The “Obama Doctrine”: One Legacy of America’s First Marxist President

By Earl Holt III

I’ve got a theory I want to share with you. It’s just a theory, but unlike the “Theory of Evolution” or the “Theory of Man-Made Global-Warming,” it is evidence-driven and subject to revision if disproved by facts or evidence to the contrary.

When the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, America’s mortal enemies lost their greatest ally: Marxists of all stripes had always expected the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries would provide the “muscle” and revolutionary discipline to conquer and subjugate America.

The American Left had always expected the Soviet Bloc to play this crucial role in helping to impose their “Utopian Dream” of Marxism upon a vanquished America and West: After 1990, and much to the dismay of its Marxist allies in America, the Soviets no longer had the “muscle” to effectuate this dream.

Looking around in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse, it was not difficult to recognize the fact that radical Islamic terrorism offered a potential substitute.

Like the Soviets, Islam has never been the least bit squeamish about violence: In fact, with the exception of crude oil, violence and terrorism are about the only things these savage and backwards nations are capable of exporting.

Moreover, Islam seemed to exhibit a real enthusiasm for violence against Westerners, as evidenced by seemingly endless acts of terrorism perpetrated against innocent and unsuspecting civilian non-combatants for decades.

Indeed, most feverish adherents to the Islamic faith are probably best described as “Islamic Marxists,” making this new alliance an easier fit than one might have presupposed.


Oddly, America’s Leftist Jews appear to be fully “on-board” with this new alliance, despite their 6,000 year-old blood feud with the Arabic Tribes.

Their newfound willingness to enter into an alliance with their age-old enemy probably boils down to the fact that their commitment to international socialism and One-World Government “trumps” even their millennia-old hatred for their traditional Arab enemies.

There is much evidence to support this — as will be developed later — but perhaps nothing illustrates it better than the 80% support Barack Hussein Obama received from American Jews in his 2012 re-election victory.

Obama’s support among Leftist Jews is also hinted at by the number of truly committed Leftist and Marxist Jews who have accepted prominent positions in the Obama administration, many of whom are communists.

Rahm Emanuel (Chief of Staff,) David Axelrod (Senior Advisor,) Elena Kagan (Solicitor General,) Jack Lew (Treasury,) Janet Yellin (Federal Reserve,) Sally Jewell (Interior,) Penny Pritzker (Commerce,) are but a few prominent examples of this phenomenon: None appear to have been troubled by the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is almost certainly a Muslim adherent, and seems to be on far friendlier terms with radical Islamic states –such as Iran — than he is with Israel.

In fact, the State of Israel appears to be the odd-man-out in this new relationship: This novel alliance of Marxist Jews and radical Islamic terrorists suggests that the former are even willing to sacrifice the security of the State of Israel to their higher and more immediate priority of destroying America.

Both sides in this alliance correctly recognized that with a radical Islamic Marxist in the White House – like Obama — a window of opportunity existed as never before to destroy America, which stands as the only realistic obstacle preventing their 100 year-old dream of a worldwide international socialist system run by committed Marxist Jews like themselves.

Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure in office afforded him endless opportunities to subvert not only the economy of the United States — the “engines of democracy” — but also granted him unlimited opportunity to subvert our national security, both of which he did with relish.

The members of this unholy alliance recognized early-on that once America falls, there is no stopping them in their quest: Thus, all other lower-priority agendas of the Left appear to have been sacrificed in order to seize this unique window of opportunity to bring America to its knees.

Indeed, in Obama, they had a champion who was actually committed to destroying America — not merely content to give lip service to the exercise — and they had never been so close to their ultimate objective as they were by the end of Obama’s Presidency.

This is the reason they have directed so much venom at President Trump, a man who loves this country and has gone about reversing the devastation Obama and his administration brought upon us.


The fact that the Marxists in this country are completely committed to engaging in a conspiracy with Islam to help destroy America is evident in the lengths to which Leftists have routinely gone out of their way to accommodate Islamic terrorists, while defending their violent acts.

