Against The Electoral College

All dem bruthas and sustahs bees tawkin agin dat Elekrikel College, an I is proposed to dat Elektrikel Collidge. I doos my own wirin’ an I ain’t never bin to no Elektrikel Collidge to lern me nuffins.

Qwite natcherly, I does gets zapped frum thyme to thyme by dem hot wireses, but wun ob dees days I gwunna lern which one bees de hot won, and which one bees de kool wun. Wif my natcheral brane powder, I shood get dat rite, cause it bees a 50-50 prostitution, don it?

I agreases wif all dem brutahs and sistahs whut wants to embolish dat Elektrikal Collidge so we kan bild somephun mo to de liken ob us blak fokeses, sech as a nite-club or a ho-house o a wing-joynt. Pakkege likker is sho nuff good two!

Dem udder fokeses dont thinks we don nose nuffin. Why jus de udder day sum white menses dun tole me dat us blak fokeses don no nuffin bout vernacular.

I tole em “what you meen I don no nuffin bout vernacular? I had it won thyme but dat dokter dun gibbed me penisillum fo it!”

Tyrone Jones
Tularemia, AL

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