Defending President Trump

By Earl P. Holt III

I don’t know if President Trump had an illicit relationship with “Stormy Daniels,” or not. It would bother me if he did, but that’s between the President and his lovely wife, and not the business of the hypocritical Jews’ Media with its dual standards of conduct.

The same Jews’ Media that now obsesses over Trump’s alleged infidelities is the same Jews’ Media that turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s two forcible rapes, and the numerous times he exposed himself to women who did not solicit such attention.

If Donald Trump had an extramarital affair with “Stormy Daniels,” at least it was a contractual arrangement between two consenting adults, and not rape!

All Stormy Daniels has done is prove the validity of Randle Patrick McMurphy’s observation in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest that (to paraphrase,) “The only difference between the big hookers and the little hookers is the little hookers want to get paid first.”

Moreover, at least Donald Trump prefers the opposite sex, and is not a queer: There have been numerous allegations for decades that both Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have notorious homosexual histories, although the Corrupt Leftist Media has shown a studied disinterest in either subject.

Obama probably had homosexual sex with a number of fellow queers who attended the Rev. Wright’s crazed and heretical church. Two of them showed up dead after Obama declared his candidacy for President, although no one in the Jews’ Media showed any more interest in that story than they showed in Obama’s fraudulent “Birth Certificate.”

There is also a book containing allegations by another queer named Larry Sinclair that he had sex with Obama in late 1999, after a night of indulging in illegal cocaine use. (Larry Sinclair. Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies and Murder? 2009.)

Here’s another consideration: The very same Jews’ Media that, today, are falling all over each other to pursue the “Stormy Daniels” story, is the same Jews’ Media that recently belittled Vice President Mike Pence for his carefully cultivated fidelity to his wife: Pence had stated that, as a matter of policy, he won’t have lunch with a woman unless there is a third party present, so as to avoid any suspicion by his wife.

It’s pretty clear that as far as the Jews’ Media is concerned, if you are a high-ranking Republican, you can’t win no matter what you do. I don’t understand why anyone bothers…

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