Poetic Justice (Part II)

By Earl P. Holt III

Although credit is often wrongly attributed to Shakespeare, it was the 17th Century literary critic Thomas Rymer who coined the term “poetic justice.” Poetic justice occurs when some particularly vile or menacing individual receives a fitting and appropriate end, and always with irony in abundance.

The following are examples of poetic justice, and many are so perfectly appropriate that they even hint at the possibility of Divine Intervention:

Joshua White: Joshua White was a 23-year-old child of leftist, counter-culture types who grew up in San Francisco. He was an ardent, but naïve liberal, who became a child care worker for ghetto children and had a job as a teacher’s aide for learning-disabled (“nigro”) pupils at Martin Luther King Middle School. In March of 1997, he was gunned-down for no reason by a sub-human, black rat-ape, who approached him with a gun, saying “You want to f*ck with me?”

Joshua White’s parents were stoic to the end. Despite their grief, they did what leftists always do, they blamed society and not the killer. The father stated, “The violence and despair that is growing among young people just reached right into our home and took our son. The guy who killed my son might have grown up with more respect for other people if he’d had decent schools and programs and playgrounds.”

Of course, the truth is far uglier: Had Joshua White’s parents done a proper job of raising him, he might still be alive. A proper raising would have involved repeated warnings about the violent, savage, witless and predatory nature of Africanus Criminalis, the Great American Nigro.

A proper raising would also have included the need to avoid blacks whenever possible, in which case Joshua would have done as most intelligent whites have done, and gotten as far away from these black bastards as geography and income permitted.

Kirsten Brydum: Kirsten was a 25 year-old “social activist” who was on a nationwide tour campaigning for Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign for President. She was gunned down in New Orleans in 2008 by a nigro serial killer named Joseph Brant, who shot her in the head and then robbed her. Brant may also have raped her.

Brydum was in New Orleans with a group called Collective Autonomy, which supposedly assists “underprivileged” or minority communities by indoctrinating them with Marxism and other lies fabricated by losers engaged in their phony ”class struggle.”

She was found dead in the 3000 block of Laussat Place after being shot in the head and robbed of what few possessions she had. Apparently, she was riding an old bicycle through the Ninth Ward after an evening spent socializing with friends before falling prey to Brant.

Her truly clueless mother stated, “I hope this will wake people up to activism and staying involved and speaking for people who can’t.“

The clueless mother appears oblivious to the fact that it was her “activism” that got Kirsten Brydum murdered in the first place. Even more ironic, she was murdered by one of the very objects of her glaringly misplaced sympathies.

Equally fascinating is the fact that earlier in her tour, she had been protesting against the Republican National Convention being held in Minneapolis. There, amongst the Republican enemy, she was demonstrably safer than in the all-black Ninth Ward of New Orleans, even if too stupid and brainwashed to recognize this fact or its irony.

Tyler Wingate: A naïve 24-year-old white male named Tyler Wingate was savagely beaten to death on Detroit’s west side in 2019 following a minor fender-bender. The murder victim was described by friends and family as someone who moved to Detroit because he ”loved diversity,” and wanted to help return the City of Detroit to its former glory.

Surveillance video from a nearby gas station showed the nigro driver of the other vehicle approached Wingate after the incident and dropped him with an unanticipated “sucker-punch.” As black savages will do, the assailant continued to furiously hit and kick Wingate until he no longer resisted. The nigro murderer and his nigro accomplices then left the victim for dead.

Michael Rockefeller: A book called Thy Will Be Done blames Nelson Rockefeller for exploiting the so-called “Third World,” and explains how Rockefeller’s son, Michael, was killed and eaten by Third-Worlder savages when he went off to save them from his father.

In 1961, while Nelson Rockefeller was governor of New York, Michael was in New Guinea sheltering natives from the evils of Western materialism and modernity. During an expedition to collect tribal art, Michael Rockefeller had a boating accident and was forced ashore.

As he emerged from the water, one of the locals speared him in the chest. To quote from the book: “He was still alive when taken up the river, killed with an ax, and in the religious manner of cannibals seeking the strength of their victims, cooked with sago palm and eaten.”

“Timothy Treadwell”: Once upon a time there was a self-anointed “eco-warrior” named Timothy Treadwell. Now Timothy had a very active imagination, and considered himself a “supernatural alien” on “a mission of peace” amongst his friends, the Alaskan brown bears (Ursus Arctos). This he engaged in yearly, from June until October on the Alaskan Peninsula.

Timothy even named some of his favorite friends, christening them with such monikers as “Boobles,” “Chocolate,” and “Freckles.” He claimed to be protecting his friends from poachers and licensed hunters, but this turns out to be untrue, just like the autobiographical info he volunteered to interested parties.

Timothy kept what he considered to be “meticulous” diaries of his excursions into the alders with his new friends, which he later sent to his financial sponsor, a Colorado rancher named Roland Dixon. Timothy would wax lyrical about his “transformation” as “a fully accepted wild animal” and “brother” to Freckles, Boobles and Chocolate. He described how he ran “free amongst them – with absolute love and respect for all the animals.”

In addition to mischaracterizing himself as a guardian of his brown friends — he pitched his tent in a national park where hunting was illegal and poaching was rare — Timothy also lied about his surname, his country of origin, his adult criminal record, and his extensive history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Despite this, Timothy was regularly invited to indoctrinate grade school children in his romanticized view of the relationship between man and carnivorous wild beasts.

In a moment of unusual hubris, Timothy once remarked that he would be honored “to end up in bear scat.” In October of 2003, Timothy got his wish and, moreover, at least two of his friends got a sample of that rare but treasured delicacy, Liberalis Deliciosos.

Of course, as is always the case with any leftist endeavor, those he claimed to be protecting ended up having to be destroyed by Alaska Game Officials after one of Timothy’s friends consumed Timothy and his unfortunate girlfriend.

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