It’s Time To Act!

By Earl P. Holt III

Dear President Trump: For 18 months, many loyal and dedicated people have carried water for you by defending you with whatever evidence managed to surface as a result of Congressional Hearings into the fraudulent “Russia Collusion” investigation.

These heroic individuals include the House Freedom Caucus, Rush Limbaugh, the stalwart people at Judicial Watch, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, and the entire reportorial and editorial staff at FoxNew. IT’S HIGH TIME YOU HELPED YOURSELF BY HELPING THEM.

The most recent evidence exonerating you is the 412-page document released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on July 21. It proves that the phony “Steele Dossier” was the primary evidence submitted by the FBI and DOJ when they petitioned the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant to spy on your campaign and later your Presidency. It proves there was never any legitimate evidence of “collusion” with Russia by you or your campaign to justify either a FISA Warrant or the Special Counsel.

The Steele Dossier was a fraudulent and unverified piece of political shenanigans cooked up by a partisan “research group” named Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS was paid $12 Million for the fabricated dossier by the Clinton Campaign and Democrat National Committee. The dossier was first used to embarrass you and later, to “weaponize” the Deep State and enable it to investigate you with an eye toward Impeachment or forcing your resignation.

It’s time to fire Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and time to end the Mueller witch-hunt. You have the authority as the Chief Executive to do all three and — despite the howls of the Pharisees of the Jews’ Media — none of these acts could be interpreted as Obstruction of Justice because you have the authority as Chief Executive to fire anyone in the Executive Branch.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the worst hire you’ve ever made, and a man who is completely over his head in terms of intellect and guts. Had he not recused himself from the “Russia Collusion” investigation, the entire matter would have been disposed of many months ago. In recusing himself, Sessions even cited the wrong federal statute: The Special Counsel’s investigation is a counter-intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation as he assumed.

When it comes to the Sessions appointment, you would have done better to throw a dart at listings of attorneys in the D.C. Yellow Pages. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch remarked the other night on Lou Dobbs that “Jeff Sessions should be arrested for loitering.”

Instead of AG Sessions, Rod Rosenstein is the guy who should actually have recused himself, because he is hip-deep in the cabal against you. He signed-off on at least one FISA Warrant used to spy on your campaign, and he wrote the brief justifying the firing of FBI Director James Comey, an act the Mueller investigation considers Obstruction of Justice by you, Mr. President!

Rod Rosenstein also seems intent on permitting Special Counsel Robert Mueller to prolong his witch-hunt past the midterm elections, in order to embolden the low-grade morons on the left who have been convinced your Impeachment is imminent.

Mueller has hired so many partisan lawyers from the DOJ, it actually looks like each was vetted on the basis of their partisan political activities for the “Democrat” Party.

For example, half of Mueller’s investigative team gave money to the “Democrat” Party in the 2016 election cycle, but not one person contributed to the GOP. One member –- Andrew “The Bulldog” Weissman — even attended what was ironically called the Hillary Clinton “Victory” Celebration on election night. The bias of Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige has been demonstrated ad nauseum.

Moreover, many of the same people who “took a dive” during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured cell-phone –- and gave her a free pass — immediately transferred to Special Counsel Mueller’s team of investigators a day or two after they exonerated Hillary.

Clinton was never placed under oath, she was given a year to sift through the evidence of her guilt, her entire staff was given immunity, and she was allowed to delete 33,000 incriminating e-mails. With impunity, she also destroyed her computer, server and “Blackberries” belonging to herself and her staffers. It’s a fact that the Comey statement that exonerated her was written months before she was even interviewed by the FBI.

Mr. President, you need to go on national television and explain to the American People why you have been forced to fire these three men. Stay focused, on-script and don’t deviate, because there’s too much at stake.

Keep it short and sweet, and then do exactly as you say. Lay out the entire cabal in a simple but understandable manner, so even MS-NBC and CNN viewers can understand it.

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