The Hate “Hoax” Industry

By Val Protopapas

A black and gay actor recently created a media feeding frenzy when he attempted to revive his career by staging a faux “hate crime” using the Trump-hating news media as accessories. Jussie Smollett first wrote himself a letter with ugly racial and sexual epithets, but when that failed to produce the desired result, he employed two burly Nigerians to choreograph an “assault” against him that left him with scratches and a noose around his neck.

According to Smollett, his attackers were white and wore Donald Trump hats with its Make America Great Again (MAGA,) motto and made crude references to both his race and his homosexuality. However, as the “Law of Unintended Consequences” dictates, the truth was swiftly revealed and Smollett now faces the very real possibility of doing jail time and forfeiting his acting career for staging this phony hate crime.

Actually, Smollett’s effort to take advantage of phony “hate speech” (the letter) and equally phony “hate crimes” (the “attack”) is nothing new. They are as fraudulent as the very concept of a “hate crimes” itself, a fabrication of politicians wishing to tack-on additional penalties to appease the various demographic groups who elect them.

During the Civil Rights campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s, the burning of black churches were investigated by the Justice Department based on the assumption that local governments would fail to pursue justice for blacks. Decades later, stories began to emerge in which many of these crimes were revealed to have been committed by blacks, themselves, for insurance proceeds and their propaganda value. Many instances of anti-Semitic and anti-black graffiti have been traced back to Jews and blacks attempting to arouse public sympathy for their particular ethnic group.

Author Wilfred Reilly has written a book about the phenomenon, titled Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War. Meanwhile, The Daily Caller News Foundation, has compiled a list of such faux “hate crimes” in hopes of alerting Americans to the fraudulent nature of the news media’s endless narrative of hate crimes perpetrated against minorities by a nation of racist whites:

November 2016

A Muslim woman at the University of Michigan received national attention from media outlets like the Washington Post after claiming a drunken white man in his twenties threatened to set her on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab. Michigan University reflexively condemned this “hateful attack” before learning it was actually a hoax.

Taylor Volk, a bisexual student at North Park University claimed to be the target of hateful notes and emails following Trump’s election. Volk told NBC News that “I just want them to stop,” but it turned out that Volk wrote the notes to herself.

A Philadelphia woman named Ashley Boyer claimed that she was harassed by white, Trump-supporting males, one of whom menaced her with a weapon. Boyer claimed the men “proceeded to talk about the 2016 Presidential Election and how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with nggrs much longer.” Local police later debunked her account of the incident.

A church organist was arrested in May of 2017 after he was found responsible for spray-painting a swastika, an anti-gay slur and the words “Heil Trump” on his own church in November of 2016. When the story first broke, media outlets happily tied the hoax to President Trump’s election.

One week before Mr. Trump was elected, a supposedly “Trump-inspired racist blaze” broke out in a black church in Greenville, Mississippi but it turned out to be a black congregant who set the fire after spray painting the words “Vote Trump.” The Washington Post immediately tied this incident to “numerous incidents that occurred in the wake of Trump’s election.”

Also in November, 2016, an 18 year old Muslim woman in Louisiana claimed that two white men, one of whom wore a Trump MAGA hat, attacked and robbed her, taking her wallet and hijab while yelling racial slurs. She later admitted to the Lafayette Police Department that she had made the whole thing up.

December 2016

18-year-old Muslim woman in New York claimed to have been attacked by a group of Donald Trump supporters on a New York subway while onlookers did nothing. The woman, Yasmin Seweid, later confessed that she fabricated the entire story.

Denton, Texas resident David Williams set his own car on fire and painted “ngger-lovers” on his garage. Local police investigated the arson as a hate crime. Williams and his wife, Jenny, collected more than $5,000 from Good Samaritans via a GoFundMe page before the hoax was exposed.

Since tales of Trump-inspired “hate crimes” were spread far and wide by liberal journalists after Trump’s election, an online prankster sent a writer named Sarah Harvard a fictitious story in which a Native American claimed to have been harassed by a Trump supporter who thought she was
Mexican. Despite no corroborating evidence, Sarah Harvard spread the fake story by sharing the prankster’s e-mails with The Daily Caller.

February 2017

A Muslim student at Beloit College wrote anti-Muslim graffiti on his dorm room door. The student was reportedly motivated by a desire to seek equivalent amounts of media attention after a Jewish student was earlier targeted with an anti-Semitic note.

April 2017

Media outlets didn’t wait to discover who was behind a string of bomb threats targeting synagogues and Jewish schools before linking the threats to Trump. A U.S.-Israeli Jewish man, Michael Kadar, was charged in April 2017 and indicted in February 2018 for making over 2,000 threats. Juan Thompson, a disgraced former reporter for The Intercept, was also charged in March 2017 with making several copycat threats.

