Anti-Defamation League’s Murder Hit List

One of the more powerful liberal propaganda houses, known as the “Anti-Defamation League” or #ADLterror, published a murder hit list Tuesday on reported “Alt-Right” and “Alt-Lite” “extremists” in America.

Here is the list:

Andrew Anglin, Andrew Auernheimer, Andy Nowicki, Augustus Invictus, Brad Griffin, Christopher Cantwell, Colin Liddell, Daniel Friberg, Daniel J. Kleve, Dillon Irizarry, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Jason Kessler, Jason Reza Jorjani, Johnny Ramondetta, Lana Lokteff, Matt Forney, Matthew Heimbach, Matthew Parrot, Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch), Nathan Damigo, Pax Dickinson, Richard Spencer, Tara McCarthy, Theodore Beale aka Vox Day, Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska), Brittany Pettibone, Colton Merwin, Corey Stewart, Gavin McInnes, Jack Posobiec, Kyle Chapman, Kyle Prescott, Lucian Wintrich, Mike Cernovich, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Apparently the only qualifiers for “extremism” are patriotism, the belief in small government, and support for the current president (according to the left).

Make no mistake about it, the ADL posted this disgusting report as a hit on ALL Donald Trump supporters.

The report put a target on ALL Trump supporters — most notably the conservatives and some they brand as “Alt Right” and “Alt Light” activists mentioned in their report.

2000 Hate Hoaxes

Shortly after President Trump was sworn into office, there were bomb threats at synagogues all over the country. In commenting about these bomb threats, Trump remarked that they may have been made to make others look bad.

Immediately Jewish leaders all over were demanding that Trump clarify what he meant by that remark. Steven Goldstein, the director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, said that President Trump owed the American Jewish community an apology. Said Goldstein: “To cast doubt on the authenticity of anti-Semitic hate crimes in America constitutes anti-Semitism in itself, and that’s something none of us ever dreamed would disgrace our nation from the White House.”

The FBI and the Israeli police searched for the perpetrator of these bomb threats. Finally the Israeli police arrested an Israeli-American teenager. An article about this appeared in the April 7, 2017 issue of The Federalist. The title of the article was “The Jewish Center Threats May Have Been Hoaxes, But Anti-Semitism Isn’t.” The author of the article was Michael Rosen.

In this article, Rosen mentioned that the teenage boy’s identity was cloaked by an Israeli court’s gag order. The accused used electronic means to cloak his activities. He had technology that concealed his IP address. He also used Google Voice to forward his call and to disguise his voice.

According to The Daily Beast website, the teen’s name is Michael Kaydar. Kaydar used SpoofCard, a technology to mask his caller ID. He paid for his SpoofCard using bitcoin, which made his payments hard to trace. Apparently Kaydar had a grudge against Israel’s military. The military would not let him serve because he had failed a physical exam.

Michael Rosen mentioned Aesop’s fable about the boy who cried wolf. After twice fooling the villagers with false alarms, the village ignored the boy’s cry when a wolf was eating his sheep.

Kaydar’s father apologized to all Jews in America. He claimed that Kaydar had a brain tumor. His mother claimed that he was autistic. If he had been a hillbilly instead of a Jew, his father may have said, “One of these days I’m going to have a long talk with that boy.”

I cannot help but savor the irony of this. Isn’t it usually the Jews who claim that White nationalists are losers living in their parents’ basements?

The White Geek

Nor does the ADL mention the riots during the Presidential Inaugural where over 250 left-wing rioters were arrested. Somehow the Alt-right is to blame.

The New Yorker published an absurd report by the ADL “Hate on the Rise After Trump’s Election” in an attempt to conflate these two events. An alternative preposterous report, “In the immediate aftermath of the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) noticed a dramatic jump in hate violence and incidents of harassment and intimidation around the country,” which they defined as “The Trump Effect.” But they did not mention the anti-white and anti-American attacks against Trump supporters which were televised daily. Attacks and assaults by African Americans, Hispanics, and anti-Trump crowds. Ironically these attacks are what made this writer want to vote for Trump even more.

Mike Cernovich:

“I wanted to kill as many people as possible,” mass shooter Floyd Lee Corkins told police. Corkins was inspired to commit murder by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had created a hit list of political opponents.

Corkins — who had chosen the research council as his target after finding it listed as an anti-gay group on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center — had planned to stride into the building and open fire on the people inside in an effort to kill as many as possible, he told investigators, according to the court documents.

Inspired by the SPLC’s success and the recent mass shooting in D.C., which left Congressman Steven Scalise critically wounded by a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter, extremist James Hodgkinson, the ADL has added me and others to a “hit list.”

In a recent message sent out to its rich donors and unhinged fans alike, the ADL claimed 36 people, including me, were members of or leaders of “hate groups.”

No evidence or rationale was given for naming me as a hate group leader, and indeed there is no evidence. By the ADL’s own description, I’m a media outlet rather than a group leader. I don’t lead a love group or hate group. I write books, produce films, and break major stories.

The ADL’s intent cannot be more clear. They want their useful idiots to murder those the ADL disagrees with politically.

While I am not always blameless, there is no reasonable argument to be made that I lead a “hate group.” I don’t lead any group, and am instead best understood as an author, filmmaker, and media mogul.

Interestingly, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter, who both claim that making cartoons of journalists is instilling terror, have remained silent about the ADL’s target list.

Leftist extremists such as Antifa and Anarchists are not important to mention in the ADL report. New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security recently listed Antifa as a “Domestic Terrorist” group.

The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) FBI File [The entire ADL/FBI case.] The investigation of San Francisco Police Officer Tom Gerard’s possession of computerized files on Arab-American activists led criminal investigators straight to the Anti-Defamation League in 1993. Roy “Cal” Bullock was secretly on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) payroll for forty years as an undercover “investigator” reporting to New York ADL chief research officer Irwin Suall. Bullock compiled files, including information he could not legally possess—such as driver’s license and social security numbers—on 10,000 people according to 700 pages of files released by San Francisco DA Arlo Smith.

Bullock and the ADL’s investigation efforts were focused on organizations and individuals considered to be potential threats to Israel: Arab and Palestinian groups. This soon led to other work as Bullock and his contact on the SFPD (and former CIA operative) Tom Gerard began clandestine work for the intelligence services of the Apartheid government of South Africa.

ADL offices in California were raided and documents were seized. After conducting initial interviews (included below) the FBI passed jurisdiction to investigate to local police.

Although District Attorney Arlo Smith likely could have criminally prosecuted the ADL for invasion of privacy, tax evasion; and Gerard and Bullock as unregistered agents of a foreign government, they instead reached a settlement that allowed the ADL to deny wrongdoing—while promising not to obtain private citizen information ever again.

This didn’t stop anti-Apartheid activists from suing the ADL and winning tens of thousands of dollars in damages—while avoiding signing a standard confidentiality agreement. Could the ADL be up to their old tricks again?

After viewing the leadership of the hypocrites at the ADL I noticed that this progressive anti-hate group has no African Americans that I can see.

Marvin D. Nathan, National Chair; Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO;

Senior VPs Kenneth Jacobson, Emily Bromberg, Frederic L Bloch, Shari Gersten, Michael A. Kellman, Deborah M. Lauter, Rafail Portnoy, Tom Ruderman, Steven C. Sheinberg;

VPs: Betsaida Alcantara, Amy Aronoff Blumkin, David Friedman, Lorraine Tiven, David S. Waren

(Photos provided on request.)

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  • July 24, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I’m genuinely offended the bastards didn’t include me in their list…

  • August 13, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    The horrifying irony of this article. For shame. For shame. For shame.

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