Communists, Historians and Jewish Envy

by Earl P. Holt III

Harvey Klehr of Emory University and John Earl Haynes, formerly of the Library of Congress wrote a series of ground-breaking books in the 1990s, sponsored by Yale University Press. In them, they accurately exposed the true nature of Soviet and American communism.

Among several areas, these courageous and pioneering academic historians pursued research into the extent of Soviet communism’s penetration of the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations, and accurately revealed the true and brutal character of Soviet communism.

Much to the chagrin of leftist historians, the authors also proved beyond any question that the American Communist Party (later re-named the Communist Party of the United States) was totally subservient to the Soviet Union’s espionage agencies, and actually established for that purpose. (#2)

In fact, the American Communist Party was ordered to assist the Soviet NKVD and GRU in their massive efforts to subvert America at a time when we were ostensible allies against the Nazis, and sending the Soviets billions in military assistance through the “Lend-Lease” program. (#2)

The evidence amassed by the authors consists primarily of original source materials. These include the contents of transcripts of VENONA code-breakers from the National Security Agency’s earlier incarnation as the U.S. Army Signal Corp, which succeeded in breaking the Soviet code. (#3)

In addition, they rely heavily on documents mined from the Soviet Union’s COMINTERN Archives, before the fruits of their labors became too embarrassing to Soviet officials, who soon closed the Archives to researchers in the late-1990s. (#1)


Although it was not their intent to do so, their research (and that of others) has verified even the most extreme claims ever made by conservative “cold-warriors” and other anti-communists, and has done so to an unimaginable extent!

Perhaps most galling of all to their Marxist “peers” in academia, their research has proved that Senator Joseph McCarthy was “spot-on” when he warned us about the extent to which Soviet intelligence had successfully penetrated the U.S. federal government.

Klehr and Haynes flee in horror from crediting Senator McCarthy with the kind of recognition and honors he so richly deserves, but their reluctance may be wisdom: In our dishonest age, most academic historians are whores for communism or any other variety of Marxist ideology.

If the authors had given credit to Senator Joe McCarthy, deafening and vicious attacks by Marxist “historians” and the Corrupt Leftist Media would have diverted focus from the astonishing evidence they marshaled, and turned their efforts into a mere “side-show” to the free-for-all that followed.

Haynes and Klehr dared not utter such heresy, but I Will: Joe McCarthy was one of the greatest and most courageous heroes this nation has ever produced. Although the authors will never publicly concede it, every page of every work on this subject is a profound vindication of Sen. McCarthy’s lonely but intrepid quest to warn America of the extent to which Soviet spies had penetrated our government.

In fact, President Trump should consider awarding a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Senator Joe McCarthy. Unfortunately, the enemy McCarthy exposed was far more sinister than even he could have imagined, and in the end, it proved sufficiently powerful to destroy him.


For exposing the brutality and inhumanity of Soviet communism in their many books and scholarly articles, Klehr and Haynes have been attacked by a great many academic “historians,” who differed little from their ideological forebears who savaged Joe McCarthy! (#4)

The overwhelming majority of criticism came primarily from Jewish academics who, in the words of the authors, “…have written bad history in the service of bad politics.” Most were compelled to torture both logic and evidence in order to reflexively defend Stalin, the Soviet System, the American Communist Party, and the hundreds of Jewish spies who betrayed America’s secrets to a hostile foreign enemy during W.W. II.

Jewish liars within the ranks of communism’s defenders included such surnames as Lichtenstein, Markowitz, Navassky, Schrecker, Kovel, and Lipsitz. These are just a few of the Jews who have helped poison academia, and who routinely lied about evidence, ignored conclusive proof, or were forced to “spin” whatever evidence they couldn’t summarily dismiss out of hand.

Not surprisingly, none of them could find one good thing to say about America or democratic capitalism, the ultimate destination of those tens of millions who willingly risked their lives attempting to flee communism for the supposedly “evil” West.

The Jewish communists who currently dominate academia have devoted their entire lives to fomenting a socialist revolution in America, just as their forebears in the Communist Party did beginning in 1919. They and their co-conspirators in the Corrupt Leftist Media have promoted every Marxist lie to come down the turnpike, while carefully censoring the truth about Marxism in general, and Soviet system in particular.

