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This BLM “Moral Panic” Is Happening Because America’s Rulers Are Afraid. They Should Be.

Earlier, by Ann Coulter: Donald McNeil And The Attack Of The Woke Teen Career KiRead more

TWENTY YEARS' JAIL For "Trump Official" Federico Klein? vs. PROBATION For Son Of Democrat VP Candidate Tim Kaine!

Earlier (2017) Tim Kaine's Son Arrested For Violent Attack On Trump Rally—ProsecRead more

Google's Expensive Diversity Push Isn't Uncovering Many Diamonds In The Rough, Especially At HBCUs

Up through, roughly, Barack Obama’s re-election, Silicon Valley and Hollywood asRead more

Money Privilege, Renegade Royals, Biden's Immigration Distraction, Etc.

01m00s  Money privilege.  (Easily beats white privilege.) 07m26s  Renegade royalRead more

Trump-Appointed FBI Director Director Thinks White Domestic Terrorists Are The Real Threat

Earlier, by Patrick J. Buchanan: Who Really Imperils The Republic? FBI DirectorRead more

JOHN DERBYSHIRE: "De Haut En Bas"—The Ruling Class Is Getting Nastier

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.cRead more

Britain Importing Foreign Nurses, Failing To Train British Nurses

Britain, as you probably know, has a National Health Service, which is chronicalRead more

Biden: Indian-of-Descent Americans (Sic) Are Taking Over the Country.

Earlier: Biden’s Immigration Plans Crazy—But Jayapal Demands More. Swing-State DRead more

Peter Brimelow: "The Vast Majority Were Ordinary Americans" I.E. Jan 6 Conspiracy Theory Is A Damned Lie

A brief Twitter thread, screenshotted to protect it from Twitter deletion. ClickRead more

Science News: Whites Are Most Likely To Volunteer Their DNA For Science, So Nonwhites Are Victimized By Whites' Altruism, Or Something.

From Science News: DNA databases are too white, so genetics doesn’t help everyonRead more

Is America’s “Greatest” Ally Teaming Up With China to Screw America?

Israel. America’s greatest ally. Right? Not so fast. According to a report by BrRead more

A Good Sign: Trump Adviser Says The Donald's New Focus Is Immigration

Previously: Trump Hits Immigration High Notes At CPAC Donald Trump’s strident CPRead more

(Black ) "Dallas Police Officer Charged With 2 Counts Capital Murder"—What Color Victims?

Today's AP story by Jake Bleiberg says "Dallas police officer charged with 2 couRead more

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams, FBI, DOJ, Immunizing Antifa Terrorists By Dropping Charges "With Prejudice"

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, Billy Williams, whofor some strangRead more

In 2020 St. Louis (49% Black) 92% Of Known Homicide Suspects Were Black

Earlier: Sailer In TakiMag: BLM = Black Lives Murdered Out of 318,000 people, StRead more

Why Did Beverly Hills Swing So Much Toward Trump From 2016 To 2020?

Earlier: Why Is Beverly Hills A Rare West Coast Outpost Of Freedom Of Assembly FRead more

What's The Over-Under Line For How Long The NYT's Next Deputy Opinion Editor Will Last?

Being an editor of the New York Times opinion section used to be considered oneRead more

The Late Michael Brown's Dad Demands Millions From Now Rich BLM

From the New York Post: Michael Brown’s father, Ferguson activists demand $20M fRead more

David Shor: Us White Democrats Could Easily Alienate Nonwhite Democrats With Our Crazy Level Of Racial Resentment On Their Behalf

From New York: David Shor on Why Trump Was Good for the GOP and How Dems Can WinRead more

NEW YORKER And Steve Sailer: Plots Of 1980s Movies If Their Protagonists Had Been People Of Color

Humor from the New Yorker (with some interpolations by me — see if you can guessRead more

Ann Coulter: Donald McNeil And The Attack Of The Woke Teen Career Killers

Earlier: Donald G. McNeil Gives His Account of the Struggle Session at the NYT TRead more

Touting Their Immigrant Ancestry, Biden’s Appointees Commit To Open Borders—And the Great Replacement

Previously: Biden’s Immigration Plans Crazy—But Jayapal Demands More. Swing-StatRead more

Radio Derb Transcript Up For Feb 26: Third World Jurisprudence, Merrick Mumbles, NATO Fumbles, & Deleting The Muppets, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 26. Go here to read or listen. PlayRead more

