Lying S.O.B.s

Members of that train-wreck known as “Democrat” Party are so incensed about another Supreme Court appointment by President Trump, they are beginning to talk about the need for the Court to adhere to “precedent,” or what is known in legal circles as Stare Decisis.

That is the principle that any Court – and the Supreme Court in particular — should be bound down by strict precedent, and not ”legislate from the bench” by inventing new Constitutional doctrines. It is the principle that courts are obligated to follow the decisions of legislative bodies or prior court decisions.

This is the same bunch that applauded Brown v. Board, Mapp v. Ohio, Roe v. Wade, and dozens of other cases in which leftist activists on the Supreme Court created law from thin air. Now, they demand strict Stare Decisis from what will soon be the “Trump Court.”

These lying bastards applauded and worshiped the “judicial activism” of leftist judges, who felt unconstrained by precedent or the original intent of the drafters of legislation. One of them – William O. Douglass – was even a Communist Party Member for most of his life.

Their greatest fear seems to be that a conservative Court might overturn the one decision that comes as close to a religious sacrament as any of them can muster: That is the “right” to murder innocent and unborn children, created by our current abortion-on-demand decision found in Roe v. Wade.

Roe v. Wade created “Constitutional Law” from thin air, it overturned the abortion statutes in all 50 states, and it reversed 182 years of precedent at the Supreme Court.

Reversing Roe v. Wade would not be judicial “activism” or a failure to follow precedent: Instead, it would be a return to the status quo ante before a corrupt, incompetent and politicized court — dominated by leftist scoundrels — made a mockery of “Constitutional” Law by legalizing infanticide-on-demand!

Oliver Wendell Gladstone
Elysian Fields, MA

One thought on “Lying S.O.B.s

  • July 15, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    If they want precedent, then give it to them. Go all the way back to the Constitution itself. That’s the precedent that should be followed.

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