Part 2: Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants by 2050 : Sociological Mayhem Coming?

By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 2: Second most dangerous aspect of importing 100 million immigrants from 196 countries… creating different and multiple America’s.

If you think our current Antifa and BLM anarchy as well as the Covid pandemic threaten America’s survival in 2020, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This series, week by week, will make it very clear that our country and our kids don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell to keep this civilization functioning. We must change course and change it very soon, like within two to three years!

Perhaps the greatest tragedy for America stems from hauling slaves over from Africa to pick cotton, tend farms and do all the dirty work of this nation caught up in the Industrial Revolution that started in Great Britain around 1760 to 1840 and beyond. We took those primitive people out of their tribes as hunter-gatherers, who hadn’t even seen a wheel, and forced them into hard labor and kept them from any form of freedom as we applied it to ourselves through the U.S. Constitution.

Even today, huge numbers of Blacks lack intellectual parity with Whites that keeps a huge percentage of them in welfare lines, illiteracy-prone, fatherless families, 1 million of them in prison, drug addiction, crime, murder, rapes—and so many at the bottom of the employment ladder because over half of them drop out or flunk out of high school. It’s not their fault; it’s their condition. Worse, no amount of welfare from the Great Society of 1964 to the present “reparations” thrust will pull, push or shove them into academic excellence or parity in this country. If all the affirmative action, welfare, ADC, WIC, BET, etc., haven’t done any good in the past 55 years, what exactly do you think will do any good in 2020?

Worse than that, it’s little wonder that Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit and New York City cannot contain or solve the mass murders, rapes and shoplifting that run rampant within inner cities of all the big cities. I once taught in the ghetto. It’s impossible with all the gangs, murders, rapes, incest, illiterate parents, fatherless kids, drugs and poverty. In order to regain my sanity, I fled to a normal, average school system where the kids enjoyed two parents, home and security.

At the same time, the White man slaughtered and imprisoned countless Native Americans via internment camps also named “reservations.” The Whites introduced all sorts of diseases, stole their lands, forced them into orphanages, introduced booze and pretty much destroyed their cultures and way of life. Even today, alcohol cripples most Native American tribes along with junk fast foods, EBT cards, soda pop, welfare and their inability to function in the mechanized White man’s society.

It’s not a pretty picture, but that’s what happened. It’s what’s happening and most likely will continue happening into the distant future. When a tribe or person loses its ‘reason for living’, it’s very hard if not impossible to extricate oneself from such hopelessness.

Third on this list, we see 15 million illegal Mexicans have migrated unlawfully into America from their miserable conditions in the country below us. They force us into using Spanish in our schools and in our stores to placate their numbers. That also allows and even encourages them to maintain separate societies within our nation. At the same time, something in the range of 100 million Mexican-Americans live within the USA, and soon, according to the Pew Research Center, Mexican-Latino-Hispanics will become the new majority at 51 percent by 2042—a scant 22 years from now. Whites will become the new minority in a country they once dominated at 90 percent in 1965. Western Civilization faces extinction as its overtaken by third world people.

But here’s the kicker that will destroy the foundation of America: by 2050-60, we will have imported 100 million legal immigrants from 196 countries. That means we’re importing 196 different and incompatible “world views” along with THAT many competing cultures, religions and languages. It’s called “multiculturalism” and it has failed totally in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Do you think we stand a chance of surviving that sociological mayhem exploding all over our country? Can you imagine what it’s going to be like to educate and create any kind of allegiance to America with people who possess no idea or concern for the U.S. Constitution? Do you see BLM demanding the “Black National Anthem” being played at all sporting events? Do you think Ilhan Omar, a Somalian refugee now in Congress, understands or cares anything about our way of life or our U.S. Constitution? What about her side-kick from Detroit, Michigan, the Palestinian Rashida Tlaib? When her tribe voted her into Congress, she wrapped her body in the Palestinian flag. Does that indicate her love for America? Both of them would vote to install Sharia Law tomorrow if they enjoyed that kind of power.

Can you imagine trying to educate tribal people with average IQ’s in the 60’s and 70’s? Can you imagine trying to educate them in English when we don’t have the teachers who can speak the 196 different languages? How do we create jobs for such refugees when automation makes redundant jobs unavailable? How do we inculcate the Muslims that remain on course to bring the entire world under the Islamic caliphate Sharia Law? Just take a look at Europe! How do you stop them when they are already using our laws to install their laws de facto Sharia in Minneapolis, Miami, Detroit and New York City?

How do we continue paying for 42 million people on food stamps, free breakfasts and lunches for millions of poverty-stricken immigrants in all our school systems and how in the name of common sense do we survive the cultural mayhem?

Fact: in America, a First World country, we now see 23 to 27 barbaric honor killings by our Muslim immigrants annually and over 500,000 female genital mutilation cases as reported by the Department of Homeland Security on February 2, 2018 by Assistant District Attorney Ed O’Callaghan at a White House Press Conference. I watched it in total disbelief, but then followed up to see two Muslim doctors and staff in Detroit be arrested and then, they got off Scott-free from their assault and battery on young Muslim girls. For all we know, they are back at it! Here, in our First World country, we allow such savages and barbaric practices to proliferate!

If you take a look at Minneapolis, Minnesota, Detroit, Michigan and New York City—you’re watching America divide into “different” America’s right before your eyes. We now see “no go zones” in those cities. Try walking down the street in “Somaliland” in Minneapolis if you’re a White person. You would be harassed in the daytime and a good chance of getting killed in the night-time. How do I know? I have visited those cities in the past year. It’s friggin’ scary and sickening to see what our Congressional critters have done to our country with unlimited immigration since 1965. How do you think you would fare in Chicago, Detroit, Miami or Los Angeles?

Just think of the dozens of different cultures and language enclaves those immigrants will form, and then, decide to fight our language, our laws and our culture—in order to install their own. It’s already rampant in California with many different ‘other’ countries.

My brother Rex who lives in Europe said, “I can unequivocally say, America doesn’t stand a chance of surviving as a viable and cohesive civilization if it continues endless immigration. Every American should read Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe: Islam, Immigration, Identity. That book will rip you open to your core.”

Am I weaving the future of America coherently? Can you see it progressing if you live in a big city? Or just watch the news? How far off am I with this thesis? How long do you think we will survive?

This report will become more sobering, if not depressing in the coming weeks. Hang on because it’s going to be an ever nastier, treacherous, and accelerating ride into our gloomy future. And, if we don’t change course, it’s not “if” this is our future, this “will be” our future.

In part three, I will begin offering solutions that must be engaged within the next two to three years. If not, we will beyond failsafe and simply follow the Romans to repeat history.


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