NO Polite Word for It!

By Earl P. Holt III

Ann Coulter was right: Trump caved on the border wall and government shut-down. He blinked, and the New Communist Party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer grinned victoriously. Historians may date the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration to January 25, 2019. His re-election is as likely as my winning a Pulitzer Prize, but it didn’t have to be like this.

President Trump is at his best when he is aggressively pursuing an agenda: He seems to be almost uniquely focused when doing so, and his economic and foreign policy successes speak for themselves. When he adopts a defensive posture — and sits back waiting for others to advance his agenda without his personal input -– it is an unfamiliar role and he appears to flounder. This describes his administration since early 2018.

President Trump has always been known for his boldness, but for the past year he has been uncharacteristically indecisive and overly patient. He could have won the test of wills over the border wall and government shut-down if he had merely invoked the 1977 Presidential Emergency Powers Act to order the Corps of Engineers to begin construction on the border wall. Schumer and Pelosi would probably have scurried back from their vacations to negotiate an end to the government shut-down.

He did the same thing with the State of the Union address. He allowed Nancy Pelosi to buffalo him when he could have done any of several alternatives, such as give it from the Oval Office, give it to the Senate Chambers, or give it to a Joint Session of Congress, even if the New Communist Party chose to boycott it. He blinked here, too, giving our mortal enemies another victory.

Trump has shown this same, uncharacteristic indecision in other contexts. For two years he heeded the advice of his legal team and abstained from firing Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein or Robert Mueller. His lawyers failed to understand that we are in uncharted territory, and their legal advice was ill-suited to Trump’s REAL problem: Never before has a rogue and treasonous element from the Deep State engaged in a coup against a President by fabricating charges against him to initiate a surveillance operation with the President as its target.

Doubtless, he was advised by his lawyers to remain above the fray to avoid any charge of Obstruction of Justice. I believe he has been badly disserved by his counsel with this particular piece of advice. Normally, their advice would have been wise, but there is a staggering volume of evidence to indicate that the FBI and DOJ engaged in a coup to remove him from office. His Hamlet-like indecision has probably jeopardized any window of opportunity to bring the many FBI and DOJ conspirators to justice.

His uncharacteristic patience has allowed the Mueller investigation to metastasize into every facet of his personal life. The Mueller Team has been left free to expand its witch hunt into Trump’s personal life, his dealings with his private attorney, his lawyer’s business affairs, Trump’s business ventures, his familial relationships, and indict nearly everyone who was involved in his campaign for the Presidency.

The Special Counsel no longer makes even a pretense of confining its investigation to some illusory “collusion” with Russia: It has metastasized into every facet of Trump’s life because its TRUE agenda is to remove President Trump from office and destroy him. Moreover, there are no rules or limits governing the Special Counsel’s office, as there should have been and must be: It is an investigation in search of a crime.

President Trump has nothing to lose at this point, and can still save his Presidency: However, he must reverse the momentum of his many enemies, and return to trusting his own excellent political instincts. He must stop listening to the timid souls who have given him nothing but poor advice for two years.

President Trump must allow Trump to be Trump. Extrapolating from the current situation, his failure to take bold and decisive actions will mean Impeachment, declining popularity and support, and a landslide for whatever Marxist and pathological liar is nominated by the New Communist Party.

If he wants sound advice, he should bring Ed Rollins into the White House, something he should have done in January of 2017. He should get rid of the many leakers and hand-wringers in his White House, and hire Rollins as his political advisor. Ed Rollins served Reagan well – a 49 state victory is pretty good evidence — and he will tell it like it is rather than be a timid yes-man.

He should fire the Mueller Team and their co-conspirator, Rod Rosenstein, and then go on national television to explain the obvious reasons for doing so. He should stay on script, and not treat his appearance like a political rally.

More than anything, however, President Trump should declare our southern border an EMERGENCY SITUATION, and defy the communists in the Ninth Circuit Court when they issue an Injunction. The Commander in Chief has the power to declare such an emergency, and the Jewdiciary have no such authority to stick their biased and devious noses into it. Use the 101st and 82nd Airborne to protect the Corps of Engineers – if necessary – but keep them working.

This would bring new life – and renewed electoral support — to a floundering and vacillating presidency.

One thought on “NO Polite Word for It!

  • January 27, 2019 at 1:29 am

    Here here. I am saddened by the events if the past few days. It is more than unclear to me why President Trump backed down from the communist left. Mr. President invoke your presidential power and close the southern border and stop giving in to the communist left. This is America for God’s sake. The attempted coup by the doj and the fbi will only strenghthen when POTUS blinks

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