Takes Two To “Tango”

by Earl P. Holt III

In all the hoopla over the sexual indiscretions of Harvey Winestein, there’s one consideration that’s been overlooked: That’s the behavior of the wanna-be stars who threw themselves at such a swine in order to advance their careers, with complete awareness of his lechery.

Until the day they die, many women remain children – emotionally and intellectually — and none more so than “feminists.” As children, they demand the right to have their cake and eat it too: In this case, they demand the “right” to dress and act provocatively and seductively towards men, but reserve the right to call “foul” if men actually respond as intended.

I am not defending Harvey Weinsten, and definitely not defending his FORCED sexual misconduct: However, as a Hollywood “rainmaker,” he is constantly surrounded by young women “on the make,” who dress like whores and know few ways of communicating with men other than to flirt with them or seduce them.

No one should be surprised that Weinstein was tempted by these Sirens: What IS surprising is that he is being investigated for “sexual harassment,” which is a contrived transgression — fabricated by “feminists” and their enablers — much as the “right” to an abortion was fabricated from thin air in Roe v. Wade.

So the ground rules are written exclusively by childish and narcissistic women, who reserve the right to pour on the “sex appeal” in pursuit of career advancement, while retaining the right to make a criminal complaint if they actually manage to successfully entrap their intended targets…

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