ADL’s Lies: “White Extremist Murder” List Contains Sanders & Obama Voters, Mixed-Race Gangs, Domestic Disputes

The Anti-Defamation League’s claim that “white supremacists” committed the majority of “extremist” murders in 2017 is an outright lie, and includes murders by mixed-race gangs, Obama and Bernie Sanders voters, domestic disputes, divorce cases gone wrong, environmental groups, and Animal Rights groups, and even criminal prison gang violence — all to to smear white people and hide the truth that the majority of extremist murders in America were caused by Muslim terrorists.

The ADL’s and SPLC’s headline read “White Supremacist Murders More Than Doubled in 2017.” The SPLC has since removed the article.

The ADL report, titled “Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2017,” claims that “white supremacists were responsible for 18 of the 34 murders documented in 2017”—and that “20 of the 34 extremist-related murders in the United States in 2017, or 59%, were related to right-wing extremism.”

This claim has already been repeated ad infinitum by the controlled media—but a detailed analysis of the ADL report’s “list of incidents” shows that they contain

White Extremist
White Extremist

Here is the full ADL list, broken down by the nature of the incident.

Domestic shootings

Reston, Virginia, December 22, 2017. A teenager (as a juvenile, his name is being withheld until/unless he is formally charged as an adult) is reported to have killed the parents of his girlfriend before shooting himself after his girlfriend broke up with him.

The ADL claims that the shooter was an “accused white supremacist,” and that his breakup with his girlfriend was brought on by her parent’s disavowal of his beliefs—but of course, there is absolutely no evidence to show that this domestic tragedy was generated by any ideology.

Greeley, Colorado, August 16, 2017. Kelly Raisley was arrested on first-degree murder charges for the murder of his uncle, Randy Gene Baker. Baker’s wife and sister were similarly arrested.

Amazingly, the ADL admits in its report that Raisley’s “motive was apparently personal” but still feels necessary to claim it as a “white supremacist act” because it claims that Raisley was “believed” to be a member or associate of something called the “211 Crew.”

The “211 Crew” is a prison gang of criminals—a smaller version of the more widely-known “Aryan Brotherhood”—based on racial lines in competition with black and Hispanic racial gangs in prison.

There is of course no ideology attached to these criminal gangs, and they have merely been dubbed “white supremacists” by the controlled media simply because they are whites.

Even the ADL and their compliant Jewish lobby-controlled media freely admit that these criminals do not engage in any political activity, and specialize only in crime. Nonetheless, any incident involving these criminals is automatically classed by the ADL and the controlled media as “white supremacism,” as in the Raisley case.

Samish Island, Washington, July 14, 2017. A conspiracy theorist and vlogger, Lane Maurice Davis, allegedly stabbed his father to death after an argument.

The ADL claims that Davis was a member of the “alt-lite” (a catch all for individuals not directly linked to the equally nebulous “alt-right”) but provides absolutely no evidence for any “white supremacist” links at all. Davis’s YouTube videos contained no evidence in this regard either, and there is nothing to suggest that this was anything more than a domestic dispute with no links to “white supremacy.”

North Judson, Indiana, March 3, 2017. Edward Blackburn allegedly shot and killed another man who was reportedly dating his ex-girlfriend.

Like all the other domestic incidents in the ADL list, the shooting has nothing to do with “white supremacism,” even though the ADL claims that Blackburn was a member of a prison gang known as the “Aryan Circle.” This group, like the “211 Crew,” is a criminal organization and has no political ideology or activity.

Leadwood, Missouri, February 9, 2017. Frank Ancona, the self-appointed head of a tiny “Ku Klux Klan” calling itself the “Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” was shot to death in his sleep by his wife and stepson, Malissa Ancona, and Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr.—because Ancona had told his wide he wanted a divorce. Malissa and her son have been charged with murder.

White Extremists

Once again, it is ludicrous of the ADL to include this domestic divorce-gone-wrong incident on its list of “extremist murders,” but, as seen above, any lie will do.

Prison murders

Century Correctional Institution, Florida, June 19, 2017. Inmate Robert Hunt was accused of stabbing to death a black inmate named Jorge Slaughter.

According to the ADL, Hunt has “white supremacist tattoos, some common to prison gangs,” and this is therefore “proof” that this was an “extremist murder” instead of the standard criminal prison violence, and good enough to be included in its list of “violent incidents involving white supremacists.” Proof?

Putnam County Georgia, June 13, 2017. Two corrections officers were killed when two inmates escaped from a prison bus. The ADL claims that one of the two escapees, Ricky Dubose, is a member of the “Ghostface Gangsters” gang—another criminal enterprise similar to the “211 Crew.”

Even though the second inmate involved in the escape-murders is not linked to any gang, the ADL is happy to list the incident as a “white supremacist murder” in its list.

Muslim Convert Kills Roommates

Tampa, Florida, May 19, 2017. A white male, Devon Arthurs, allegedly shot to death two of his roommates for making fun of his recent conversion to Islam. All three, and a fourth roommate, were members of a tiny organization calling itself “Atomwaffen,” which appears to be an overtly neo-Nazi group.

Even though the shooter—and the victims—in this case do appear to be linked ideologically, the actual murders have nothing to do with the promotion of their ideology, and were clearly carried out by a mentally unstable person reacting to mockery from his roommates.

School shooting

Aztec, New Mexico, December 14, 2017. William Atchison (incorrectly identified as “David Atchison” in the ADL report) carried out a school shooting, killing two students and himself.

Although the incident was clearly the work of a deranged person and carried no ideological motivation, Atchison allegedly made posts on “pro-Trump and alt-right forums,”—which was good enough for the ADL to list this tragedy as a “white supremacist murder.”

