New Jersey Democrats Introduce Bill to Pay Reparations to African Americans

Gateway Pundit writes

New Jersey Democrats introduce bill to pay reparations to blacks.

The Jersey Democrats held a presser yesterday to discuss their proposal on “reparative justice”. They demand reparations but it doesn’t end there.
In fact it never ends. It’s never enough.

400 years? The United States is 243 years old. It’s 243-years-old because the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the US Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

New Jersey fought with the Union during the Civil War to free the slaves. 5,754 New Jersey soldiers gave their life to free the slaves.

Guess that doesn’t count for anything?

WFMZ reported:

Black New Jersey lawmakers are calling on the state to examine its role in slavery and possibly pay reparations to black residents.

Leaders of the state’s Legislative Black Caucus introduced a bill that would establish the New Jersey Reparations Task Force.

It would review the history of slavery in the state, and any racial discrimination or disparity from it.

A senator in favor of the bill says such a task force would begin the “painstaking process to rectify our past.”

New Jersey fought for the Union in the Civil War, but was the last of the northern states to abolish slavery.

One thought on “New Jersey Democrats Introduce Bill to Pay Reparations to African Americans

  • November 18, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Anyone in New Jersey who wishes to contribute money to this — the most violent, witless and criminal “demographic” anywhere — are free to do so, with or without this piece of legislation. Any volunteers…?

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