Satan’s Seed

By Earl P. Holt III

I’m struck by the profound similarities between the birth, early childhood and later life of Barack Hussein Obama, and the plot of the movie “Rosemary’s Baby.”

In the film, the paternity of the child is quite vague until the very end of the movie, when the Devil, himself, is revealed to be its father. In the case of Obama, Satan is as good a guess as any, because Obama’s paternity is as mysterious as the contents of his college transcripts.

The most likely candidate for Obama’s father is Frank Marshall Davis, a black communist spy for the USSR, who looked a lot like Obama. There are photos of Obama’s mother in a semi-nude state cavorting with Davis, although Davis was probably just one of many in a very long queue. Davis’ tutelage of Obama helps explain Obama’s contempt for America, Christianity, the West and Rule of Law.

Another similarity involves the significant number of people who devoted their lives and risked everything to protect and serve both the seed of Satan in the film, and the seed of Frank Marshall Davis throughout his life.

In the film, a coven of devil-worshippers are enlisted to protect the baby and hide its paternity from suspicious individuals, some of whom had to be murdered to preserve the secret: An equally vile legion of communist scum has served Obama with a similar degree of loyalty since childhood.

The earliest example involved Obama’s counterfeit Birth Certificate, which was necessary because he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. It is under lock and key in some Hawaiian Vital Statistics Bureaucracy, because it is just as phony as the life history Obama and the Jews’ Media helped invent for him.

Many of those who served Obama were communist party members and criminals such as Bill Ayers — a convicted terrorist and murderer — who is the true author of Obama’s phony autobiography, “Dreams of My Father.”

Black and Marxist faculty members at a number of institutions –- who, like Obama were the beneficiaries of race quotas — were called upon to commit criminal acts or engage in fraudulent acts on Obama’s behalf, such as giving him undeserved grades to prevent him from flunking out of school.

Another example is Obama’s tenure at Harvard Law School: A Jewish communist party member on the law faculty used his influence to get Obama admitted to its prestigious law school. Afterwards, black faculty members must have taken his exams for him –- or given him phony grades — just as his work as Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review was phony.

I met someone who served on the Harvard Law Review when Obama was the ostensible “Editor-in-Chief” in 1990. This individual made the following statement in reference to Barack Hussein Obama: “I never met him, he never came into the Law Review offices, and I have no idea what his work product was.”

Not surprisingly, Obama was the first Editor-in-Chief since the Harvard Law Review’s founding in 1887 never to have actually published an article.

During his Presidency, Black political appointees constantly lied and perjured themselves to protect Obama. One good example is Susan Rice – Obama’s former National Security Advisor – who helped disseminate the lie that the attack on our Benghazi Consulate was in response to some anti-Moslem film that nobody had ever viewed.

Rice lied like a Clinton for weeks afterwards to divert attention from the fact that Obama was probably cavorting with homosexual lovers in Las Vegas during the attack, and had given orders to the Secret Service not to disturb him under any circumstances. The Corrupt Leftist Media obligingly looked the other way, a courtesy they have always shown fellow communists and traitors, especially the nigro ones.

Despite the astonishing similarities between Obama’s life and the film, there is one glaring difference: The Devil-worshippers in the film were much warmer and more charming than the traitorous commie trash and nigro criminal element surrounding Obama, which shielded him from the consequences of his own drug usage, criminality, treachery and treason for most of his squalid and phony existence.

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