Both correctly recognize that their dreams of a one-world socialist system — run exclusively by themselves – would not have a prayer if the American public were exposed to any semblance of an honest, accurate and objective portrayal of the inhumanity and brutality of communism, particularly the Soviet variety.

This is why they have labored so long and so hard to “filter” facts about communism, and why they cling so tenaciously to a romanticized rendition of it. Like an ant colony which must attack any “outsider” that dares to enter, they must swarm anyone who dares to threaten the “tapestry” of lies they’ve worked so diligently to fabricate.

There’s another dynamic at work here, as well: The overwhelming majority of Soviet spies in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations were also Jews, a fact that screams out at the reader from every page of every book on this subject, no matter who the authors happen to be.

Hence, as the most ethnocentric group in world history, most Jewish academics feel the need to come to the defense of their fellow Jews, since no other bond of loyalty appears to come even close…


What Klehr and Haynes and many other authors on this subject have unwittingly done is expose the treasonous and deceitful nature of America’s Jewish left, and their pathological animus toward white and Christian civilizations. It also exposes Jewish enthusiasm for just about all things Marxist, which they have relentlessly advocated and promoted for 100 years.

Marxist Jews are envious of the “First World” civilizations that white Christians have been able to create and maintain. Despite all that intellect Jews are so quick to acknowledge, they have never succeeded in creating a First World Civilization: In fact, they’ve been instrumental in destroying quite a few, much like a parasite that must inevitably destroy its host.

While it is foolhardy to question their demonstrable intelligence, the problem with Jews is that their judgment and character are rarely commensurate with their intellect. An obvious exception was the late Milton Friedman –- a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, and the greatest social scientist in world history –- who was universally despised by leftists in academia, precisely because he WAS so brilliant and honorable.

Leftist Jews seem to possess some sort of deep-seated psychological aberration, with envy as its basis, which drives them to relentlessly scheme to undermine and subvert the civilizations to which they enthusiastically flee, but could never themselves create. Sadly, too few Christians seem to recognize their hostility based on this phenomenon of “culture envy.”

It appears that most also have a profound animus for anything resembling pluralistic democracy, preferring instead Marxist systems where only the most vicious and brutal psychopaths can rise to the top and seize power. While this aptly describes their worship of Stalinism, most seem oblivious to the fact that it was a very closely related variety of Marxism that launched Hitler and the Nazis.

The “Liberal Arts” in academia are where those who “can’t do” are safe to dream up theories, limited only by their imaginations. Tenured buffoons are free to advocate whatever fashionable foolishness they desire, whether “multiculturalism,” Marxism, “deconstructionism,” or even the corrupt and laughable historical “revisionism” many currently practice.

On the other hand, in the natural or applied sciences, or even in the business world, faulty theories often have real and disastrous real-world consequences, such as a bridge collapsing or a plane crashing due to equipment failure.

In their relentless pursuit of indoctrinating gullible young minds, Leftist Jews in academia probably feel that no real consequences could possibly ensue from their silly romanticizing about Marxism, a pursuit in which they frequently attempt to amuse themselves.

On the other hand, a great deal of harm HAS resulted from such fantasizing, and it has often brought about very deadly consequences in the real world, not populated by academicians or other dreamers.


KARELIA: In the 1920s and 1930s, a large number of communist Finns living in Canada and northern U.S. states were enticed by Soviet authorities to immigrate to Karelia — a Soviet region bordering Finland — to assist in harvesting its vast timber resources. Most were communist “true believers,” who brought their wives and children with them, planning to permanently resettle in the area.

These “pilgrims” made a fatal error in believing all those Soviet “travel brochures”: During Stalin’s “Great Terror” of 1937-1938, about 3,000 of the male émigrés from Canada and America were arrested on fraudulent charges, and many were summarily executed along with about 8,000 other innocent victims. All were stripped, tied, given a bullet to the head, and then dumped into four mass graves discovered in 1997.

UTOPIA-SEEKERS: A similar fate befell a number of American communist expatriates who immigrated to the USSR in the 1920s and 1930s to participate in that Soviet “Utopia” so artfully described by Walter Duranty in his glowingly dispatches to the NEW YORK TIMES.

Soon after arriving, many hundreds of prominent American black and Jewish communists managed to arouse the suspicion of Soviet authorities, and were thereafter summarily executed. In a delicious twist of irony, among the victims was a Jewish man named Arthur Talent, whose parents had helped to found the American Communist Party. When Talent’s mother moved to the USSR to inquire about the fate of her son, she was arrested and died in the Gulag.

