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THE FULFORD FILE: “It’s All A Damned Conspiracy”—When Black-On-White Murders Contradict The Narrative, The MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know

Earlier: THE FULFORD FILE: “You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In DisgruntledRead more

Conquest's First Law And RBG: "Everyone Is Conservative About What He Knows Best"

Robert Conquest’s first law is: Everyone is conservative about what he knows besRead more

An Engineer in Alabama Says Blacks Aren't Victims Of "Systemic Racism", But Just "Hardest Hit" By Mass Mexican Immigration

From: An Engineer in Alabama [Email him] No, blacks are not being held down by “Read more

Joe Biden Has Left The Building: It Will Be A Kamala Administration On Day One

Earlier: Hillary's Health, And The Lies About JFK, FDR, And Woodrow Wilson—HealtRead more

Vampires vs Crosses: Why Jews and Leftists Hate White Men, Christianity and Western Civilization

“The most merciful thing in the world,” said H.P. Lovecraft, “is the inability oRead more

Where Do Trump’s Possible SCOTUS Picks Stand On Immigration?

Previously: The DACA Disgrace: Judicial Nominees Must Now Face An Immigration LiRead more

Her Name Is Wilma Hochstetler: White Woman Murdered by Group of Blacks In Indianapolis; Young Son Says, ‘I Wish They Didn’t Shoot My Mommy'.

Previously by Paul Kersey: In a Just World, the Murderer of Amanda Blackburn WouRead more

After 4 Months of Nonstop Blackness, Will Feminists Demand to Own the Autumn?

It would seem like the least we could do for the feminists after ignoring them aRead more

NEW YORKER: White People Must Start To Realize That Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Verdi, Debussy, And Strauss Were All White

From The New Yorker: Black Scholars Confront White Supremacy in Classical MusicRead more

As of 2018, the Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Hired Only One Black Clerk in 38 Years on the Bench

One of the impressive things about the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was herRead more

Annals of White Privilege: Now, a Third Case of a Becky Pretending to be a Beq'ee

First there was Jessica Krug, then CV “They” Vitolo-Haddad, and today there is SRead more

Woke Capital, Bring The Troops Home, Gingrich Vs. Soros, And J. K. Rowling Offends, Etc.

01m09s  A peek into woke capitalism.  (Bend the knee and bow the head.) 10m44s Read more

Justice Ginsburg Dies: "My Most Fervent Wish Is That I Will Not Be Replaced Until A New President Is Installed."

I don’t know as much about the ins-and-outs of the Constitution as the late JustRead more

John Derbyshire: Woke Capitalism (And A Nigerian Immigrant) At Goldman Sachs

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.cRead more

Drudge, Bloomberg, Scare With 200K Covid Milestone, But Ignore The Fact That The Curve HAS Flattened.

Earlier: Peter Brimelow On The Importance Of Charts (Border Crossings, Covid) AsRead more

Ed Buck Says Like Jeffrey Dahmer, He Loves Black Males To Death, But The NYT Says He's "Racist"

Ed Buck is a white, rich, gay Democrat, who apparently likes having black male pRead more

Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews, Part II

Go to Part I “American Jews do not fit the sojourner pattern, since their politiRead more

In 2020, 95% of Homicide Victims And 75% of Covid-19 Deaths Are Non-White in Chicago... Obviously White Racism Is to Blame

Somehow, this is all the fault of white people. ‘There’s not a comparable year’:Read more

Thomas Jefferson High Schoo In VA: Whites Use George Floyd To Combat Asian Supremacy In STEM

Earlier: Democrats' Coalition of the Fringes Comes Unglued Over Stuyvesant HS MuRead more

An Australian Reader Reports The Australian Cricket Team Did NOT Bend The Knee To Black Lives Matter

Earlier: An Australian Reader Reports Mostly White Footballers "Taking A Knee" DRead more

Nostalgia Hour: Remember When the Worst Threat Posed by Coronavirus Was Whites Not Eating Often Enough in Chinese Restaurants?

From March 22: Is NYC Coronavirus Ground Zero Because Massive "Be Strong Wuhan"Read more

Covid-19: Another Genetic Factor Emerges—Race Deniers Furious!

