Islamic Medicine

Multiculturalists and other deep thinkers frequently denounce the West for being too arrogant and parochial to appreciate the benefits of many Third World cultural practices. They claim we have much to learn from the Third World, and drinking camel urine to treat the COVID-19 virus may be an example.

On April 19th, an Iranian named Mehdi Sabili — who describes himself as an “Islamic medicine specialist” — prescribed just such a therapy for the faithful. This Iranian answer to Jonas Salk recommends dromedary camel urine drunk three times per day for three days, preferably “fresh and warm.” His Instagram account demonstrates he practices what he preaches.

Apparently, the drinking of urine for health benefits is traceable back to the Prophet Muhammed, himself, who is alleged to have engaged in the identical practice. Since the tradition originated with Muhammed, it is therefore sacred and inviolable under Sharia Law and cannot be questioned by believers, no matter what judgements Western science may render.

It is also alleged that some of Muhammed’s followers also believed in generalized health benefits from drinking Muhammed’s urine. It was alleged to ward off evil forces that might cause one to be condemned to hell.

We arrogant infidels are just too parochial to appreciate the benefits of camel urine in treating the COVID-19 pandemic. Who are we to second-guess “Islamic Medicine,” anyway?

R. Koch


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