Mass Delusional Psychosis

(To the tune of “Chiquitita” by Abba)

All you commies, traitors and trash
Don’t you see how hate makes your mouth foam?
You’ve contracted acute
Trump Derangement Syndrome

Unlike rabies it starts with a lie
Then it quickly progresses to treason
In this final stage
There is no hope or reason.
This warning is for your own good
It’s an accurate diagnosis
Can’t you see you’ve got,
A full-blown psychosis?
It should no longer be in dispute
The one engaged in Russian colluding
Was Hillary, who justice
Has always been eluding
Can’t you see how wrong it must be
“Weaponizing” powers of the Deep State?
Attempting a coup based on
Wishful thinking and hate?
The fault’s not exclusively yours
You’ve been lied to by many quarters
“Democrats,” the “Swamp”
And all Fake News reporters
Take your meds and give it a rest
You are in the gravest condition
Give Mr. Trump his due,
And go into remission

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