Nationalist Solutions Conference 2019: A Second Year Retrospective

Nearly a month has passed since NatSol 2019, the annual international convention jointly sponsored by the American Freedom Party and The Council of Conservative Citizens. Reprising his central organizational role from last year’s event, the event was organized and emceed by Rick Tyler, the party’s recently appointed CEO, directly under the party’s founder and leader, William Johnson.

The bar was set high after the resounding success of last year’s event which rocked the nationalist scene with its star-studded roster of movement luminaries and greats from throughout the dissident right; many of whom seldom if ever even share a stage. This along with the fact that representatives from the Japan First Party and The Swiss Nationalist Party were also in attendance, catapulted NatSol into the distinction of being not just another great conference to go to if one can afford it, but rather one of the few nationalist confabs focused predominantly on facilitating an event built around building community across organizational lines and overcoming/setting aside the often distinct and even more frequently pronounced differences between the disparate factions of the political hard right.

It was a powerful example of just how much can be accomplished, even on a limited budget, when lovers of truth and liberty pool their resources and combine their efforts.

With lofty goals like that in mind, it was imperative to both carry on with the momentum gained from the notoriety of last year’s event while still garnering tangible gains in progress since the previous event.

An old saying goes that if you are catching flak, you must be over the target and the reaction from the leftist media thus far has been a clear indicator of just how unnerved our ideological adversaries are by the pan-spectrum focus of the convention and the multi-national collaboration that characterized its first outing. This year’s event would need to carry that momentum forwards while forfeiting none of that same scope and visionary impetus as before.

NatSol 2019 was most certainly a rousing success on that front. While on its second outing, circumstances prevented as much international representation of nationalist factions as the previous year, there was nonetheless an incredible diversity of representation still extant in both the speaking roster and guest list resulting in a power-packed weekend during which the plight of the anglosphere was addressed and detailed in a fashion seldom matched in scope and systematic analysis. More importantly, a weekend in which nationalists from across the spectrum came together to fellowship and discuss not just what ails our civilization, but what the white man is to do in response to it.

Antifa made a major showing, but were so cordoned off from the event that their presence would scarcely have been noticeable were it not for their cartoonish antics. One in particular involving some Antifa members renting paddle boats and trying to float by the conference center in view of the windows holding up badly written and misspelled banners that were scarcely even readable.

They got so desperate for attention that at one point, the police asked attendees to not even go out on the balconies of their rooms during the day as to not create a scene with Antifa members who were indiscriminately yelling at anyone and everyone who was at the park as if their mere presence there that weekend was proof that they must have been there for the conference.

Behaving like rabid dogs in this manner has become standard operation procedure for Antifa.

After a rousing speech from Rick Tyler about the vision behind the event and the greater need than ever before for a unified front against the culture distorters amongst our ranks, the event began in earnest.

Of pressing interest to everyone in the know is the slew of court battles that have been ensuing since the battle of Charlottesville. Prolific writer, philosopher, intellectual and father of nine children, Augustus Invictus led off the speaking with an account of the numerous legal battles in which he, an attorney himself by trade, is directly involved in. He discussed the cases he is in the process of litigating and gave a compelling rundown on the progress being made as well as some piercing insight into what the ramifications of those endeavors are shaping up to be and what could be realistically expected in the short term to result from them.

Kevin MacDonald

On Saturday, Dr. Kevin MacDonald addressed the conference about the psychological mechanisms extant in white survival with his customary mixture of cool, calculated scholastic analysis and unflinching resolve to give voice to it with candor and openness.

Earl Holt, the head of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which jointly sponsored the event with the American Freedom Party and edits the CofCC’s periodical, The Citizens’s Informer spoke on the absolute imperative of being morally courageous in the face of the outrageous censorship the right wing writ large is undergoing at present.

Dr. Michael Hill, the head of the Southern Nationalist activist organization, The League of the South, demonstrated that his many years of tireless activism have in no way diminished his prowess as a historian (Dr. Hill had established himself as an academic and authority on the history of Celtic Warfare long before becoming known as the head of LS.) with a fascinating analysis of the tactics of the militant leftwing terrorists in Antifa and affiliated organizations, drawing many profound comparisons between them and the Bolsheviks in Russia and branding this phenomenon as “The New Red Terror.”

