Lessons From Trump’s Victory

By Earl P. Holt III — There are still enough decent and honorable people in this country to offset the individuals engaged in raping, pillaging and subverting America in the name of “social justice,” “multiculturalism,” egalitarianism, Zionism, or some equally phony and misguided variant of Marxism.

However, Donald Trump’s stunning victory is merely the first in what is certain to be a protracted series of skirmishes and larger battles. The task of saving this great nation from the devastation wrought by Marxist and Zionist traitors cannot be accomplished overnight, and will require a sustained effort through many election cycles.


One thing is certain: The GOP is infinitely more “democratic” than the New Marxist Party, often mistakenly referred to as “Democrats.” Our bare-knuckle Republican Primary was not “fixed” — as the “Democrat” Primary was — and produced a nominee who was victorious despite defections by elitist and traitorous elements within his own party.

Donald Trump was nominated by the Republican Party’s rank and file, not its elitist “Donor Class” or timid “Establishment”: This process produced the nomination of an outsider, and one who vowed to “drain the swamp” of Washington corruption and cronyism. Trump’s candidacy differed dramatically from those of the usual cowards, quislings and collaborators the GOP “Establishment” prefers to nominate.

For decades, an army of Republican National Committee (RNC) consultants preached the need for GOP candidates to reach out to traditionally Democrat voters, such as blacks, Hispanics and union members. Trump did exactly this, but was denounced by the Republican Establishment and its “Donor Class” anyway, revealing their true agenda to be maintaining their own power and influence.

The 2016 GOP Primary stands in stark contrast to the “Democrat” Primary, which we now know with certainty was rigged from the very beginning to nominate Hillary Clinton, the Organized Crime candidate. The DNC even conspired with the Corrupt Leftist Media to ensure that Hillary was nominated, and the two worked hand-in-glove with each other to produce such a result.

The revelation that Donna Brazile fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton before her televised debates – and the ongoing conspiracy between the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton Campaign — proves a level of corruption that every conservative in the United States has recognized for decades. The Corrupt Leftist Media has truly been exposed as biased, dishonest and contemptible heirs to PRAVDA, TASS and THE DAILY WORKER, just as we always knew them to be.

Moreover, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any honest person that there is nothing “democratic” about the “Democrat” Party. The so-called “Democrat” Party is really America’s “New Marxist Party,” having made the Communist Party of the United States superfluous, by virtue of stealing every issue the CPUSA ever held near and dear.

Would a political party by any other name not be considered Marxist, and rightfully so…?


Rush Limbaugh correctly called this election for Trump, because he never allowed himself to be distracted by phony “push-polls,” designed to discourage Trump voters and encourage members of the New Marxist Party to vote early and often or from their graves.

Like Rudyard Kipling’s “If,” Rush never lost his head, “…while all those about him were losing theirs.”

For many months, Rush eschewed what he referred to as the “conventional wisdom” of pundits from both sides, arguing that conventional wisdom is really just the misapplication of old “playbooks” from the past. It was Rush who recognized that old playbooks were useless in such an unconventional election, and correctly predicted Trump’s victory.

Unfortunately, most Republicans in Congress made the mistake of listening to the RNC’s “Prophets of Conventional Wisdom” rather than to Rush. These RNC consultants converted most Republican Congressmen into the geldings who rubber-stamped Obama treason for eight years. A thorough house cleaning at the RNC and the Republican Congressional Caucus is long overdue.

Here are some examples of the kind of “Conventional Wisdom” these “prophets” were paid large sums to disseminate to Republican office-holders and the GOP rank and file:

The GOP must embrace amnesty for illegal aliens, to avoid offending Hispanic voters; Republicans must avoid negative campaigning; The GOP must abandon its Pro-Life platform to attract female voters; Republican candidates must embrace “bipartisanship”; And, most pernicious of all, Republicans must move to the left in order to attract “Independents.”