“I’m 30 But I Felt OLD!” A Lady Reader Reports On Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC Triumph

Earlier: Michelle Malkin At AFPAC II: “Bloody, But Unbowed”AFPAC II was three tiRead more

Woke Wars Claim The Scalp Of Dr. Seuss: Six Books Depublished Over "Racist Images"

Earlier (2017) Of Course Dr. Seuss Is Racist—Because He's Part Of The White PastRead more

Rhymes against Humanity: Blasphemous Borrowings and the Jewish Roots of Translunacy

“History never repeats, but it does rhyme.” It’s a good line (though Mark TwainRead more

Economic Historian Gregory Clark's "For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls"

The Hemingway-besotted economic historian has published a paper outlining his coRead more

Peter Brimelow On Donald G. McNeil's NYT Ordeal...And Our Libel Suit

See also Donald G. McNeil Gives His Account of the Struggle Session at the NYT TRead more

"Queen's Gambit" Actress Anya Taylor-Joy Has Been Demoted from "Woman Of Color" To "White Latina"

Earlier: A Reader Reports Latino Rebels Denying The Existence Of White Latinos,Read more

Donald G. McNeil Gives His Account Of The Struggle Session At The NYT That Got Him Fired For Being Unapologetically White

The New York Times’ lead pandemic reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. got forced out oRead more

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Biden Reenlisting In The Forever Wars?

Thursday, in its first military action, the Biden Pentagon sent two U.S. F-15EsRead more

Erasing White America: Ben Franklin Park In Tacoma, WA Renamed for Black Sen. Rosa Franklin

We call this the blueprint for erasing the history of White America throughout tRead more

In Canada, Blacks Are 4.5 Times As Likely As Nonblacks To Be Homicide Victims

From the Toronto Star: ‘A pandemic of grief’: StatCan’s first-ever data on BlackRead more

DERB'S FEBRUARY DIARY [10 ITEMS]: Courageous Politicians...In Spain; Defund (Some) Police! From Biologism, To Culturism, To Anti-Whitism; ETC.

Politicians with courage (in Spain).     In the Senate impeachment trial of DonaRead more

Harvard Medical School: Reparations Would Have Made Louisiana Blacks Act More Like South Koreans During Pandemic

From Harvard Medical School: Anti-Racist EpidemiologyResearch suggests reparatioRead more

Bloomberg: Did Political Polarization Lead To The 2020 Murder Surge?

Earlier: The Minneapolis Effect: After Floyd's Death, Murders Exploded Across ThRead more

NYT: NBA Player Calls Jeremy Lin "Coronavirus," Trump To Blame

Back in February 2020, the Establishment Press was mostly worrying about the panRead more

Andy Ngo’s UNMASKED: Antifa—Not “Anarcho-Communism,” But Anarcho-Tyranny

See also: JOHN DERBYSHIRE: Merrick Garland—Antifa Attorney General Plans To CrusRead more

Liberals Have Been Making Children Cry On Christmas Morning Since 1969

From KUSI: Proposed California law would fine department stores for separating tRead more

Racial Socialism Comes To 5% Black SF: $120 Million Diverted From Police To Improve "Outcomes" Of Black Community

Initially, the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) was a joke. Now, it’s policy.Read more

Obama Calls For Reparations Since Wealth Of America Is Built On The Backs Of Slaves

From The Independent, reporting on the first Barack Obama-Bruce Springsteen podcRead more

Third World Jurisprudence, Merrick Mumbles, NATO Fumbles, & Deleting The Muppets, Etc.

02m04s  Our Third World jurisprudence.  (Merrick Garland's fine with it.) 13m53sRead more

JOHN DERBYSHIRE: Merrick Garland—Antifa Attorney General Plans To Crush Dissent

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.cRead more

Amnesty International Strips Anti-Putinite Political Prisoner Alexei Navalny Of His "Prisoner Of Conscience" Status For Being An Immigration Restrictionist

Earlier: Alex Navalny: Would A "Russian Dissident" Do Better In The "Free World?Read more

Abolishing Selective Schools: The Not So Great Reset Comes For Boston

Earlier: Ross Douthat On The Not So Great Reset From WGBH: Citing Racial InequitRead more

Anti-White NYC School Supremo Richard Carranza Is Pushed Out

Earlier: NYC School System Sued Over Firing White Bureaucrats for "Toxic WhiteneRead more

UK Blacks Are 8.9 Times As Likely To Be Convicted of Murder As UK Whites

Earlier (October 2020): Police Commissioner Cressida Dick In July: Blacks In LonRead more

Biden’s Open Borders Plan Is “Madness” According Immigration Patriot Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is a top immigration authority who got Washington experience workRead more

NBC: Is Black-On-Asian Violence A Hate Crime Or Just Blacks Acting Black?

