Norwegian Psychiatrist Claims Joe Biden is Suffering From “Dementia”

by Paul Joseph Watson

Says condition has worsened “at galloping speed.”

Norwegian psychiatrist Fred Heggen claims that Joe Biden is suffering from “dementia” and that his condition has worsened “at galloping speed.”

In an opinion piece published by Nettavisen entitled ‘Why Democrats are rallying behind a possibly demented candidate?’, Heggen, who is also a medical director at the Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital’s psychiatric clinic in Oslo, says the presidential candidate is suffering from obvious cognitive failure.

“Of course I may still judge him wrongly, but in my eyes he appears as a person who is already very affected by dementia. And the presidential election is still far ahead. What if his condition worsens further over the next two-three months?” Heggen asked.

The psychiatrist asserts that Biden’s behavior at campaign events and debates over the past few moths, characterized by “forgetfulness, mischief, confusions, gaffes, and aggression,” is indicative of someone who is beginning to struggle to perform basic mental functions.

“This is not scare propaganda on my part. Everyone who has had experience with people with dementia knows that a deterioration can come quickly and have a particularly dramatic course,” Heggen wrote.

The psychiatrist suggested that Biden’s campaign staff were aware of his limitations and that this is why he is only rarely presented for short speeches and is heavily screened from the public and the media.

Heggen opined that it was “madness” someone like Biden should be allowed to have “his finger on the nuclear button.”

Biden has made numerous gaffes in recent months, including when he told a crowd in South Carolina, he was “running for the United States Senate” and that if they don’t like him they can “vote for the other Biden.”

The former vice-president also infamously botched the the Declaration of Independence when he said, “All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”


2 thoughts on “Norwegian Psychiatrist Claims Joe Biden is Suffering From “Dementia”

  • April 23, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    When demented people are placed under stressful conditions, they can have a mental meltdown, and even a psychotic episode. I predict this is what will happen to Biden if he debates Trump. Biden would not even make it through the first week of his being President, if he were elected, but he will not be. He’s cognitive abilities are indeed slipping very fast.

  • April 23, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    Call me crazy, but I didn’t need a psychiatrist to tell me that Biden is demented. The problem is that his entire party is demented, as well, so none of them are able to recognize his condition.

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