The time is long gone when CNN Talking Head Dr. Sanjay Gupta could flatly assertRead more

Minneapolis City Council Wants to Disband the Police, But Wonders Why, in the Meantime, the Police Aren't Stopping the Rise in Crime

Once boring, Minnesota has in recent years climbed steadily to near the top of tRead more

Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews Part I

“The middleman and the host society come in conflict because elements in each grRead more

Never Ever Mention That George Soros Is Funding Anti-Cop Candidates for District Attorney, Not Even on Fox News

That anti-enforcement organizations funded by the Soros family have been pouringRead more

Memo From Middle America: Seeing The South—Before America-Haters Tear The Monuments Down

Earlier by Allan Wall: MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Calling Congressman Frank LucasRead more

Michigan Court Releases 6'5'' Black Strangler Who Killed Woman With One Hand Because Because He Was "Visibly Shackled" During Trial

Jonathan H. Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy has a blog item about a murder convicRead more

His Name Is Jordan Stevens: White Male Executed in Front of His Four-Month Pregnant Wife by Black Male on Killing Spree

No marches. No celebrities lamenting his murder and how he died. No burned citieRead more

His Name Is Jordan Stevens: White Male Executed in Front of His Four-Month Pregnant Wife by Black Male on Killing Spree

No marches. No celebrities lamenting his murder and how he died. No burned citieRead more

Today's Moment of WTF with Joe Biden: Tells Of Black Veteran Who Ran Over, Raped, And Murdered Elderly White Woman, Says "End The Stigma"

Earlier: For Biden, Story Of Black Man Who Ran Over, Raped, And Murdered ElderlyRead more

Candidate Who Favors Immigration Moratorium Wins GOP Senate Primary In Delaware does not endorse candidates or legislation. However, it is very newswoRead more

For Biden, Story Of Black Man Who Ran Over, Raped, And Murdered Elderly White Woman Is About "Traumatic Brain Injury" And American Veterans

From Fox News contributor and retired Marine Johnny Joey Jones, some angry TweetRead more

Columbia U. Marching Band Disbands for Its History of UnWokeness

No. From the Columbia University Spectator: Columbia University Marching Band voRead more

Surrender Of The Southern Baptists: American Christianity Has Fallen

I awoke this morning to a photo from the Vatican Academy of the Virgin Mary cradRead more

A Jewish Reader Has Questions For Kevin MacDonald About Ethnocentrism And Intermarriage

Re: Kevin MacDonald's Are These Antifa/ BLM Riots A Jewish Coup? A Jewish VDARE.Read more

Michelle Malkin: Americans Against Unconstitutional Mask Mandates

Earlier, by Michelle Malkin: Mask Mandates Are a Public Health Menace and The GrRead more

Notorious Ninth Circuit Delivers A Rare Win To Trump, Revokes Temporary Protected Status For 300,000 Immigrants

Earlier: Can Trump's "Temporary" Moratorium Be As Permanent As Temporary ProtectRead more

Anton’s THE STAKES—Best I’ve Ever Read. But Doesn’t Go Far Enough!

Michael Anton’s The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return is the best “curreRead more

A Reader Wants Netflix Hit With Asset Forfeiture For Child Exploitation Over CUTIES—For Culture War Reasons, As Well As Moral

From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him] Netflix is facing some rather intense scrutinyRead more

Jews by Movement (Orthodox And Non-Orthodox) on Immigration and White Privilege

James Bowery: I’d like to see this kind of [Jewish 2016 presidential election voRead more

Black Prosecutors in DC Call for Criminal Justice System to Be "More Fair" Because Too Many Black People Are Prosecuted for Gun Crimes in Our Nation's Capital

Because gun-crime prosecutions disproportionately impact the black community (beRead more

Daytime Twitter vs. Nighttime Twitter During the Summer of George

As a night person who has the same sleep patterns as an Antifa rioter, followingRead more

The Race Tightens—But Trump Still Does Poorly With White Vote. Protecting the Suburbs and The Immigration Moratorium Can Turn That Around

President Trump’s chances for re-election appear better. Battleground state pollRead more

Shadi Hamid In The ATLANTIC: Vote for Biden or the Riots Will Get Worse!

From The Atlantic: Democrats May Not Be Able to ConcedeIf Trump wins, especiallyRead more

Which NFL Players Will Put Althea Bernstein's Name on Their Helmets?

