Antifa Communists March In Response to Arizona Trump Rally

Riftle-toting brownshirts aim to “put red back in redneck”

An Antifa group calling itself the “Brown Berets” organized a call-to-arms this weekend in response to a “peaceful, family-friendly” march in support of President Donald Trump, veterans, and the needy in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to local reports, the crew of approximately 40 also marched, with rifles in hand, in the region of the pro-Trump rally, handing out flyers promoting the “John Brown Gun Club” and “Redneck Revolt,” which aims to “put the red back in redneck.”

Beth Payne laughed out loud at the suggestion that the AR-15s and AK-47s she and other members of the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club were toting a week or so back at the Arizona Capitol were AirSoft replicas of the real thing.

“They do make AirSoft guns that look like real guns,” Payne, 35, said during a recent interview at Phoenix’s Fair Trade Cafe. “But it seems like a stupid way to get shot by a cop, waving a gun that’s a toy.”

This conjecture emanated from right-leaning critics following a Facebook Live video I shot on March 25 of 40 or so radicals with rifles, who were counter-demonstrating at a pro-Trump Make America Great Again march that ended on the lawn of the state Senate.

The footage went viral, bolstered by links from prominent conservative sites, such as The Daily Caller and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. It also caught the attention of far-right militias, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and various so-called “patriot” groups.

<span class="su-quote-cite">Phoenix New Times</span>

Many in the group were unironically wearing brown shirts, as well as black bandanas across their faces.

In typical Antifa operating fashion, they had assembled in a public space, but demanded that they not be filmed so as not to expose their identities, even warning one Phoenix New Times reporter, Stephen Lemons, that his iPhone could be damaged if he continue to record them.

“I’m just going to warn you that we’re not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone,” threatened one of the Brown Berets.

Redneck Revolt states that the group is, “Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, & build liberatory community defense.”

“White working class participation in state and paramilitary organizations and formations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Minutemen, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the Council of Conservative Citizens has undermined the struggle for freedom among all people.“

While it is certainly within the 2nd Amendment rights of the “Brown Berets” to carry and bear arms as they choose, the proclivity of leftists – specifically Antifa – towards initiating unpredictable, vicious violence against anyone they deem to be a “white supremacist Nazi” (see: all Trump supporters), brings into question how future confrontations like these might play out, especially considering how little training or experience they likely have in comparison with “right wing” groups loaded with veterans, hunters, and former law enforcement.

As self-professed “big, fat liberal” Lemons wrote in his coverage of the Brown Berets march, “Is bloodshed on the horizon?”

After a weekend that saw many Pro-Trump rallies and marches interrupted and marred by violent Antifa groups, it is clear that the temperature within the United States continues to rise, and it should be the primary aim and focus of all parties involved to remain peaceful, respectful and civil in all disagreements going forward.

One thought on “Antifa Communists March In Response to Arizona Trump Rally

  • April 6, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Communists must not have much success selling their lies. First, they must camouflage their communism by calling themselves “liberals,” “progressives,” “anti-fascists,” or “environmentalists. Secondly, they find it essential to try to silence their political enemies, lest the public hear the truth. Third, they regularly use violence to attack their political enemies.

    In fact, they use the EXACT, SAME TACTICS that 20th Century fascists used. Of course, they are ignorant and fatuous, and most wouldn’t know “fascism” from Fashion Week…

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