Lies, Prevarication and Mendacity at the SPLC

by Earl P. Holt III — Life is too short to respond to every falsehood perpetrated by the Southern Prevarication Law Center (SPLC,) because its lies are measured in Giga-Watts and oceans of ink.

However, the SPLC recently released a video reviving its claim that the CofCC “inspired” Dylann Roof to massacre all those innocent blacks in Charleston in 2015. The entire video consists of innuendo and fraudulent “straw-man” arguments, which are the SPLC’s stock-in-trade.

Its hideous narrator conveniently dismisses every fact or statistic ever cited by our website, and suggests that the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs) are a far more accurate source of information. Ironically, the UCRs have been the source for just about every crime statistic we’ve ever used, since we don’t fabricate them as the SPLC clearly does.

For example, the CofCC website is accused of claiming that most whites are murdered by blacks, although anyone familiar with U.S. crime statistics knows this is absurd. However, the CofCC HAS frequently reported that blacks are 30 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than the reverse, and that statistic comes straight from the UCRs.

The period 2012 — 2013 was typical: According to the UCRs, blacks committed an average of 561,000 violent crimes against whites each year, while whites committed an average of 99,000 violent crimes against blacks at the same time. However, blacks are about one-fifth the white population (13% versus 63%,) yet commit nearly six times as many violent crimes against whites as the reverse. Thus they are 30 times (5 X 6 = 30) more likely to do so.

Another bizarre assertion is that the CofCC website was guilty of “spiking” public interest in interracial violence beginning in 2012. I suspect it would be more accurate to say that “The Knock-out Game,” and a number of high-profile black-on-white murders probably bore responsibility for that phenomenon.

Indeed, with a black communist in the White House and the SPLC fanning the flames of racial violence — with its chronically dishonest crime reportage — many low I.Q. blacks assumed it was “Open Season” on whites in America, and that their violent acts would be protected by Obama’s “Justice” Department.

Interestingly, much of the narrator’s anger and frustration appears to be directed at Google. What the pathological liars at the SPLC really want is for Google to censor the Alt-Right, because we present an obstacle and counterpoint to their false narratives. We may even be harming their fund-raising, which is their real raison d’être.

The SPLC and its Marxist allies in the Corrupt Leftist Media no longer have the monopoly on news reportage and analysis they once enjoyed. Competition from more honest and accurate sources of information has meant they are no longer free to spin the disinformation they cherish: One such casualty has been their phony narrative that most interracial violence in the U.S. is perpetrated by whites against blacks.

If even poor Dylann Roof can see through their lies and disinformation, the overwhelming majority of more sophisticated Americans can’t be too far behind.

Earl P. Holt III
President, CofCC

2 thoughts on “Lies, Prevarication and Mendacity at the SPLC

  • January 29, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    POSTSCRIPT: The only reason I used UCR statistics from 2008 was because they were the only ones I had at hand. The FBI has made their UCRs so inscrutable, it takes hours to wade one’s way through them in search of any particular “nugget” of information. When I come across more recent statistics, I will substitute them for the ones above.

  • January 30, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    New, 2012 and 2013 UCR black-on-white violent crime statistics come courtesy of the American Renaissance website. Jared Taylor does a bang-up job of making sense of the FBI’s inscrutable UCR presentations, which are — without doubt — made incomprehensible in order to mask the disparity between black and white rates of violent crime.

    The statistics above are the first to appear in the UCRs since 2008, no doubt because the rate of black-on-white violent crime began to rise as soon as the Bolshevik-in-Chief took office, and it was his desire to hide the fact from the public…

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