CBS Argues That Any Term With The Word ‘Black’ In It Is Racist

By Steve Watson Summit News

Black Monday, Black Sheep, Blackballing, Blackmail, Blacklisting – They’re all racist.

CBS News wants to reeducate America on how racist everyone is by policing their language and making them understand that the country’s founding fathers were really awful bigots.

That’s the overriding message that emerged from a Tuesday segment on This Morning where the anchors and their guests attempted to convince viewers that everyday terms with zero racial context are proof of how “the roots of racism” are deeply embedded in the US.

The segment promoted a new book aimed at children titled ‘Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America’, by CBS News contributor Ibram X. Kendi and co-author Jason Reynolds.

Anchor Tony Dokoupil announced that “Many headlines referred to the stock market plunge yesterday as ‘Black Monday,’ and that is just one of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that racism has been braided into our everyday culture.”

Co-host Anthony Mason then listed more terms with the word ‘black’ in them, ridiculously suggesting that they are all really racist.

“Terms like ‘Black Monday,’ ‘Black Sheep,’ can be freighted with a negative connotation that sometimes we don’t even realize.” he said, with the other co-host Michelle Miller chiming in that the terms are “baked into the vocabulary.”

A graphic (see picture above) then appeared on screen “Words With Negative Connotations: Black Monday, Black Sheep, Blackballing, Blackmail, Blacklisting.”

“Yeah, and I don’t think we even realize when you have a skin color and regular color and we’re connoting both in a negative fashion. There are relationships between the two and I think we have to break not only the relationship, but those negative connotations.” Kendi suggested.

Miller had earlier argued that children need to be reeducated about how racist the founding fathers were, saying that there are “so many misconceptions and truly lies throughout the history of what children are taught about their history.”

“I hate to put it that directly, but, you know, when you go back and you look at people like a Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, these founding fathers who were so revered, how do you re-teach that?” she worried.

So, just to summarise, even saying the word ‘black’ is now racist, terms that have no racial context, and refer specifically to the colour black are racist, and children need to be re-educated about how racist everyone is.


2 thoughts on “CBS Argues That Any Term With The Word ‘Black’ In It Is Racist

  • March 24, 2020 at 9:43 am

    Lenin stated that “the first duty of the propagandist is to subvert the meaning of words.” That’s exactly what the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) and its fellow propagandists at the other networks DO, in the great traditions of TASS and PRAVDA.

  • April 12, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    What about “Black History Month” or how about BET (Black Entertainment Television)? That’s O.K. though, that’s racist.

    Or even replacing white characters, gods, deity’s with black actors.
    Example: This Idris Elba as a Norse deity or now James Bond? Or Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. Good actors they are no doubt, but this is no different than having a white man play the part of Kunta Kinta in ROOTS. Sorry just upsets me to this racism running rampart in my country.

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