Back to Africa?

by A. Lincoln

A January 18th article in Al Jazeera claims that thousands of African Americans are permanently moving to the continent of Africa. It is alleged they are doing so to escape the “incessant racism and prejudice” of America.

The article claims that blacks from large cities such as San Francisco, New York and Chicago are returning to their ancestral homelands on the Dark Continent, where they feel “free and safe,” and are no longer “Second Class Citizens.”

Does anyone know how I can donate to this worthy endeavor? This is a cause I have championed for 50 years or more. While it is not as effective a solution as my “HALF-WAY BACK TO AFRICA PLAN,” it is still worthwhile and merits our support.

Some well-intended patriots may be opposed: For instance, if this repatriation scheme becomes sufficiently popular, there will be a greatly diminished need for law enforcement in our largest cities, and many state penal institutions will have to be closed.

Likewise, industries such as “Pay-Day Loan Companies” and wing-joints will take a financial hit, and the National Basketball Association will disappear faster than fried chicken at a “Stoned, Soul Picnic.”

Nevertheless, the benefits must surely outweigh the costs of this new and praiseworthy undertaking. Please send whatever info anyone may have about how to support this program.

4 thoughts on “Back to Africa?

    • January 22, 2018 at 1:28 pm

      This A. Lincoln is whimsical, but his views would most likely represent the thinking of his “namesake” quite accurately, if he were to return to 21st Century America and see the catastrophe his war of aggression hath wrought…

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