Perhaps the first hint of Treason was evidenced in Barack Hussein Obama’s pledge to close Guantanamo, and then give full Constitutional protection to the Islamic terrorists and enemy combatants of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, to whom he pledged to give civilian trials in federal court.

Another of Obama’s earliest acts of subversion was to convert NASA’s traditional space mission into some kind of “Islamic Outreach” function, probably in an attempt to camouflage the transfer of missile technology to radical Islamic terrorist states such as Iran.

Obama has also turned a blind eye toward Islamic terrorism by refusing to accurately label it as such, and intentionally refers to such incidents with ludicrous euphemisms such as “workplace violence,” as he did in the case of Major Nidal Hassan, who murdered 13 fellow servicemen at Fort Hood in 2009.

Obama’s recent “Treaty” with Iran –- in which $150 Billion was transferred to this terrorist nation and it was given a “green light” to produce a nuclear weapon –- speaks volumes about the goals and objectives of the traitors who staff the Obama Administration, and their willingness to fund and arm Islamic terrorist nations which are overtly hostile to America.

Every member of the Marxist “hive” instinctively recognizes his role: In 2012, a “Democrat” judge in Pennsylvania cited “Sharia Law” as binding in a criminal case, although Sharia Law is as irrelevant under the Constitution as the tribal customs of South American headhunters, which every high school Civics student knows, even if “Democrat” jurists do not.

Lower-echelon members of this Marxist alliance do not need to be given marching orders, either: For example, radical leftists within the teachers’ unions are only too ready and willing to do their part by indoctrinating naïve and gullible students about the “virtues” of Islam.

Public school students are regularly taken on field trips to Islamic Mosques, where they are proselytized by Muslims who sing the endless virtues of this “religion of Peace and Tolerance.” Naïve and vulnerable students are also routinely indoctrinated with “evidence” of the elevated status of women in Islamic Cultures. (No kidding!)

Perhaps the one action that best epitomizes the newfound willingness of America’s hard left to accommodate Islamic terrorists was Obama’s 2014 prisoner exchange.

Here, the White House arranged for the release of five of the most dangerous and savage Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists held in Guantanamo, in exchange for an American traitor (Bowe Bergdahl,) who not only abandoned his post in Afghanistan, but may well have collaborated with the enemy and precipitated the deaths of fellow American servicemen.

Finally, in an Orwellian program called “Global Entry,” the Obama Administration quietly rewarded Saudi Arabia — the Middle Eastern country that produced most of the 9/11 hijackers — with a special travel privilege that allows its nationals to bypass normal passport security controls at major U.S. airports.


Yet, nowhere is the accommodation of Islamic radicalism and terrorism more evident than in what might be termed the “Obama Doctrine,” (my term,) which describes the Administration’s policy towards Middle Eastern Islamic States.

The “Obama Doctrine” is defined by the intentional subversion and continuing efforts to overthrow every Islamic Head of State in the Middle East who is not overtly hostile to America and engaged in a Jihad against the West.

This Doctrine has been evidenced in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and the Sudan, where the Obama Administration has helped overthrow the Heads of State of these nations by arming their radical and violent opposition. It is currently on display in Syria, where Obama actively sought to arm any radical Islamic elements it could identify in their war against Assad.

The purpose of the Obama Doctrine was to render the vital areas of the Middle East as inhospitable to America (and the West) as possible, despite their strategic significance. The Straits of Hormuz, the Med and the Gulf States were all targets of his grand conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Obama allowed a flow of radical Islamists and members of the Moslem Brotherhood into prominent positions in his Administration, where they were perfectly situated to help effectuate this “doctrine,” much as Soviet spies infiltrated the Roosevelt Administration in the 1930s and 1940s, with catastrophic results at Yalta.

Make no mistake about it: The Obama Administration’s dismantling of America was not the result of the traditional bungling and incompetence usually found in “Democrat” Administrations: America was intentionally subverted by Treasonous and Marxist elements within the Obama Administration and the “Democrat” Party, and their intent has been to cripple us, once and for all. (END)

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