THE GREAT TERROR: In one of history’s best-kept secrets, Stalin intentionally murdered millions of Ukrainian middle-class farmers (called “Kulaks,”) whose only offense was to resist the Soviet policy of forced “collectivization” by hording food for the winter. Soviet Commissars seized every consumable these people possessed, leaving them to starve to death, as nearly 10 million obligingly did.

KATYN FOREST MASSACRE: Following the brutal invasion and division of Poland after the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939, tens of thousands of Polish military officers and civilian professionals were captured by the Soviet Red Army. On the order of NKVD Chief Lavrentia Beria, 26,000 were summarily executed without a hearing or formal charges, and their bodies dumped in mass graves in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk.

Since 1940, communists, socialists and other apologists for Soviet atrocities attributed this unimaginable horror to Germany’s Wehrmacht, or else tried to erase it from conscious memory. Even communist spies in the U.S. Office of War Information received direct “marching orders” from Moscow, advising them to perpetuate the “party line” that the German Army was responsible.

Despite efforts by Soviet authorities to “sanitize” the Soviet COMINTERN’S Archives in 1959, NKVD Chief Lavrentia Beria’s letter of March 5, 1940 recommending this mass extermination survived, and prominent in its upper left-hand corner is Stalin’s signature ordering its execution.


The vast majority of Leftist Jews in academia are enthusiastic supporters of every variety of Marxism that becomes fashionable: Yet, Harvey Klehr, a co-author of these books, is a rare and courageous exception to this rule.

As they did so artfully with Joe McCarthy, Marxist Jews reflexively savaged anyone who dared to tell the truth about this perverse ideology, responsible for the murder of 100 million innocent souls in the 20th Century, alone.

Their hostility toward democratic institutions, their enthusiasm for our totalitarian enemies, and their treasonous efforts to subvert America prove that the left — and Leftist Jews in particular — are a very different breed of cat from the rest of us, and in fact are totally un-American in far too many ways.

Most decent and honorable people seek the truth, whether objective truth, empirical truth, or the Eternal Truths of the Bible. This is demonstrably NOT the case with Leftist Jews, who are “very old liars,” to quote one of them.

In fact, most Leftist Jews are no longer even practitioners of their religion, now merely an ethnic identity, which most have discarded in favor of the “gods” of Marx, Lenin and Stalin.

Perhaps the best explanation is simply that Leftist Jews are the “Seed of Satan…” It is hard to dispute that they’ve certainly gone about doing Satan’s work often enough… (END)


(#1) Klehr, Haynes and Firsov. The Secret World of American Communism. Yale University Press, 1995.

(#2) Klehr, Haynes and Anderson. The Soviet World of American Communism. Yale University Press, 1998.

(#3) Haynes and Klehr. VENONA: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. Yale University Press, 1999.

(#4) Haynes and Klehr, In Denial: Historians, Communism & Espionage. Encounter Books. 2003.

One thought on “Communists, Historians and Jewish Envy

  • April 10, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    There appears to be a certain disinterest in examining Marxist ideology, judging from the number of people who bother to read some of my other essays on the subject.

    It would be too easy to conclude that communism died when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated. In fact, communist “true-believers” didn’t renounce their life-long dreams, they merely went “underground” and camouflaged themselves.

    Liberals, progressives, socialists, multiculturalists and even “feminists” (the Ladies Auxiliary of Marxism,) continue to work for the one-world socialist system to which they’ve always aspired: Their efforts are merely cloaked in different terms and methods.

    Communism is alive and well in America, although a bit desperate after the election of President Trump. The moral and “intellectual” heirs of the CPUSA are deeply ensconced at the Southern Prevarication Law Center, in the Black Lives Matter movement, in “Code Pink,” in the thugs who call themselves the “Anti-Fa,” in academia, in the misnamed “Democrat” Party, and in most of the Jews’ Media.

    They are also evident in the criminal and traitorous element that Barack Hussein Obama placed deep inside the federal government (the “deep state,”) much as the NKVD and GRU placed their moles in the Roosevelt Administration generations earlier.

    Those who fail to recognize that we are fighting the identical foe that Senator Joseph McCarthy valiantly fought more than 60 years ago have failed to correctly identify the enemy.

    The failure to accurately identify one’s enemy is the greatest advantage one can hand them…

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