The Corrupt Leftist Media & Interracial Crime

© 2016 Earl P. Holt, III — The Corrupt Leftist Media is obsessed with stamping out any hint of what Cultural Marxists consider to be racial “heresy,” and it has shown particular animus toward any websites that accurately and honestly report interracial violent crime statistics. As in so many other contexts, honest and accurate reportage makes the Corrupt Leftist Media look very bad, in contrast, and they know it.

The Corrupt Leftist Media’s standard narrative is one in which innocent black victims are constantly under assault by violent white assailants, and those who disprove this false narrative are subjected to the full wrath and fury of the Corrupt Leftist Media, as the CofCC experienced in the wake of the tragic mass-murders in Charleston back in June of 2015.

To advance their false narrative, any white-on-black violent crime committed in the U.S. instantly becomes the “lead” story for days on end: Meanwhile, black-on-white violent crimes are routinely “spiked” by the Corrupt Leftist Media and receive only local coverage, if they receive any at all. The so-called “Wichita Massacre” is a good example of this phenomenon.

Back in 2000, some white kids in their mid-20s were having a Christmas Party at a private home in Wichita, Kansas. At some point, two black males armed with a handgun forced their way into the condominium and then rounded up all the occupants and held them captive for hours. They repeatedly raped the women, and sexually degraded every victim. When they tired of this form of entertainment, they robbed the house and forced each victim to withdraw money from their ATMs.

Eventually, they marched all five kids out to a soccer field, where they attempted to execute all of them with bullets to the head, before driving over them in a truck belonging to one of the victims.

Fortunately, one courageous young woman survived, and managed to make it to a nearby home where police were called and the murderers were soon apprehended. The lone surviving victim insisted that the homeowners listen to her story before calling the police or EMS, in case she happened to die before they arrived.

If you are unaware of this crime, it is because it was spiked by the Corrupt Leftist Media, in contrast to seemingly endless coverage given the mass slayings in Charleston, the dragging death of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas, or even the phony narratives the Corrupt Leftist Media invented for Trayvon Martin or the “Gentle Giant” in Ferguson, Missouri.

In point of fact, blacks are more than 30 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white person than the reverse: That’s because 85% of ALL interracial violent crimes are perpetrated by blacks – who constitute a minority of 14% — and this statistic holds true for black-on-Hispanic violent crimes, as well.

Because of the enormous disparity between black and white interracial violent crime rates, it has become increasingly necessary for leftists in the Corrupt Leftist Media to intentionally obscure the race of violent black offenders in their news stories. Even where the race of a perpetrator might be of some value in identifying a suspect “at large,” the perpetrator’s race is scrupulously censored.

At its national convention in 2009, the so-called “Society of Professional Journalists” reached the collective decision that their “profession” had not gone far enough in obscuring such vital information, and so it adopted a FORMAL POLICY to censor the race of violent criminal suspects except in “extraordinary” situations.

The motives of the Corrupt Leftist Media are not difficult to ascertain, however, whether they remain in the form of an unspoken conspiracy, or they are formally acknowledged, as the misnamed “Society of Professional Journalists” has obligingly done.

For more than 60 years, whites have been indoctrinated with the patent falsehood that “we are all the same except for skin color,” or that “race is an artificial construct.” This narrative has been aggressively promoted by Cultural Marxists – particularly the Corrupt Leftist Media, the entertainment industry, and the public schools – and their efforts have ushered in many calamitous and destructive policies, such as the forced integration of schools, workplaces, and residential neighborhoods.

This policy of forced integration has been so successful at bringing violent black offenders in greater contact with potential white victims, that by the late 1990s, incidents of black-on-white violent crime began to exceed incidents of black-on-black violent crime. (This refers to the aggregate of all four categories of Violent Crime: Rape, Robbery, Murder and Aggravated Assault.)

If the Corrupt Leftist Media were to accurately report the massively disproportionate volume of black-on-white violent crimes, it might alert whites to the fact that we are most clearly NOT all the same, and that blacks are significantly more violent and dangerous than all other races.

The accurate and honest reportage of Interracial Violent Crime might actually awaken Whites to the very real threat that blacks clearly pose to them, particularly their demonstrable threat to white women. Any awakening on the part of whites might work to under-mine whatever residual support remains for the so-called “Civil Rights” legislation of the 1960s.

In short, a very important pillar supporting the American Left’s entire “house of cards” would collapse rather quickly if the Corrupt Leftist Media were to engage in honest and accurate reportage on the subject of black violence directed at white people.

(This article first appeared in the March, 2016 issue of the CITIZENS INFORMER.)

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