“Omnibus”: Latin for Outrageous

At first, I was furious at the passage and signing of the most recent $1.3 Trillion “Omnibus” Spending Bill: I assumed the spectacle of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi celebrating its passage was proof of betrayal.

I also assumed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan betrayed their party and their President by “tipping” Mr. Trump’s hand: Some provisions in the bill suggest the two confided to both Schumer and Pelosi that Trump would accept almost any compromise in order to pass the Defense and National Security portions of the bill.

However, we should take President Trump at his word: He argues that the National Security and Defense portions of the bill were a more urgent priority than any immediate need to observe fiscal responsibility.

Interestingly, some have argued that this law merely AUTHORIZES money for a variety of purposes including the “Democrat” Party’s sacred cow, Planned Parenthood: Yet, it does not specifically mandate that those monies must be spent precisely as authorized.

It is argued that an “Omnibus” Spending Bill is not part of the Federal Budget process, per se, and that President Trump is not Constitutionally bound to follow its provisions in as strict a manner as he would be obligated by a formal Budget.

This argument suggests that some of the bill’s more outrageous provisions -– like Planned Parenthood or funding for sanctuary cities — may see their funding “slow-walked” in the same manner that the EPA slow-walked approval of oil drilling leases and the Keystone XL Pipeline for many years during the Obama Administration.

It may also mean that some provisions within the bill — such as its National Security and Defense Spending items — may be diverted by President Trump to build his wall on our Southern Border.

I hope this theory is not just wishful thinking. In any event, Obama diverted funding routinely, with nary a whimper from the Corrupt Leftist Media or from many of our stalwart Republican Congressmen.

While this analysis may be technically correct, I can’t imagine the Corrupt Leftist Media will permit President Trump to get away with such a deception. They will go nuts and demand Impeachment for Trump’s refusal to spend monies that Congress “authorized” for Planned Parenthood or “sanctuary” cities.

If true, however, it means that President Trump has outfoxed the bastards, once again…

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