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More Murders Than Deaths from Covid

On December 3, 2020

Astonishing but true. The post More MurdRead more

Arthur Jensen’s Appearance on the Phil Donahue Show Now Available

On December 2, 2020

Liberals have learned nothing in the pasRead more

Antifa Now Trying to Derail Trains?

On December 2, 2020

Thankfully, all 41 attempts since JanuarRead more

Nasdaq to Advance Diversity Through New Proposed Listing Requirements

On December 2, 2020

CEO: "Nasdaq’s purpose is to champion inRead more

As White Americans Die, Racial Inequality in the US May Get Much Worse

On December 2, 2020

Sociologist calls for racial wealth rediRead more

Post-George Floyd, a Wave of ‘Anti-Racist’ Teaching Sweeps K-12 Schools Targeting ‘Whiteness’

On December 2, 2020

Buffalo school lesson: “All white peopleRead more

Confederate President’s Name to Disappear from Biloxi School

On December 2, 2020

Majority white school says goodbye to itRead more

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Italian Far Right: The Rise of Brothers of Italy

On December 2, 2020

National-populism is alive and well in IRead more