(To the tune of “Mona Lisa”)

Pocahontas, Pocahontas, Trump has named you
Though you’re hardly like the Injun’ in that tale;
Is it cause of your baloney why he named you,
In claiming kin for whom you’re much too pale?
Did you lie to tempt the voters, Pocahontas?
Or is this your trick to borrow gravitas?
All those “policies” you’ve brought to your campaign
Make you sound as if your head is up your ass.
Do you level with the voters Pocahontas?
Or must you tell them lies each time you speak?
All those wacko ideas you’ve been promoting
Prove that you must be a commie or a geek.
Are you real and not crazy Pocahontas?
Or just a stone-cold liar and a fraud?

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