The Imperative Of “Guts”

By Earl P. Holt III

In the political arena, there’s rarely any substitute for guts. One can be brilliant and have enormous wisdom, but without physical or moral courage to back them up, those virtues are often lost.

I’m thinking of our timid and obsequious Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from oversight of the Special Counsel’s investigation immediately after assuming office. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein almost certainly intimidated the delicate Sessions, by warning him of the danger of becoming a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

This also applies to the many former CofCC members who chose not to renew their memberships after Dylann Roof’s mindless slaughter of innocent black church-goers in 2015. In the wake of the Jews’ Media’s disgraceful efforts to blame the CofCC for this tragedy, these cowards allowed their memberships to lapse. In doing so,they behaved exactly as the Corrupt Leftist Media hoped and anticipated they would.

Another group I have in mind are those timid “Republicans” who, for decades, were manipulated into doing the bidding of our mortal enemies by the simple expedient of denouncing them as “racists.” Since the 1960s, this has been one of the more common tactics the left has employed, and it’s now being used against President Trump in the context of immigration.

Yet, the left has recently experienced a number of problems with this particular tactic when used to slander and censor Republican office-holders. For one thing, they’ve used the term so often they’ve worn it out, and people have become “desensitized” to its use. Many now recognize it’s rarely justifiable when used by the left, and being called “racist” really only means someone is willing to speak candidly about a public issue that has racial connotations.

Another problem with throwing around the word “racist” is that President Trump has shown it to be effective only if its intended targets permit it to be. The best response is simply to ignore the insult, because any real damage only occurs when one grovels and apologizes, like former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott did in the 1990s.

There are many gutless and timid “Republicans” who refuse to learn from him, but Trump showed us the most effective method to achieve damage control.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, five CofCC Members attempted to save the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) from the corruption and incompetence of the nigros and white race-traitors that eventually caused it to lose its state accreditation. Board Meetings were often rancorous, and our adversaries often resorted to calling us “racists” out of desperation. When they did so, I always made it a point to lazily stretch and pretend to stifle a yawn.

The best news is that the Corrupt Leftist Media has experienced a profound loss of influence with the public-at-large, and the latter has learned not to trust these purveyors of “fake news.” Courageous people are no longer intimidated by “media feeding frenzies,” which are used to perpetuate their narratives.

These just don’t seem to have the “sting” they used to have for most conservative GOP office-holders, and few seem to react in the intended manner by apologizing, groveling or resigning as they once did.

One thing is certain: We will never save our race, our culture or our nation if we allow ourselves to be intimidated into self-censorship by the slander of our mortal enemies. Anyone who acquiesces and permits this to happen is not fit for leadership.

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