Hollywood Celebrities Go Crazy for Kamala: ‘Crying with Joy!’

Reported by Breitbart News

Hollywood stars were ecstatic after Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to be his vice presidential running mate. “Finally a Presidential ticket that looks like America!” filmmaker and Biden cheerleader Rob Reiner crowed shortly after the news broke Tuesday afternoon.

Frozen star Josh Gad could barely contain himself on Twitter: “I am crying with joy!!!!”

Model-influencer Chrissy Teigen chimed in, “Fuck yes. excited to vote!!”

Other left-wing celebrities popping the champagne included Mia Farrow, Jeffrey Wright Patricia Arquette, George Takei, Kathy Griffin, and Mandy Moore.

Sen. Harris represents a popular vice presidential choice among Hollywood elites due to her close personal and professional ties to California, where she served as attorney general before making the leap to national politics. As a recent presidential candidate, Harris drew big ticket Hollywood support from executives and celebrities alike, including Endeavor chief Ari Emanuel, Steven Spielberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

On Tuesday, Hollywood stars gushed over the newly annointed vice presidential candidate.

Rob Reiner (the ‘Meathead’) tweeted: “Finally a Presidential ticket that looks like America!! Now we all go to work to restore the soul of our Nation. VOTE!!!!”

Actress Sharon Stone said “BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 and BEYOND” while Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis share a similar sentiment of elation.

Actress Ashley Judd dug deep and offered her followers a “Let’s do this.”


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