White Criminal

San Antonio, Texas, January 29, 2017. Ashton Lucas Lomas was charged with capital murder after allegedly robbing and shooting to death Martin Gonzales over an alleged dispute Gonzales had with another person.

The murders clearly have no link to any ideology, but, according to the ADL report, “Lomas and others charged in the case appear to be members or associates of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas” and therefore, the ADL concludes, this incident makes the “extremist murder” list.

Lafayette, Indiana, January 16, 2017. A man was killed during a home invasion when “several people wearing masks” forced their way into an apartment in search of drugs.

Two of the mask-wearers were arrested by the police, one was a black man by the name of Aarron Christopher Vance, and the other was a white man, Wesley Andrew Hampton.

Even though a black was charged alongside Hampton for the crime, the ADL claims that Hampton is a “self-declared white supremacist,”—so this criminal act by a racially-mixed gang was immediately added to the list of “white supremacist murders.” Any lie will do.

The Sanders Supporter

– Portland, Oregon, May 26, 2017. Jeremy Christian was charged with stabbing to death two men and severely injuring a third after a racially abusive confrontation with Muslims on a suburban train.

Christian, a career criminal, had previously been convicted of kidnapping and robbery of a convenience store in May 2002, and had previously served 90 months for that crime. His link to “white supremacy” consisted of some posts on social media, but as the Oregonian noted in its coverage of the case, “Christian made many contradictory Facebook posts … which reveal a comic book collector with nebulous political affiliations who above all else seemed to hate circumcision and Hillary Clinton.”

His posts expressed support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, although he wrote that he did not vote.

He also announced on Facebook that he had “had it!!! I gonna kill everybody who voted for Trump or Hillary!!! It’s all your fault!!! You’re what’s wrong with this country!!! Reveal yourselves immediately and face your DOOM!!!”

Even though Christian had actually threatened to kill Trump voters as well, the ADL still considered it justified to add this clearly deranged individual random criminal attack to the “white extremist murder list.”

The Obama Voter

New York City, New York, March 30, 2017. James Harris Jackson from Maryland travelled to New York City and stabbed a homeless black man to death with a sword in an alley.

While in jail, he gave a bizarre interview to the New York Daily News in which he claimed that he “hoped the attack would stop white women from entering relationships with black men,” that he had “voted for Barack Obama for President,” and that he had hoped to kill a “lot more black men” but had been “too depressed and sick” after the first murder to carry on, and had therefore surrendered himself to the police.

On the basis of this interview—clearly the outpourings of a seriously mentally ill person—the ADL added this murder to its “extremist” list.

Anti-Federal Government Conspiracy Theorist and Police Shootout

Broadwater County, Montana, May 16, 2017. Two anti-government extremists, father and son Lloyd and Marshall Barrus, opened fire on a police vehicle which tried to pull them over. The sheriff’s deputy driving the police car was killed. Marshall Barrus was killed by police in a subsequent shootout and Lloyd Barrus was arrested.

Both were found to be followers of Alex Jones and numerous conspiracy theories, most notably that the 9-11 attacks were carried out by the US Government.

Although there is no link to any pro-white ideology, the ADL feels free to include this incident in its “white supremacist murder list.”

In fact, the only incident listed by the ADL which can actually be linked to any pro-white ideology was the Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12, 2017 incident, when James Alex Fields, Jr., was charged with first-degree murder after his vehicle hit a crowd of protesters opposing a “Unite the Right” rally. Nineteen in the crowd were injured, and one, Heather Heyer, was killed.

The ADL’s List Continues

The ADL’s listing of Muslims—that is, not “white extremists,” who have committed “extremist murders” is more factually-based—but even then, the ADL cannot help itself by exaggerating in at least one case.
The ADL “list” continues:

Muslim Terrorists

– New York City, October 31, 2017. An Islamic extremist, Sayfullo Saipov, was accused of driving a rental truck down a bike path in New York City, killing eight people and injuring 11 others before being shot and arrested by police. Saipov reportedly claimed allegiance to ISIS.

Denver, Colorado, February 1, 2017. Joshua Andrew Cummings reportedly shot and killed a transit security guard in Denver. Cummings, a convert to Islam described by people who knew him as possibly becoming radicalized, claimed after his arrest that he had pledged his allegiance to ISIS after three days of fasting behind bars but that the murder was not done on behalf of ISIS.

Black Domestic Dispute

Dallas, Texas, May 1, 2017. Derick Lamont Brown, a black man, killed his godfather, with whom he shared a house, and wounded a neighbor and a paramedic before killing himself after police arrived.

Brown, who had an extensive rap sheet of prior criminal convictions involving PCP and drugs, was, according to the ADL, a “black nationalist” and therefore, this domestic murder was added to the “extremist” list.

If the ADL was going to add every domestic murder carried out by blacks in America to its “extremist list” just because a perpetrator supported “black nationalism,” their list would be very long indeed.

Black Political

Fresno, California, April 18, 2017. A black man, Kori Ali Muhammad, killed a motel security guard, then, several days later, embarked upon a shooting spree that killed three more people before police were able to arrest him. Muhammad was a well-known black nationalist, and the murders were doubtlessly politically motivated.

Thus it can be seen that the vast majority of politically motivated genuine “extremist” murders carried out in 2017—as opposed to “ordinary” murders—were committed by Muslims, not “white extremists.”

The ADL has, in their usual lying fashion, ascribed “white supremacist” motivations to a large number of incidents which have nothing to do with politics, all in an attempt to portray white people as evil and the source of the problem.

In fact, all that these ADL lies do is expose once again this Jewish organization’s unbridled hatred of white people, to the extent that they are psychopathically prepared to lie brazenly in public—all as part of an ongoing campaign to blood libel Europeans.

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