In truth, such “wisdom” was actually disinformation concocted by the Corrupt Leftist Media, which was then parroted by political consultants on both sides until it eventually become the perceived “wisdom” of the political class.

Why the GOP’s mortal enemies would offer sincere advice in order to benefit the GOP is, apparently, a question none of them ever had the sense to ask.


More than anything, Trump’s election is a repudiation of the past 50-year rule by our self-anointed “Political Class.”

Like the “Nomenklatura” who ruled the former Soviet Union, our “Political Class” consists of elitists, united in their desire to retain power and feather their own nests. All seem to have completely lost sight of the fact that the American People are the ultimate “sovereign,” not some self-anointed Political Elite.

For many decades, this Political Elite has misguided both domestic and foreign policy in pursuit of fawning “puff-pieces” from the Corrupt Leftist Media, who in turn, are the PR firms and cheerleaders for Zionism and international socialism. Each has done grave harm to both the Constitution and to the fabric of our political and cultural institutions.

George Orwell once remarked that “…some ideas are so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” Looking at the conventional wisdom held dear by our Political Elite, one is obliged to give Orwell long overdue credit.

One of the many falsehoods nurtured by our Political Class is the claim that capital punishment is not an effective general deterrent to murder, although every serious study in the past 20 years has proved capital punishment saved the lives of between 14 and 18 innocent victims for each execution.

Likewise, disparities in academic performance between the races are invariably attributed to “institutionalized racism,” rather than the 15-point I.Q. advantage whites exhibit over blacks. There are 650 empirical studies demonstrating this disparity.

Another quaint notion held dear by our Political Class is that “multiculturalism” is beneficial to a dynamic American economy and culture, which is their motive for amnesty and open borders. Few seem to recognize that all this does is attract the dregs of the Third World, most of whom immediately get on welfare, as 71% of all Hispanic Immigrant families have done.

However, the one thing our Political Class is really skilled at is insulating itself from the ravages of its own failed policies. After all, the children of our “Political Class” need never compete with immigrants for employment or academic opportunities, just as our Political Class need never live in the squalid barrios and ghettos their policies have created.

Needless to say, the children of our Political Class will always be welcome to attend Sidwell Friends, and will never be bused to violent and heavily-integrated schools to achieve some illusory “racial balance.”

Our scheming and devious Republican members of the Political Class revealed their true priorities in this election, as well: Their number one agenda was to hold onto their positions, power and sinecures. Their denunciation of Donald Trump may have been more vicious than that of the communists across the aisle.


Finally, credit must be given to the genius of the Framers of the Constitution, whose wisdom clearly benefited from Divine Guidance when conceiving The Electoral College.

The Framers correctly recognized that the Electoral College ensures that voting irregularities in any particular state are essentially contained or “quarantined” within that state’s borders, and thus prevented from “spilling over” and nullifying legitimate votes from other states.

For example, there was certainly massive voter fraud committed by Illegal Aliens in such places as California, New York, and Illinois. Although these fraudulent votes may have produced victories for the New Marxist Party within the borders of each state, nevertheless, their influence on the General Election was limited to the number of Electoral Votes each state possessed, which were predetermined by the 2010 Census.

If the U.S. ever makes the mistake of abolishing the Electoral College – and elects the President by Popular Vote — states such as New York or California could easily swing the Presidency with tens of millions of illegal votes.

Voter fraud is unquestionably one of the New Marxist Party’s most important electoral strategies: However, thanks to the Framers and their genius, their corrupt electoral strategy is minimized by our current system.

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  • January 23, 2017 at 5:25 am

    It is great to see that the CofCC under Earl Holt taking a proactive approach to the current political front. Key partners such as the American Freedom Party will produce an action against the Marxist scum,

  • January 23, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Trump’s inaugural speech was reminiscent of Huey P. Long. This populist appeal is a sure winner.

    Video: Huey Long: Share the Wealth

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