A “Coup d’Etat” by Any Other Name

Greg Jarrett. The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. Harper-Collins, New York. 2018.

Avid viewers of Fox News have already been exposed to much of the facts, analysis and conclusions found in this book, especially those who viewed Greg Jarrett’s nightly guest appearances on Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity over the last year.

They will nonetheless benefit from the clear and logical manner in which the Russia Hoax is presented, as well as this book’s value as a reference source. Many details surrounding the “Deep State’s” attempted coup against President Trump are skillfully displayed, in contrast to the unavoidably “piecemeal” fashion they first appeared on Fox News, as evidence randomly surfaced and was then reported.

Rather than reiterate mountains of familiar and esoteric details from this book, readers may find it more valuable for this reviewer to cite several impressions that emerge from its pages. These impressions are MINE, however, and not necessarily conclusions or opinions of Greg Jarrett.


Jeff Sessions: The appointment of Jeff Session as Attorney General was the worst hire President Trump ever made, and even worse than hiring Omarosa. From the very start, Sessions revealed his lack of guts and his lack of intellect, two characteristics that have badly dis-served President Trump since his appointment.

Sessions’ lack of ability was first evident in the fact that he cited the WRONG federal statute when recusing himself from the phony “Russia Collusion” investigation.

The statute he cited (28 Code of Federal Regulations 45.2) pertains to CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, not counter-intelligence investigations like that involving Russia. Thus, he was not actually under any legal or moral obligation to recuse himself, and may not realize it to this day.

It is clear that certain high-level Justice Department officials “sand-bagged” Sessions into recusing himself: Sessions conceded to the Senate Intelligence Committee in May of 2017 that he began planning his recusal on February 9, 2017, his first full day on the job. He was almost certainly intimidated into doing so by encouragement from Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who probably suggested Sessions might otherwise be dragged into the Special Counsel’s investigation and become a target.

This cowardly and unnecessary surrender by Jeff Sessions paved the way for the duplicitous Rosenstein to appoint his old friend Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. There is no question that Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel –- with NO RESTRICTIONS OR LIMITS on his authority, whatsoever –- was done intentionally and with an eye toward destroying Trump.

Meanwhile, Sessions’ role at the Justice Department has been so timid, feeble, and ineffectual that Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch once quipped on Lou Dobbs that “Jeff Sessions should be arrested for loitering.” Had Sessions actually “manned up” and assumed the office of Attorney General, Mueller would never have been appointed and there would never have been a “Russia Hoax.”

The “Deep State”: Many Obama appointees — such as James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, James Clapper and John Brennan — are demonstrably corrupt, partisan and dishonest traitors and liars. In fact, Obama appointed each of them for exactly those reasons, because he needed people who were ideologically “reliable” to help implement his administration’s many criminal and unconstitutional schemes without reservation.

What is often referred to as the “Deep State” is actually a treasonous and criminal enterprise involving the Corrupt Leftist Media, elected officials of the “Democrat” Party, leftist federal judges and leftist political appointees in critical areas of the federal bureaucracy.

The Corrupt Leftist Media serves as the focus of Marxism in the Western Hemisphere: It sets the agenda for the rest of the Deep State by virtue of its power and influence. While the Corrupt Leftist Media is the command center of Marxism, its “political wing” consists of “Democrat” officeholders, particularly those in Congress or the White House.

Their common enterprise receives support from “swamp creatures” within the intelligence community, law enforcement agencies and the federal judiciary. These participants leak intelligence to the Corrupt Leftist Media and run interference for other denizens of the swamp.

Most of these traitors are socialists or “Globalists” with a “New World Order” agenda, in which they imagine themselves to be the rightful and eventual Rulers of the World!

However, some like Comey, McCabe and Strzok are merely ambitious and mercenary traitors who — like Shakespeare’s MacBeth — were willing to go to any lengths to advance their careers, including treason.

“Investigation” of Clinton’s Private E-Mail Server: The FBI’s laughable investigation differed little from several other phony “Investigations” during the Obama Administration, such as the “Fast and Furious” illegal gun-running scheme, IRS treachery in refusing tax exempt status to Tea Party groups, or the laughable investigation of the Benghazi attack on our Consulate.

FBI Director James Comey wrote a “Letter of “Exoneration” for Clinton in May of 2016, two months before she was ever investigated by the FBI in any way. When she was eventually interviewed, she was never sworn under oath, and her accomplices were allowed to observe her interview so that they could all coordinate their statements and avoid perjury.

