Who Said Diversity and Multiculturalism Are So Wonderful?

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 1: Enclaves, change of language, drug gangs gaining strangle holds across America.

“The Great Replacement, or genocide by substitution, is such a huge crime that even its victims cannot believe it. They say to themselves: ‘Of course, it looks very much like it, but it’s not possible, it can’t be true, it would be too enormous, things like that do not happen.’” Renaud Camus

Fact: by 2042, European-Americans (Caucasians), the dominant ethnic group in America at 90 percent until 1965, will become the new minority in the United States at 49 percent. Latino-Hispanic-Mexicans will become the new majority. (Source: www.PewResearchCenter.org)

Every country in the world that features different cultures, languages and ethnic groups, faces endless conflict.

Pedro de Alvarado, a legal immigrant from Venezuela, gives America a sobering taste of what we face with mass immigration.

Sir, what can Americans expect if they continue endless immigration?

“As an immigrant from Venezuela who has lived in the U.S. for over two decades,” said Alvarado. “I’ve witnessed many aspects of America’s demographic shift and what diversity looks like in the various cities I have had the pleasure and displeasure of residing in. No major city here is now safe from the “Great Replacement, or as R. Camus called it, “genocide by substitution” of the American people by mass immigration.

“The recent elections, eagerly called by the Leftist Mainstream Media for the Black Party, really brought this home. I’ll start off by saying that I despise “diversity.” Unlike most Americans, I speak Spanish—largely the product of always speaking it at home with family. While I have respect for the language, I do not want it to be widespread usage in the U.S., a country explicitly created by English-speakers. Countries should not cater to ethnic grievances of foreigners they receive.”

Little known to most Americans, Bill Clinton, via “Executive Order 13166,” made it mandatory that Americans pay for all document translations for over 100 languages of immigrants in America. It costs billions of taxpayer dollars. Further it allows immigrants to maintain their own languages to the detriment of everyone’s wallet.

“Over the years, my work has taken me all over the States. While working in Washington D.C, I got to see firsthand the state of the black community,” said Alvarado. “On any given night I would go out, there was bound to be some sort of incident worthy of a clip on WorldStarHipHop, so I was always on my toes. The stilted careerist attitude of many people living in the Swamp was also a major turn-off. When I found another work opportunity that brought me back to Texas, I was ecstatic. I ended up in San Antonio doing political campaign work in 2016.

“My daily routine in San Antonio consisted of canvassing in for a local Republican candidate. A number of the neighborhoods I canvassed were pretty rough and I could tell they were filled with all sorts of illicit activities. Living in ghettos across the country and abroad has taught me to recognize danger.”

White Texas Turning Brown at Blinding Speed

Alvarado continued, “But such advantages are only temporary as more migrants move in, settle down, and have kids. By the time their progeny is of voting age, these minority communities become more politically active, causing these areas to irreversibly tip. [Against American values, language and cohesiveness] Hence, the importance of passing an immigration moratorium to encourage assimilation and deprive Democrats of an even larger voter pipeline.

“Nevertheless, my interactions with Hispanic Republican and independent-leaning voters were eye-opening. Contrary to the conventional wisdom coming from Conservatism Inc., many Hispanics were not repelled by talks about limiting immigration. In fact, they often brought up the subject before I did. A significant portion of Hispanics live in neighborhoods crawling with illegals, or work in places where illegals are frequently brought to displace American workers. They see firsthand what mass migration looks like. Some even told me how Mexican cartels have blended in with the Hispanic community, causing destabilization.”

So much for diversity being a strength

“Although, I initially enjoyed living in San Antonio, the novelty soon began to wear off,” said Alvarado. “I was constantly annoyed by some of the everyday activities dealing with clerks and other workers who possessed sub-par English skills. When I addressed them in English, I would have to repeat myself constantly just to get basic points across. This became a chore and out of frustration, I would revert to speaking in Spanish just to make my interactions go by as quickly as possible.

“Those are the benefits of being bilingual. But most Americans don’t possess those skills—nor should they. This country was founded by those of English stock and while America has drawn its fair share of migrants, albeit with pauses to promote assimilation, there was always a very explicit expectation that they make an earnest effort to learn English. As the months went by, my daily interactions made me feel like I was living in a Spanish-speaking enclave.

“Even worse, were my nocturnal experiences in my predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. On any given night, I could be kept up awake by loud ranchero music and individuals shouting in drunken Spanish for hours on end. There was no regard for productive individuals (such as myself!) who had to wake up early to make a living.”

At this point, Muslims in Detroit and Minneapolis play their five calls to Islamic worship over loudspeakers across the city. Both Detroit and Minneapolis, once predominately Scandinavians/Europeans are quickly turning into Africa and Baghdad. These are some of the many hidden costs that people must bear under diversity.

Alvarado said, “And I also started noticing a gradual rise in crime. Every other week in my neighborhood, gunshots would ring off or there would be some incident of property crime. Granted, this was not like my experience in D.C., but it still unsettled me. While Hispanic crime is low in comparison to Black crime, (which should be considered a national emergency). Hispanic areas still have noticeable differences in public order when compared to majority white localities.

“San Antonio was pretty dangerous during the 1990s when it was labeled the “Drive-by Shooting Capital of America.” In 1993 alone, there were 1,262 recorded incidents of drive-by shootings [“We Get All Hyped Up. We Do a Drive-by.”, by Audrey Duff, Texas Monthly, October 1994]. On the other hand, Dallas, which was less than ten percent smaller than San Antonio, only had 221 drive-by shootings that same year.”

Today, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and now, Minneapolis rank as the “Shoot-out Cities of America.” They run up into the 3,000,4,000 and 5,000 shootings annually.


Shut down all immigration into the USA, immediately.
Stop all “anchor baby” birthright citizenship at over 300,000 annually.
Stop all chain-migration into America.
Deport all illegal aliens, their children and relatives.
Stop any attempt by immigrants to pass their own laws in contradiction of the U.S. Constitution.
Rescind E.O. 13166
Demand that all Americans speak English in the public sector, schools taught in English and all business.

Part 2: Where it will all end up for Americans.

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— Frosty Wooldridge

Golden, CO

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