Honorable Steve King (R. Iowa)

Hon. Steve King
2210 Rayburn Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Rep. King:

I am a great admirer of yours, so the advice I offer comes from someone who actually wishes you well, in contrast to those who desire to see you leave the House of Representatives. The latter include that gutless traitor, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy worked to undermine President Trump for two years, and never found a criticism to make of former Speaker Paul Ryan. In fact, I believe the two of them are primarily responsible for the GOP losing the House last November.

Steve King>

You are making a terrible mistake by apologizing for your remarks defending white nationalism: All you have done is concede the point to your ideological enemies that you were somehow in the wrong for defending your own race and civilization against those who work so diligently to subvert and destroy both. This was similar to the mistake that Trent Lott made, and his particular approach did not serve him well.

You have an opportunity to be a national hero and come to the defense of the white race and white nationalists — people who love this country and would gladly defend it — rather than work to subvert it, as our many critics routinely do.

Very Best Wishes,

Earl P. Holt III

President-Treasurer, CofCC

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