Clinton was given a full year to sift through her e-mails –- the evidence of her guilt –- and boldly deleted at least 33,000 of them with impunity. She and her cohorts destroyed their “Blackberries,” as well as her e-mail server and other devices with a hammer or technical software called “Bleach-Bit.” Her phony “exoneration” was a predetermined fact, and once again, she was able to thwart justice.

Within two days of finishing their rigged and fraudulent investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, several of its high-ranking FBI employees jumped to the Special Counsel’s witch hunt against President Trump. This was NOT a coincidence: The Mueller investigation needed people who were ideologically reliable to help destroy President Trump’s candidacy, and later, his presidency: These FBI employees proved their reliability during the Clinton e-mail investigation.

FISA Applications: All four times the upper echelons of the FBI and DOJ submitted applications to federal judges under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA,) for warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and his Presidency, they intentionally deceived the court: Each withheld the fact that they were fully aware that the “Steele Dossier” they submitted as evidence was unverifiable and extremely dubious. In fact, even its author, Christopher Steele, doubted its authenticity.

The FBI also conveniently neglected to mention to the FISA Court that the FBI had previously disassociated itself from Christopher Steele as a source, because he continued to talk to the news media and proved unreliable for that reason.

They also failed to indicate that the “Steele Dossier” on which those FISA Warrants were sought was a product of what is called “opposition research,” — funded by the Democrat National Committee and Clinton Campaign — and highly suspect for exactly those reasons.

The only reference made to its “provenance” was Footnote #8, buried deep inside FBI and DOJ FISA Applications, which merely alluded to its funding by an opposing camp. Here’s what the book’s author, Greg Jarrett, concludes:

“Even if a discerning judge read every single footnote, he or she would never have discovered that it was Clinton and the Democrats who helped manufacture the sketchy “dossier” in concert with an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS. It was nowhere in print. Their identities were not disclosed.”

According to Jarrett, these deceptions represent several crimes, each of which he describes in detail and for which he cites the appropriate statutes from the U.S. Criminal Code. Those known to have participated in these FISA warrant applications are James Comey, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, Lisa Paige, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch. Each will need the services of a good criminal defense attorney.

The Exclusionary Rule of Evidence: This federal statute requires that all evidence resulting from an illegal search is inadmissible in federal court. Thus, any evidence the Special Counsel may have discovered, whether it pertains to the “Russia Hoax” or not, will inevitably be found inadmissible.

Since the “Steele Dossier” was the primary evidence used to obtain FISA Warrants and later, to appoint the Special Counsel, it is clear that all four FISA Warrants were invalid, because they were based entirely on fraudulent evidence and faulty FISA Applications. It is also undeniable that the Special Counsel’s office was created in an illegal manner, and for a variety of illicit purposes.

First, there was no evidence whatsoever of any “collusion” by President Trump with any Russians, and even after two years of investigations, this is readily apparent in the fact that no “evidence” exists that was not fabricated. President Trump’s only transgressions were being a Republican and defeating Hillary Clinton for the Presidency.

Secondly, Robert Mueller’s appointment by Rod Rosenstein was unconstitutional and illegal, as well: Rosenstein’s charter to establish the Special Counsel’s Office violated both the Fourth Amendment and federal statutes by granting Mueller an open-ended and unlimited charter to investigate anything and anyone he desired. ROSENSTEIN CREATED AN INVESTIGATION IN SEARCH OF A CRIME.

Moreover, Rod Rosenstein should never have participated in appointing Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the first place, because Rosenstein was a witness in the investigation by virtue of having fired FBI Director James Comey. The Special Counsel perceived Comey’s firing as evidence of Obstruction of Justice, and this made Rosenstein a witness.

CONCLUSION: President Trump has received the equivalent of a public rectal exam from the Deep State and its co-conspirators in the Corrupt Leftist Media. The Special Counsel –- acting as the Deep State’s proxy and henchman — has examined literally every aspect of Trump’s life and has done so in a highly public and politicized manner.

This has created an opportunity for the criminal and communist element aligned against President Trump to routinely lie about the Special Counsel’s findings, in order to reassure and embolden the many low-grade morons who still believe Trump “colluded” with Russia to steal the 2016 Presidential Election.

This reviewer hopes that President Trump remembers the indignities to which he and his family have been subjected when he eventually replaces the hapless and cowardly Jeff Sessions, and his new AG assumes that office and all of its responsibilities.

It is profoundly hoped that NO LENIENCY, WHATSOEVER, is shown the many criminals and traitors who participated in America’s first attempted Presidential coup d’etat.

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