Cortez, The Conquering Hero

By Earl P. Holt III

Much like her storied namesake
She took D.C. by storm;
Her endless theorizing
Learned in a college dorm.

With childish “economics”
A social warrior, too !
Promising a “Green New Deal”
and free incomes to boot.

The devil’s in the details
A fact she must have spurned
Dispensing pricey coffee
And Marxism she learned.

Blind to worldly evidence
Oblivious to Marx;
Not knowing Karl from Groucho
Pervading her remarks.

She’s never heard of Pol Pot
Or Stalin, it would seem;
Nor knows that Mao and Hitler
Were also on her team.

Socialism’s ingenue
Like all the ones before;
Can’t help expose her true self;
a power-hungry boor.

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