sixty-something-year-old observer from America trying to tell him what to do!

In any event, the barriers between NORDFRONT patriots and North American Nationalist patriots are real. They need to be addressed. We are all boiling in the same Cannibal’s Pot. We can help each other out of it and push to victory. I say let’s try to bridge this divide. Which American-based or Canada-based Aryan Nationalist can unlock the door to warm and productive relations with our excellent patriot comrades in Scandinavia?
Would NORDFRONT be open to establishing a “Nåste” of Operations somewhere in North America? This is a respectful request. It would benefit both parties, and the USA or Canada can provide an AMAZINGLY hostile and difficult environment for the Aryan Patriot to practice his trade. The North Central plains states in USA have a substantial Scandinavian-descended population. That might be a place to start

It’s a small fraternity of American and Canadian and British Aryan Nationalist groups, and nearly all participants are aware of each other, their organizations and their operations. Many are rivals and some downright hostility is always present. But all seek essentially the same Aryan Patriotic goals, and even individuals and groups with rivalry will concede that we’re all on “the same side” and do well to advance each other’s mutual interests. We can throw in many European Aryan Nationalist groups into this mixture. It’s hard to coordinate, but we all wish we were better coordinated and farther along in our quest to regain our Nations and birthrights

It’s with this spirit of comradeship in mind that this article suggests that American / Canadian / British Aryan Nationalism must reach out to NORDFRONT – and that NORDFRONT should receive this handshake offer as a gesture of brotherly political solidarity. It’s time to close ranks – right now. Let’s establish formal ties between NORDFRONT and the North American-based Aryan Nationalist activity. Otherwise – if we all carry on “in a vacuum” – then the best Nationalist elements in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Poland and elsewhere in Europe, might all get squashed by the Big Soros In the Sky.

Our time will come. NORDFRONT’s time is now. Let’s make sure they succeed.

Written by Nathan Hale Patriot for Council of Conservative Citizens

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