Earlier: Protesters Demand Justice for Althea Bernstein (Does She WANT Justice?)Read more

White Pill: Trump Has 'Literally Shut Down Legal Immigration To United States"—Immigration Lawyer

Earlier: Trump’s Immigration Moratorium A Huge Win For America—Now He MUST CampaRead more

BLM-Inspired Attack? Bass Pro Shop Mass Shooting By Black Male With Body Armor, 8 Guns, And Hundreds Of Cartridges Averted By Police

At a time of extreme hypersensitivity to any mass shooting and the ability for tRead more

ATLANTIC On Paul Rudnick's COASTAL ELITES—"That's Not Funny!"

Very little new television has been made in the last 5 months. One exception isRead more

White Privilege in Action: NFL Teams Prefer Blonde Servers on Their Flights

Above, stewardesses from NordStar Airlines in Russia, a retrogressive country thRead more

Fall Is Coming, So Somali Refugees in Icy Minnesota Are Getting Ready for Their Annual Taxpayer-Subsidized Winter Vacations in Sunny Somalia

Earlier: Rep. Omar Inadvertently Proves The Case For Banning "Refugees" If onlyRead more

Rocky Personalities: Over A Century Since The Frontier Closed, The Pioneer Spirit Is Still There

A press release from the U. of Cambridge: ‘Wild West’ mentality lingers in US moRead more

Trump Should Refuse The Nobel Peace Prize If He Gets It: He's Not An Affirmative Action Case

Trump has been brokering peace deals both in Kosovo and  in the Middle East, andRead more

Dueling Search Engines: Was Kamala Harris an Anchor Baby? Not If You Ask Google!

Earlier: Kamala Harris's Birth Certificate? (Identifies Mom As "Caucasian," DadRead more

Trump Vs. Generals, Defund The Military, And Underincarceration, Etc.

00m54s  Soldiers and civilians.  (Some background social psychology.) 09m14s  TrRead more

John Derbyshire: The U.S. Needs MORE Incarceration. The U.K., Surprisingly, May Already Have It

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.cRead more

The Wall IS Going Up, And Biden Won't Tear It Down: He'll Need It To Keep Americans In!

A dear friend of mine who is much more of a Trump supporter than I am has takenRead more

Biden May Have Been On And Off In SUPPORTING Integration But He's Always PRACTICED Segregation For Himself And His Family

Earlier, An Interview: Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., 1975, In A Format You Can RRead more

100 Days of Riotous Arson in Portland Attracted Firebugs. Now, Oregon Is on Fire. Is There a Link? Not If You Believe The NYT!

Some tiny percentage of the population are hardcore arsonists who like to startRead more

His Name Is Joshua Ungersma: White Male, Working Two Jobs to Support His Family, Murdered by Black Female Teenager as He Delivered Pizzas

White privilege. Systemic racism. Ending hate. Erasing hate. Social Justice. BlaRead more

NYT: America's 180 Most Powerful Persons of Color Include A Lot Of White Spaniards

From the New York Times: Faces of Power: 80% Are White, Even as U.S. Becomes MorRead more

Meanwhile, in Australia, The Aborigines Are Looking Very Pale

In the U.S., white women like Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug are vastly excoriaRead more

"More White Lies": With Vaguely PoC Academic Females, What's More Alarming: Hoop Ear Rings or a Nose Ring?

From Inside Higher Education: This time it’s a graduate student at the UniversitRead more

Race-Faker Jessica Krug Nominated for Worst Tinder Date Ever

Earlier: White Jewish Professor Pretends for Years to be Puerto Rican: Did She DRead more

A Reader Asks If It's Time To Abandon Ship And Leave The US, John Derbyshire Replies

Re: Radio Derb: White Folks Shooting White Folks, GOP Goodwhites Supporting RiotRead more

Left’s Outrage Over Biden’s Pick Of Treason Lobbyist Cecilia Munoz Show It’s Against ALL Border Enforcement—And Biden Will Cave

Previously: Convention Conundrum: Democrats Want To Dodge Immigration Bullet. BuRead more

Covid In New York’s North Country: An American Mother Has Had Enough

Earlier, by Michelle Malkin: Give Them Hugs and Let Them PlaySchools are reopeniRead more

Establishment Republican Senators Announce Bill To Tackle Tech Censorship

Previously: GOP Finally Recognizing Tech Censorship Problem—But Still Far From ARead more

MSM Still Silent About Proud Boy Shane Moon Being Run Down By Antifa, Not Like The Hysterical Reaction To The Death At Charlottesville

On September 7, Proud Boy Shane Moon was run down—at a memorial service for a prRead more