Italian Government Reduces Migrant Landings by 96% in Two Years

The Italian government has drastically reduced the number of migrant landings in the country. Since January this year 23,000 people arrived in Italy by sea and that’s 96 per cent less than two years ago.

The migrants who do manage to arrive mostly come from Tunisia, Eritrea, Sudan and Pakistan.

Italy’s large reduction in migrant landings shows that the policies of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini work. The migration hardliner refused numerous ships into Italy’s ports and made a deal with the Libyan coastguard to return migrants.

While heavily criticised by the mainstream media and the left, Salvini is seen as the most important and most trusted cabinet member. [I’d link to the latest article VoE did on his polling numbers here ]

The Interior Minister fulfilled several of his campaign promises, for example to curb migration and to put Italians first.

Last week his security decree was passed through the Italian Parliament. Among other things it makes deportation of criminal migrants easier.

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