Joe Biden’s Promise: “I will work for Amnesty for all undocumented immigrants”

By Frosty Wooldridge

While this nation reels under the Covid pandemic, presidential candidate Joe Biden guarantees another pandemic that threatens America’s future: endless, massive and unrelenting immigration.

While he promises to give amnesty to 11,000,000 illegal alien migrants having violated our laws, he fails to understand that the Yale Report researched a number between 23 and 25 million of them in an exhaustive statement in October 2018. Thus, when you crunch the numbers, Biden would give 23 to 25 million foreigners instant access to America’s welfare, food, medical, education and housing programs—instead of American citizens. He would reward lawlessness with extraordinary benefits paid for by your tax dollars.

Biden said, “We owe it to them.”

Exactly why do we owe border jumping criminals anything? Secondly, how did that work out in 1986 when Reagan provided 3.4 million illegals a free pass? Answer: he instigated a massive assault on our borders to give us 23 to 25 million in 2020.

Redistributing Illegals

What MOST Americans fail to understand remains the fact that those illegal aliens came from a pool of people out of the third world that add 83 million more of themselves annually. You must ask yourself the question: how can we save the rest of the world at 83 million new-born babies, net gain, annually? Thirdly, how will that work out for America with another 100 million people to support by 2050? Fourthly, why are our leaders doing this to us?

Here are some harsh realities expressed by world traveler Gary Gobel when he talked to me about what’s happening in the third world. Mr. Gobel, give us an idea of what they face and what we face:

Gobel said, “You’re talking about migrations from poverty. It is not out of a lack of concern or any humanity for these people that I take a hard line here. Having lived in Ethiopia and seen real poverty, worked with it and then understanding the drop in the bucket approach that occasional charity and immigration provides to the suffering of large numbers of people, that I have settled on the need to improve the nations that are bastions of poor governments.

UN Population projections for Ethiopia: “114 million people in 2020 to 171.8 million in 2050. The projected Ethiopian population steadily increased from 83.7 million in 2012 to 133.5 million in 2032 and 171.8 million in 2050, with a doubling time of 83 years in 2050.” [Note that those same projections show Africa exploding from 1.1 billion people today to 2 billion by 2050.]

Please note that millions starve to death in Africa annually in 2020, and millions more live in refugee camps in the most horrid of conditions.

“The very people that are motivated to take these treks are the ones that could make the most difference in their own nations,” said Gobel. “Protest, political activism, revolution and out right revolt are the natural activities that remake these nations and migrations are the social and economic relief values that allow the bastions of poor government to continue.”

Gobel continued, “With our 7.8 billion, fast growing world population, the true hope of mankind is to grow the developed world and that requires some human suffering, but it is more like pulling a band-aid off quickly than the suffering that comes from not attacking the real problems.

“In April 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank…….many of the life boats that were launched rowed away while the ship sank….then, after many had drowned or froze in the cold waters, the life boats returned and gathered up the more hearty survivors that were still alive. Was this selfish and heartless? No, the boat crewmen understood the lifeboats would be quickly swamped if they returned to the scene right after the ship sank….they understood that the lifeboats would be overburdened in the desperation.

“That is the danger that this world finds itself in as it has not addressed the issue of uncontrolled population explosion in the undeveloped world….how do you do that without appearing to be cruel people?……not sure, we should discuss that but, I can tell you, that brutal *itch, Mother Nature, can solve this if she steps in……and if we remain inactive, she will.”

Gobel has seen what I have seen throughout the third world. And yes, Mother Nature proves herself a brutal *itch when it comes to starving humans by the millions when they overrun the carrying capacity of her limited landmasses.

So, if Biden, who runs on ideas and understandings of an 80 year old man, because he’s a breath away from becoming an octogenarian, and we vote him into the White House, he will definitely rain-down Mother Nature on America as he promised to “…tear down the wall and open the southern border.”

Biden also promises to put Muslims, “…into as many levels as possible in my administration.”

Not only does he promise to bring in millions of desperate, poverty-stricken and illiterate refugees, he promised to install the world’s most violent religion right into the White House where it will work to install Sharia Law into every aspect of American Life. That equates to loss of women’s rights, children’s rights, animal rights, religious rights, spousal choice, dressing rights, FGM, honor killings, four wives per man and another dozen aspects of that profoundly backward and violent religion-economic-political system that contradicts everything we hold dear in Western Society and in the U.S. Constitution. It’s a fact that Muslims remain pernicious as shown in the beheading of a French teacher last week in Paris…and they grow ever stronger with numbers both in Canada and in the USA.

What does that mean? Answer: it means we are cutting our own throats with a religion that cuts anyone’s throat if anyone disagrees. They only remain rational when their numbers are small. Once their numbers dominate, well, just look at Europe today. A quote out of the Quran: “Convert or kill all non-believers.”

That’s what Biden expects to bring into America. Little does he realize that Muslims would cut his throat if it suited them or once Biden can’t help them.

Again, the question: do you want this kind of internal conflict for your children? What have you done to stop it? Why haven’t you suggested this topic to Meet the Press, Face the Nation, NPR, PBS, CNN and FOX News? Have you seen this issue being discussed anywhere? Of course not, because few understand what’s coming. It’s either nip it in the bud now, or that immigration *itch will kill your children’s future.

By Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO


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