Dr. Michael Hill

The League’s contributions to this year’s event cannot be overstated. Not just in the excellent addition to this year’s lineup that was Dr. Hill’s speech, but also in their skillful and adept provision of in-house security services to help ensure safety from doxing, etc. from potential infiltrators who might be up to no good. Moreover, when a financial shortfall threatened to scuttle this year’s event, Dr. Hill was quick to hold an emergency fundraiser amongst members of the League and enough funds to get the event back on track. Groups like the League invariably draw all manner of criticism from different sectors of the movement, yet it is woefully uncommon in our circles, especially amongst those who are quick to dish out criticism for organizations to contribute so mightily and meaningfully on multiple fronts to an endeavor that is not even of their own making. It was a tremendous example that they set, and one that if emulated throughout the dissident right, would quite literally cause the fruits of our labors to multiply exponentially.

Dr. David Duke was also in the lineup, and gave a heartfelt presentation on the pressing need for a concurrent focus on fitness and health amongst those who are awake, aware and alert and stressed the important and often neglected consideration that awareness of what is going on in in the world around us amounts to little if we can’t safeguard our own health. That a long life goes hand in hand with a fruitful one and that such considerations are at the very foundation of any and all meaningful resistance to the forces of evil.

The one and only Dr. Tomislav Sunic, the former Croatian diplomat, scholar, prolific author and all-around icon of the dissident right addressed the conference with all the poise and decorum he is famed for in our circles about the phenomenon of racial decadence that has become so prevalent in our postmodern culture in what this writer would freely describe as nothing less than an exquisite critique.

All too often in the intellectual circles of the dissident right, there is to be observed a certain level of aloofness towards the critical component of race realism that is conspiracy awareness.

While there is most certainly no shortage of aspects and nuances of Identitarian advocacy to address that are ostensibly completely separate issues, conspiracy is nonetheless a component whose analysis is conspicuously absent from a great deal of racialist discussion that devotees of our ideology are remiss to dismiss or even underestimate the significance of.

No one who listens for very long to Pat Shannan can have an excuse for continuously laboring under any illusions of insignificance regarding that issue. Pat Shannan, a professional night club performer turned maverick independent journalist cut his teeth documenting the more outrageous examples of criminality in our government from the post-war decades prior to the new millennium—but has continued his fearless work peeling back layers of the conspiratorial onion so to speak and studying and documenting the conspiratorial machinations of our government in everything from the Montana Freeman standoff to the Kennedy assassination.

He is also an expert on the principles of sound-money, and his address to the conference on how prevalent conspiracies are in the political realm and how our enemies perpetrate such evil so freely through their manipulation of our financial system provided a great deal of added depth in perception of both the nature and the tactics of the enemies of truth.

Rachel Pendergraft, daughter of Pastor Tom Robb, head of the Knights Party and the official spokesperson for that organization graced NatSol 2019 with her 2nd appearance at the event. Rachel delivered an incredibly motivational and inspirational speech about the unflinching resolve of our people and our God-given capacity for overcoming insurmountable odds while earnestly admonishing us all to be humble and introspect in our activism. A speech that is far more than nice words, coming from a woman who is such an incredible example in our circles of not just tireless activism on behalf of the anglosphere, but of unyielding devotion to the Christian faith and her family as both a dedicated wife and a loving mother. She represents a true and proper example of what a “strong woman” really looks like. She was a big hit last year and her rousing speech was met with thunderous applause this year as well.

[fvplayer id=”5″]

Simon Roche, spokesperson for the Suidlanders, a civil defense organization in South Africa that works tirelessly in preparation of the all-too-real specter of race war and the concurrent economic collapse that would entail by stockpiling resources for humanitarian aid and preparing evacuation routes and forging communication networks. Their preparatory endeavors are grand in scale and aim to provide for the needs of hundreds of thousands of people in the event that such a nightmarish scenario should unfold. Simon has toured the U.S. throughout the past few years raising awareness about the SA situation and raising money for the Suidlanders. A spellbound audience hung on every word of Simon’s gut-wrenching speech that, in spite of the existential dread that any serious discussion of the debacle of our kinsmen in that corner of the world cannot help but instill in any thinking man, evoked in equal measure a potent mixture of grim resolve and defiant exhilaration owing in no small part to Simon’s incredible gift for deeply emotive yet profoundly substantive delivery. Simon has made a well-earned name for himself in the past years, and one attendee of the conference in particular came all the way from Germany to hear him speak. Simon also informed the conference that Suidlanders has experienced tremendous growth, with a membership that is now over 150,000 strong. On the web,

Blood River Radio, a new AM Radio show founded by Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller of the Political Cesspool was also in attendance, and aired a special broadcast from the event itself interviewing speakers and attendees alike throughout the day.

