Reiterating the Obvious

by Earl P. Holt III

A Jewish leftist and pathological liar (this may be redundant) has written an unflattering account of Donald Trump’s White House. The author is Michael Wolff, and the book is titled “Fire and Fury.”

At the risk of being repetitive, this book illustrates why no conservative should ever cooperate with the Jews’ Media, because they are the mortal enemies of every principle we cherish. Nothing beneficial could ever be gained from cooperating with such a dishonest enemy.

Michael Wolff

This lying Jew was granted access to the White House by Steve Bannon, presumably because Wolff had previously written a couple of columns about Donald Trump in USA TODAY that were fairly objective. This is how the Seed of Satan gets their foot in the door, folks!

The Corrupt Leftist Media gain access by feigning sympathy for some aspect of the conservative movement. True to their nature, once granted access they immediately set about lying and distorting actual events. At this point, however, their access has given them a veneer of credibility to buttress their libelous efforts, as Wolff has done with with this book.

No whore from the Corrupt Leftist Media will EVER present fair or objective coverage of any aspect of the conservative movement because we are anathema to them, and the truths we tell are the greatest antidote to the Marxism they promote. Also, their Jewish Masters would fire and blacklist them if they failed to thoroughly libel us and attempt to destroy us.

Showing deference or cooperating with the Corrupt Leftist Media conveys an element of undeserved credibility upon these pathological liars, much as the deference shown by Republican Congressmen wrongly conveyed unwarranted stature for eight years upon a communist, Muslim and pathological liar like Barack Hussein Obama.

One reason the Jews’ Media have such an undisguised hatred for President Trump is because he has “called them out” on their lies, and has awakened thinking Americans to the fact that the Corrupt Leftist Media is NOT an objective arbiter of public issues. In fact, the Corrupt Leftist Media are ferociously partisan advocates for just about anything that subverts the U.S. Constitution and the white Christians for whom it was written.

Here’s an anecdote that’s worth retelling: A few years before he died, our late CEO, Gordon Baum, attempted to cooperate with the Corrupt Leftist Media and sat for an interview with a local TV station in St. Louis. Gordon spoke in a calm and factual manner, but was unaware that the station ran a video of a burning cross in the background for the duration of the interview.

President Trump and every other conservative would do well to remember that there’s nothing the CofCC or any other conservative organization could EVER do to garner fair treatment from the Corrupt Leftist Media. They are the cheerleaders and PR flacks for international Marxism and Zionism, and we are anathema to them and their goals.

We are their mortal enemies because we will NEVER stop fighting them with the truth, and objective truth is their greatest enemy.

President Trump should keep this in mind, and –- being a man who is not afraid to take radical measures to solve old problems –- he should deny White House Press Credentials to media outlets who have clearly lied about him or his administration. That’s pretty much all of them but FOX NEWS.

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