Earlier: NYPD: Per Capita, Blacks In NYC 18.7 Times As Likely As Asians To Be RoRead more

More Black Trump Supporters Running Amok, Not Only Attacking Asians But Shooting Lady Gaga's Dogwalker

Earlier: Everything Bad That Blacks Do, Like Knock Over Old Asians, Will be BlamRead more

Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Turns out to Be Black—As We Thought

Earlier: It Looks Like It Was A Black Capitol Hill Policeman Who Shot Unarmed WhRead more

White People Last: Black, Hispanic Seniors In Virginia Prioritized Over White Octogenarians

Earlier: White Lives Don't Matter: Every US State Advised To Prioritize Non-WhitRead more

Are Black Women Smarter Than Black Men? Results From PIAAC And AFQT

In response to a reader’s question about differences in average cognitive test sRead more

Biden Administration Gears Up To Impose Double Jeopardy Upon Officer Chauvin

From the New York Times news section: With New Grand Jury, Justice Department ReRead more

NYPD: Per Capita, Blacks In NYC 18.7 Times As Likely As Asians To Be Robbery Suspects

The NYPD has released its 2020 crime stats report showing victims, suspects, andRead more

Not "Mass Incarceration": Cannibal Lawrence Paul Anderson Was In Prison For: Pointing Guns, Selling Crack, Smuggling PCP Into Jail, More Guns, More Cocaine...

Earlier: Criminal Justice Reform: Black Male Released Early Cuts Out White WomanRead more

Criminal Justice Reform: Black Male Released Early Cuts Out White Woman's Heart And Eats It.

The gruesome details, with pictures of accused and dead, are available at the UKRead more

Biden Cancels Trump Program To Deport Illegal Alien Sex Offenders

At this point, the evidence for treason from the Biden-Harris Administration isRead more

Raj Chetty: The Ivy League Likes Applicants Who Are Rich Or Poor But Not Middle Class

From a 2020 paper in the Quarterly Journal of Economics by Raj Chetty on collegeRead more

Radio Derb Transcript Up For Feb 19: The Crush American Workers Act, Can-Do on Mars, College Bubble, & Unequal Justice, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 19. Go here to read or listen. PlayRead more

The Biden Regime: Latin America-Style Caudillo Rule Immigrates to America

Turbas are no longer Latin American diversity’s only vibrant contribution to U.SRead more

A Virginian Speaks Up For Jamestown As America's Real Founding; Lydia Brimelow Replies

Re: Introducing VDARE’s 1620 Society From: An Anonymous Virginian [Email him] IRead more

365 Black In Action: Failure To Promote Non-Whites Or Women To Leadership Roles Will See McDonald's Executives Bonuses Cut

Earlier: Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…The End Of McDonalds? Well, we’ve knowRead more

Michelle Malkin: Dear Woke Asians—Stop Blaming Whitey For Black-On-Asian Attacks

Earlier: Coalition of the Fringes: Asians Join With Blacks To Protest "Racism" ARead more

Economic Historian Gregory Clark's Lecture On "For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls" Is Postponed For Crimethink

Back in 2014, I predicted that the third book in the trilogy by economic historiRead more

VDARE Book Club On Women's History Month: Phyllis Schlafly's A CHOICE NOT AN ECHO

 March’s VDARE Book Club Pick: A Choice Not An Echo by Phyllis Schlafly. RaffleRead more

Andy Ngo's UNMASKED Says Antifa Break Windows Deliberately To Trigger Rioters. Did That Happen On Capitol Hill?

This is from the introduction to Andy Ngo's recent book UNMASKED. I've substitutRead more

Liberals Know A Lot Of Fake News About Police Killings Of Unarmed Black Men

From the Washington Post’s database of police shootings: But, the police also ocRead more

A Reader Reports The “Privilege Walk”  Virus Circulating In Australia

From: Phil Shannon [Email him] The endemic, woke “White Privilege” virus has evoRead more

Peter Brimelow, WASHINGTON POST, 1995: The Case For "Mean-Spiritedness"

Earlier (or 20 years later) NYT Complains Trump Doesn't Respect the Narrative: "Read more