The Saturday evening banquet is always one of the most enjoyable aspects of these retreats and it most certainly did not disappoint. It’s hard to describe the sensation of warmth and camaraderie that is freely experienced in a room full of like-minded people clustered around tables energetically and passionately conversing with each other about the great issues of our time while breaking bread together. It is simply a thing that one must experience for themselves to fully appreciate. Dr. Duke addressed the conference again as the banquet’s keynote speaker and gave a fascinating and eyebrow-raising presentation on just how thoroughly documented and readily observable the disproportionate control that people of Jewish descent exert over the mainstream media is.

As if this lineup of headliner speakers was not enough of a treat for the conference attendees, there were also several shorter addressees given by esteemed guests on Sunday.

Retired Croatian General, Nicholas Glasnovic regaled attendees about the many encouraging developments and dynamics in Eastern Europe in response to the innumerable encroachments of globalism and cited multiple exciting examples of palpable pushback from the people there while commiserating with westerners about the outrageous censorship and political persecution we are experiencing.

General Nicholas Glasnovich & Tom Sunic

The Stormfront founder and living legend of the dissident right, Don Black was present as well, and gave a pulse-pounding speech proclaiming to all in attendance that despite our many setbacks, we are part of “an unbroken chain in an unbroken chain of victory.” He lamented that on the one hand, more has not been more accomplished than what has been, but was quick to laud the many advancements that have been made in many areas as well as the ground that is being held in others while reflecting and reminiscing on the activism of years past and all the heartache and hardship that has brought him and the movement in general. It was a rather humbling reminder of the extent to which all those who are feeling isolated and alone in their labors in the trenches for the cause of truth are in fact part of something much bigger than themselves. Something with a long and glorious pedigree of resistance to evil which Mr. Black is but one icon of. “Things are pretty bleak.” Black said. “But they’ve always been bleak! And we’ve always fought back! And our race will not simply march off the stage of history.”

Pastors Eli James and Tom Robb gave back to back speeches as well. Both of them spoke with great passion and zeal on the essential role an understanding of who we are plays in every area of our lives, but especially in our activism. Pastor Eli James talked about the Black Robed Regiment and how the Christian faith has always been the greatest driving force behind resistance to the evils of our age and Pastor Tom Robb followed that up with heartfelt admonitions that knowledge of who we are is the greatest wellspring of empowerment from which the white man can drink.

Pastor Eli James and Pastor Tom Robb are two under-appreciated figures in the movement who have worked for many years at educating our people and helping them to break free of the prevailing zeitgeist of white guilt through the teaching of the deeper nuances and facets of our identity as a people and our all-but-forgotten origins. Their presence at and participation in the event was representative of the very sort of pan-spectrum collaboration that makes NatSol such a remarkable and visionary undertaking.

To wrap it all up, a lengthy panel discussion was held in which the audience was encouraged to actively participate in. It was a fitting end to the weekend, and provided a strong sense of closure mingled with comradery which, despite the various backgrounds and specific ideological predispositions of those gathered, felt something akin to a big group of old friends sitting down for a chat.

This writer for one, finds moments like that to be among the most uplifting and memorable of all. More than the amazing speeches. More than the photo ops with old friends and your favorite luminaries within our circles, the good food, the engaging conversations with like-minded people… More than all of that. Seeing such an assembly of icons as you have never seen before sharing a stage. It represents so much more than all its nuances. In represents an idea. An idea in which we recognize that life is too short, our cause is too noble and our enemies are too numerous for differences in opinion and the dubious talking assertions of the opposition to dictate to us the terms of our activism and advocacy for our people. The idea that as individuals, we are easily beaten down. But that as a unified front, we are indomitable. That the plight of our people is a shared burden. And if that burden is one that we bear together, it is also one that we can cast off together. With a 2nd year behind us, we are already excited about next year and at the prospect of what we can do to build on that success in new and visionary ways.

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