Martin Luther King: FBI Reveals Jewish Communist Controller, Sex Scandals

The New Observer reports

US “Civil Rights” hero and darling of anti-white causes worldwide Martin Luther King was personally directed and controlled by a Jewish US Communist Party leader, and engaged in drunken sex orgies involving homosexuals, a newly-released top-secret Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) file has revealed.

FBI Files

The FBI file, titled “Martin Luther King, Jr. A Current Analysis” and dated March 12, 1968 was part of 553 files relating to the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy, released by the US National Archives this week.

Under the heading “Strong Communist Influence,” the FBI report discussed how King’s “principal advisor” was a Jew named Stanley David Levison.

The FBI report said:

Another complicating factor in the picture is the degree of communist influence on King. One of King’s principal advisors is Stanley David Levison. Ostensibly only a New York City attorney and businessman, Levison is, in fact, a shrewd, dedicated communist. Levison has spent the major part of his life advancing communist interests.

He has actively involved himself in fund-raising drives for King, served as his legal counsel in certain-matters, suggested speech material for him, discussed with King demonstrations in which King was involved, guided him in regard to acceptance or rejection of various public appearances and speaking, and helped him with mattets related to articles and books King has prepared.

Levison edited most of the chapters of King’s new ‘book entitled “Where Do We Go From Here; Chaos Or Community?” Levison wrote one chapter of this book and the publisher’s representative complained to King and Levison that it was obvious certain sections of the book were written by different, individuals.

FBI Files

The FBI report also makes it clear that Levison was the one who effectively controlled all of King’s public utterances.

Stanley Levison has told Clarence Jones, another advisor to King, that under no circumstances should King be permitted to say anything without their approving it. Levison also informed Jones that King is such a slow thinker he is usually not prepared to make statements without help from someone.

Under the heading “Subversives Attracted,” the FBI report provided further background to Levison, dealing with his formal position within the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA):

Stanley Levison was attracted to King and SCLC when King gained national attention. Levison soon developed a close relationship with King and was known in King’s group as “Assistant Chief.” In 1961, he was assistant treasurer of SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference].

Prior to joining forces with King, Levison led a double like for the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA). Outwardly he was a successful businessman but he was also the clandestine fundraiser for the CPUSA. He was entrusted with raising and handling secret funds for the Party and used some of these funds to finance his own activities.

The reason King enjoyed this close relationship with communists is best explained by the fact that Levison, in February, 1962, passed the word to Gus Hall, General Secretary, CPUSA, “King is a whole-hearted Marxist who has studied it (Marxism), believes in it and agrees with it, but because of hi being a minister of religion, does not dare to espouse it publicly.”

FBI Files

The FBI report then goes on to detail the full extent of the CPUSA’s involvement in the “Civil Rights” movement, and of how it was part of their plan to destroy America.

In this regard, the FBI report shows that almost all of King’s advisors, speech writers, organizers, and personal assistants, were specifically recruited from within the ranks of the CPUSA, often by Levison himself.

The last section of the report deals with King’s deviant sexual behavior.

Under the title “King’s Personal Conduct,” the report says:

With the funds that he had received from the Ford Foundation, King held the first of two workshops in Miami, Florida in February 1968, to train Negro ministers in urban leadership. One Negro minister in attendance later expressed his disgust with the behind-the-scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on at the conference. Several Negro and white prostitutes were brought in from the Miami area. An all-night sex orgy was held with these prostitutes and some of the delegates in attendance.

One room had a large table in it which was filled with whiskey. The two Negro prostitutes were paid $50.00 to put on a sex show for the entertainment of guests. A variety of sex acts deviating from the normal were observed.

Previous Sexual Experiences

This activity is not new to King and his associates. As early as January.1964, King engaged in another, two-day, drunken sex orgy in Washington, D. C. Many of those—present engaged in sexual acts, natural as well as unnatural, for the entertainment of onlookers. When one of the females shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King and other of the males present discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect.

Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly, while holding himself out to public view as a moral leader of religious conviction.

FBI Files

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  • November 23, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Time to petition your Representative and Senators to remove EVERY public vestige of this communist and pervert and pathological liar, including that laughable “holiday” named in his “honor.” (THERE’S an oxymoron for you: MLK’s “honor”…)

  • February 6, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Who better to lead a movement of mixing white people into oblivion, than a negro buffon who was totally obsessed with having sex with white women.

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