May 2017

Students at St. Olaf College in Minnesota staged protests and boycotted classes in May 2017 after racist notes targeting black students were found around campus, garnering coverage in national media outlets like The Washington Post. Later, a black student was proved responsible for the racist notes in an attempt to “draw attention to concerns about the campus climate,” the university announced.

August 2017

When the home of “trans-gender” Nikki Joly burned down in 2017, killing five pets, the FBI investigated it as a hate crime. Gay rights activist, Joly had received threats after helping to open the city’s first gay community center, organizing the first gay festival and leading a bruising battle for an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against gays. For these efforts, a local paper named “her” its “Citizen of the Year.”

Authorities determined the fire was intentionally set, and the person who set it was Citizen of the Year Nikki Joly! Two people who worked with Joly at St. Johns United Church of Christ said Joly was frustrated that the controversy over gay rights had died down and “she” had lost her news media spotlight.

September 2017

The Air Force Academy was thrown into turmoil in September 2017 when racist notes were found at the academy’s preparatory school, including one stating “Go home ngger.” The superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria, gave an impassioned speech addressing the racist notes. Two months later, authorities determined that one of the black students targeted by the notes was the actual author.

November 2017

A student at Kansas State University filed a police report over racist graffiti left on his car stating “Go Home Nggr Boy” and “Whites Only.” The student later admitted writing the graffiti, himself.

Another instance of racist graffiti that same month also turned out to be another hoax. A Missouri high school investigated racial slurs left on a bathroom mirror only to find that the student responsible was a “non-white.”

July 2018

Texas waiter Khalil Cavil went viral after posting a picture on Facebook of a racist note he claimed a customer left in lieu of a tip on the receipt. The note described Cavil as a “terrorist.” Saltgrass Steak House, where Cavil used to work had banned the customer for life, before it was revealed that Khalil Cavil had written the phony note.

Likewise, another Texas waitress apologized after blaming local law enforcement for an offensive note targeting Mexicans. She later admitted to writing the note herself.

September 2018

A New York woman was charged in September 2018 after police determined that she had fabricated a report about white teens yelling racial slurs at her and leaving a racist note on her car.

November 2018

Anti-Semitic vandalism in New York City turned out to be the work of a Democratic activist, according to police. The suspect wasn’t the right-winger many had presumed. Based on surveillance footage, the man arrested was 26-year-old James Polite, who had interned at City Hall on anti-hate issues.

December 2018

Several racist notes at Drake University were actually the work of one of the students who had been targeted by them. “The fact that the actions of the student who has admitted guilt were propelled by motives other than hate does not minimize the worry and emotional harm they caused,” stated Drake University president Marty Martin. (Note: President Martin fails to recognize that “hate crime” hoaxes ARE motivated by hate, a hate for those demographic groups that are falsely accused.)

January 2019

National media outlets seized on a selectively edited video that showed Native American activist Nathan Phillips beating a drum in front of a group of young men from Covington Catholic High School, who were visiting Washington, D.C. Phillips lied to The Washington Post by claiming the students swarmed him while he was preparing to leave the Indigenous People’s March on the same day and that he was prevented from leaving.

However, the extended video showed otherwise: Phillips approached the boys and attempted to harass them by loudly and repeatedly beating his “war drum” at them, although the students did not approach him or detain him in any manner. Some violent black savages were nearby, using ugly and threatening language at the students, which was intentionally ignored by the corrupt leftist media.

These are just a few among literally thousands of such incidents that regularly occur in our Marxist-dominated culture. Trump Delusion Syndrome has generated a hunt for “hate” in the Trump era that has spawned a mob mentality rivaling the Reign of Terror in 18th Century France. Moreover, even if these are later exposed to be fraudulent, each time one of these hoaxes occurs, they nevertheless become part of our “cultural memory.”
The Anti-Trump news media seize on such incidents without corroboration, because they fit the news media’s ideologically-driven narratives of ubiquitous white racism and black victimhood.

It has been stated that “A lie is half-way around the world before the truth can get its boots on.” The anti-Trump media recognize that the costs of later retractions — months later on page 52 and below the fold — are a small price to pay for the benefits of a full-blown media feeding frenzy when the incident is first mis-reported to advance their ideological agenda.

According to the FBI 2016 hate crime statistics, black Americans who make up only 13% of the population, committed almost one quarter of all of the hate crimes in that year. White Americans who make up 62% of the entire American population, committed only 38% of all hate crimes in that year. This means that black Americans are overrepresented in hate crimes and white Americans are under their population representation.

This also means that when you take 100,000 white Americans and 100,000 black Americans, you will get more black Americans who commit hate crimes compared to white Americans. The statistics per 100,000 look like this.

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  • March 23, 2019 at 7:06 am

    These third world parasites will do anything to keep their “We be oppressed” myth alive.

  • March 26, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    And now we see that Jiggaboo Smollett is being allowed to get away with his hate crime hoax. So are the two brilloheads that helped him carry out this hoax. Black Privilege is alive and well in this nation.

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