Black Serial Murderers

By Earl P. Holt III

It was always puzzling to most sophisticated whites why, for decades, the FBI was able to identify so many white serial killers and so few black serial killers. FBI spokesmen often parroted the party-line that “most serial killers are white.” This was especially galling since blacks are practically synonymous with violent crime in the U.S., and murder in particular.

One explanation for this paradox is that FBI profiling hit its stride in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was President. Doubtless, there was political pressure from Clinton’s leftist and unprincipled Justice Department to turn a blind eye toward black violence of any kind, so the subject of black serial killers was studiously ignored by the FBI.

That raw politics influenced much of the Clinton Administration’s activities is evident in its practice of combining crimes committed by Hispanics with crimes committed by whites in its FBI-sponsored Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs.)

This was clearly done to falsely attribute to whites, many of the crimes actually committed by Hispanics. Their purpose was to falsely inflate the appearance of white violent crime and to camouflage the disparity between the rate of white violent crimes and the far more common incidents of black violent crimes.

Another factor that suppressed the FBI’s statistics surrounding black serial killers is the anonymous and “nocturnal” nature of black crime, which literally, “comes out at night like the stars.”

In pursuing their nefarious nocturnal activities – such as drug deals, burglaries and prostitution — blacks are far less likely to be either detected or identified by law-abiding witnesses who might otherwise identify them. In such a jungle sub-culture, many serial killers found it easy to move about at will and satisfy their blood-lust without detection.

In any event, the FBI no longer seems to parrot its old and familiar lie about most serial killers being white. In fact –- just as one would expect –- it turns out blacks are just as disproportionately represented among the ranks of serial killers as they are among the ranks of garden-variety murderers.

Below is a list of black serial killers that I’ve been able to compile from the occasional internet news item, or non-fiction cable TV crime show such as Forensic Files. These were my sources because — as everyone with a three-digit I.Q. knows — the Jews’ Media studiously ignores black violent crime, and has done so for decades.

The FBI and Justice Department should feel free to avail itself of this roster of black serial killers, which I have managed to compile without any staff or budget:

  • Ronald Taylor (3,) PA
  • Richard Jameswhite (15,) NY
  • Christopher Peterson (7,) IN
  • Zebra Killers (78,) CA
  • Wayne Williams (33,) GA
  • Unidentified negro (15,) IN
  • Vaughn Greenwood (11,) LA
  • Andre Crawford (10), IL
  • Calvin Jackson (9+) NY
  • Gregory Klepper (8,) IL
  • Alton Coleman (8,) Midwest
  • Harrison Graham (7+) PA
  • Cleophus Prince (6,) CA
  • Robert Rozier (6,) FL
  • Craig Price (3,) RI
  • Devine Jones (3+) MO
  • Maurice Byrd (20+) MO
  • Maury Travis (17+) MO and GA
  • Coral Eugene Watts (13 confessed, possibly 80,) TX, MI, Canada
  • Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (20+), FL
  • Lorenzo Fayne (5 children), IL
  • Henry Louis Wallace (9,) NC
  • Reginald and Jonathan Carr (5,) KS
  • John Allen Muhammad & John Lee Malvo (13 to 19,) MD, VA AL LA, WA, GA, AZ.
  • Torey Miller (2,) MO.
  • Derrick Todd Lee, (5,) LA
  • Paul Durousseau, (6,) FL and GA.
  • Troy Sampson (3,) NV
  • Edward James (3), NV
  • Eddie Lee Mosley (25 to 30,) FL
  • Henry Lee Jones (4+) FL and TN
  • Timothy Spencer (5,) VA
  • Henry Louis Wallace (9,) NC
  • Charles Thornton (5,) MO
  • Brian Davis (7,) TX
  • Shelly Andre Brooks (7,) MI
  • Chester Turner (13,) CA
  • Matthew Emanuel Macon (6,) MI
  • Christopher Peterson (8,) IN
  • Alton Coleman & Debra Brown (8,) IL, IN and OH>
  • Terry Blair (7,) MO

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  • February 7, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    From the intelligent look on his face, it’s obvious the one in the graphic gave up a promising career as a” brane docter” to become a serial murderer…

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