Pat Dollard Launches The White Majority Project


In an effort to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act ex-Hollywood agent Pat Dollard launches the White Majority Project.

Regular readers of Alt-Right sites are well aware of the demographic crisis facing whites in our own nations. Even those who tangentially pay attention to such things as demographic change are becoming aware that the countries they once knew are no longer theirs. We are told that demography is destiny, and are told by both Democrats and Republicans that immigration isn’t only inevitable, but it is necessary and should be embraced. Without low skilled third-world workers doing “the jobs Americans won’t do” society would crumble. And we are told that for America to retain its position as the world’s leaders in science and technology we need Asian immigrants.

To oppose either measure will get you called a bigot, racist, xenophobic and probably Islamophobic. Few can risk their careers and family life to oppose the invasion of the United States from across its Southern Border. But Pat Dollard has a plan, and he isn’t afraid of the repercussions that come with taking unpopular stances or touching the third-rail of American politics.

There is also a decline in white birth rate in America as well. It now sits below replacement level. Women and men are encouraged to put off families until they “can afford them” or to lead the “childfree” life of self-satisfied hedonism. But no amount of incentive to have children can maintain the white majority of the historically white America as long as the flood of third-world immigrants continues.

Pat Dollard, a Hollywood insider turned war correspondent, turned activist has a plan to stop white replacement. He wants to make sure whites who built America and who were always its heart and soul are not relegated to second class citizens in the land of their forefathers.

He calls it the White Majority Project (WMP).

It goes without saying that this project is utterly necessary to preserve America as a nation rather than as a passport. So why after nearly four decades of mass third world immigration do we only get the WMP now? Dollard explained, “I think that for the longest of times white Americans didn’t like to think in racial terms. I don’t think they liked to think in terms of white self-interest. But I think that the hyper-aggressiveness of the left’s vitriolic and hate-filled anti-white campaign of the last 8 years has changed all that for good, though certainly not as much and as broadly as we’d like. I think most white Americans are beginning to understand, if only vaguely and instinctively, that they cannot afford to lose the political and social power that come with being the majority ethnic group.”

In our daily lives, those of us born after about 1965 simply saw a multi-racial, multi-cultural America. We were often forced to attend public schools on the other side of town for the sake of racial diversity. But is this natural? Why do we think this way?

“Norbert Schlei, the Jewish lawyer (and convicted felony fraudster) who wrote the 1965 immigration Act, does this very specifically in a videotaped interview where he recounts his thinking while writing the law. So some Americans naively believe that letting broad Third World immigration continue is the right thing to do, but most don’t even know that it’s happening at the level it’s happening, and therefore aren’t sure why the country is becoming so much more brown and so much less white.”

Dollard understands very well that there is a concerted effort on the part of our ruling elites, especially the Jewish elites in Hollywood to force Americans to think in multi-cultural terms. And what is perhaps most infuriating is that this is done out of some sense of revenge. “From 17 years of first-hand experience at the highest levels of Hollywood, representing the professional interests of A-listers from Steven Soderbergh to George Clooney, I’m here to tell you that yes, it is true that Hollywood is run and populated almost exclusively by Jews and other leftists. And yes, the anti-white sentiment is very strong. It’s natural for Jews, they’re not white, and their history of conflict with the whites of Europe and America vastly embellishes their natural instincts to work against us and to accumulate power, political power as much as financial power, to do so.”

So what is there to be done? What do racial aware whites do? For years we’ve been told that Social Security is the third rail of American politics, but it’s clear now that while contentious, it is race that is the real verboten topic in America. But thankfully Americans do seem to be waking up. It’s the goal of the WMP to, “repeal the 1965 Immigration Act.” For those not in the know, Dollard explains the Act’s purpose. “In short, the purpose of that act, as pushed by B’nai Brith and other affiliated groups since 1924, until they finally got traction with John F. Kennedy, who unleashed the D.C. forces that ultimately made it a reality, was in essence to end white immigration from Europe and replace it with black and brown immigration from the Third World.”

The WMP is very new, I asked where they stand now and what is most needed. They need funds of course, and volunteers, but mostly, “we need a Treasurer, a position which requires being named in public documents. If someone out there has accounting experience and is up for it, please volunteer.” This isn’t an easy position as the usual suspects will no doubt go after anyone associated with the WMP as a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Dollard understands this, and so to must their treasurer. Though they do have others participating in the project, they are just not publicly named.

What is the next step? What is key right now? “Smart, very carefully crafted, PR-friendly lobbying and education efforts are the most important ones. A site called the White Majority Project is key as a resource and community for the base, and for expanding the base, but is not necessarily the best way to lead off lobbying efforts with politicians for changing our immigration laws. The changing of the 1965 Immigration Act can be publicly advocated for under different terms. So, the creative work behind the content of educational and lobbying materials, and the strategizing of the best ways to get those messages across, to both the public and politicians, are the next steps.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the White Majority Project can contact Pat Dollard through his website.

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