Lessons from “Old Blood & Guts”

By Earl P. Holt III | If there was one lesson that Gen. George Patton preached on the subject of war, it was that there’s no defense like a good offense. He often quoted Fredrick the Great’s motto, “L’audace, l’audace, to jours l’audace.” (It translatesas “Boldness, boldness, always boldness.”)

When an enemy is forced to defend itself, it is less in a position to muster any offense against you. A swift and aggressive offense has the added benefit of allowing one’s own forces to concentrate less on their defensive posture, and commit more resources to attacking the enemy. President Trump should take a lesson from “Old Blood & Guts” because the Deep State’s conspiracy to destroy him is definitely an act of war.

President Trump is at his best when he is aggressively pursuing an agenda: He seems to be almost uniquely focused when doing so, and his economic and foreign policy successes speak for themselves. When he adopts a defensive posture — and sits back waiting for others to advance his interests — it is an unfamiliar role and he appears to flounder.

This situation is most evident in the patience he has shown regarding the Mueller investigation. Doubtless, he has been advised by his lawyers to remain above the fray, and abstain from interfering in any way to avoid the charge of Obstruction of Justice. I believe he has been badly disserved by his counsel with this particular piece of advice.

As a result of this decision to remain above the fray, the Mueller Team has been left free to expand its witch hunt into Trump’s personal life, his dealings with his private attorney, his lawyer’s business affairs, Trump’s business ventures and even his familial relationships.

The Special Counsel no longer makes even a pretense of confining its investigation to some illusory “collusion” with Russia: It has metastasized into every facet of Trump’s life because its TRUE agenda is to remove President Trump from office and destroy him. Moreover, thanks to the machinations of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, there are no limits governing the Special Counsel’s office, as there should and must be.

Trump’s lawyers do not seem to understand that we are in unchartered territory, and any advice they would normally give to President Trump no longer applies: Never before has a rogue and treasonous element from the Deep State engaged in a coup against a President by fabricating charges against him to initiate a criminal investigation of him and every aspect of his life.

It is now time to end this despicable and unconstitutional conspiracy against President Trump. It is high time President Trump took the initiative and – while observing federal law and the Constitution –- jettisoned his Hamlet-like indecision, and then engaged in whatever preemptive measures are necessary to rescue his Presidency.

First, he must order AG Jeff Sessions to produce every document subpoenaed by House or Senate investigators, as well as those sought by Judicial Watch and others under the Freedom of Information Act. He must demand that these documents be produced UN-REDACTED,and be made available in five days. If his orders are not immediately obeyed, he should go to Justice and take along an entourage of Federal Marshalls and Secret Service agents to ensure that these demands are satisfied.

President Trump also needs to go on national television and explain to the American People why he has been forced to fire AG Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He must stay focused, on-script and not deviate, because there’s too much at stake.

He must keep it short and sweet, and then do exactly as he has indicated. Lay out the entire conspiracy against him in a simple but understandable manner, so even MS-NBC and CNN viewers can understand it. This will require that he stay on script, an approach with which he is not accustomed.

Trump’s “stream of consciousness” approach to public speaking works great with friendly and supportive crowds on the campaign trail, but it will not be helpful on national television. The stakes are too high to take a casual approach to addressing the American People and explaining his actions.

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